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Timmy's Parents
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Published: September 7, 2011
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If this didn't happen in an episode, then it should have.

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WileE2005Hobbyist Filmographer
But what if one of the fairies ends up as dumb as one of the parents? (In this case, Cosmo being about as stupid as Mr. Turner in the later seasons.)
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No wonder at all.
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Beanie122001Student Filmographer
You two are getting in the bath right now
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Mr-Herp-DerpHobbyist Writer
The show is still going on so if it hasn't happened, it could.  I admit I was never a die hard fan.  I would sit down to watch it if it was on, but I would never try to catch it...THEN Poof was born.  To be honest, Poof was nothing but a fan service and I refuse to watch Fairly Odd Parents now.
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The show ended.  Just did.
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Ended? It recently came back for ANOTHER season.
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It was supposed to end.  Must've picked it up anyway.

And they still refuse to air the darn thing.
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Mr-Herp-DerpHobbyist Writer
Good riddance to bad rubbish!
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I have no problems with FOP running as long as it did.  I'd even go as far to say the Poof season undid damage to poor writing of Timmy's Character the season prior.  Only thing that ticked me off was retconning why Crocker lost his fairies in one of the last ones.

Still, be thankful.  Fanboy and Chum Chum NEVER found an audience.  No Nicktoon is as bad as that series.  End of discussion.
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BRiTT-EntertainmentHobbyist General Artist
What about Breadwinners?
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Mr-Herp-DerpHobbyist Writer
I remember the show first starting when I was a kid.  I know I grew out of the target audience range, but still.  No thanks.

Yeah, that show was awful.  I only watched five seconds of one episode.  That was enough to kill some brain cells.  Never again! 
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Are Mr. and Mrs. Turner some of if not the worst parents in animation history?? In every encounter they have on the show, their brains are the size of peas.
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katamariluvHobbyist General Artist
LOL, I can TOTALLY imagine this happening on the show! :rofl:
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toongrownerHobbyist Digital Artist
Actual there was one episode where he wished that hisparents totally don't care for everything... I gues this kinda counts...
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...Am I the only one who thinks that Wish was never truly undone? I mean think about it; Timmy never wished the effects would end. The only reason his parents came to his rescue was because he disrespected them.

Because for the rest of the series they flat out establish that they don't like Timmy; wish they never had a kid; complain about how they never have any extra money to spend on themselves because they need to support Timmy - yet they constantly have enough money to go out every night and vacations without him, and pay a manipulative teenager whose rates are WAY beyond what she deserves. Frankly I really don't think they even love Timmy at all.

Frankly - if Timmy ever looses his fairies, he should run away and get as far away as possible.
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Huh. I never thought about Timmys wish for his parents to not care about him like that. My only problem with it is didn't that wish also affect his fairy god parents? If his faries were acting normal again then wouldn't that mean that wish was undone?
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toongrownerHobbyist Digital Artist
interesting theory... also he did actually tried to run away once. XD
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JaithedogHobbyist General Artist
So true dude!
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RegularBluejay-girlStudent Traditional Artist
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Jessica-the-pantherHobbyist Traditional Artist
*hopes that is mud* lol
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Timmy, your fairies need to wish your parents revealing their first names to the audience.
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kingofthedededes73Hobbyist General Artist
well, im sure it was a joke, but a newer one had the mom named barnaby in a ghost buster episode...
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anda's expression is What on earth.
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