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Annabelle of the Bell Twins by MightyMaki Annabelle of the Bell Twins by MightyMaki
So this is the second spectator for :iconescapefromnevara:
I'll put up there back story, warning it is creepy, somewhat sad, and dark.
This is before Nevara went all dark and ebill~!!!

Here it is~
Once there were two girls who were born as twins
Isabelle was born blind, while Annabelle was only blind in one eye. They were quite rare twins, considering their uniqueness. Annabelle was free to wander around their manor, while Isabelle was kept in her room, under the care of their butler. While Annabelle had studies and played outside, Isabelle just sat in her room quietly...for she was not allowed out.
One afternoon during Annabelle's study sessions, the butler requested that Isabelle take a bath. Because well...she can't bathe by herself.
Isabelle by age 13 was quite beautiful, her pale hair, and skin, even her eyes, the butler had become very fond of.
So that afternoon at the bath he decided one thing;
That he'd make Isabelle his...and well he did...against her will.
After Annabelle's study session, Isabelle quickly told her sister who became furious. She stormed after the butler along with Isabelle, with how shall we say, something sharp in her small hands.
When she enter his quarters, he played dumb of course.
Annabelle tried stabbing him, but since he was much bigger than they were, he over powered both girls.
And said quite delightedly, "You two have quite beautiful eyes, but you don't use them..."
So he tied up both girls, and started with Isabelle.
With that sharp object, he plucked out both her eyes
And turned to Annabelle, and he plucked out her one blind eye.
You see, he loved those girls like dolls, but when they are defective, you have to give them new parts. Shortly, and I mean very shortly after their eyes were plucked from their skulls, Nevara became the twisted world it is now
and with this new hate that attained, do I explain, changed for the better.
Tearing their bindings they turned on the butler and his creepy fondness for the girls and ripped him to utter shreds,
They enjoyed it as well....
Now they await in Nevara for whoever wanders into their manor.
Umbri-girl Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2009
Nice job on the coloring especially the hair.
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February 4, 2009
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