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No one's gonna get this

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Cuz I barely do myself. Suffice to say, it's a parody of a Japanese commercial for something called "Gohandesuyo" (I think it mean's "It's Dinner!" or something like that) and it's some sort of fish based product of some sort.

Anyway, the commercials feature everyone somehow turning into a caricature of the product spokesman whenever they open the product or mention the product or something...

Anyway, here's an example... The Dragon Ball Z characters did an advert for this product [link]

And here's the same thing with Gegege No Kitaro [link]

Thought it would be a clever spin on the "I told you not to eat cookies in bed" skit.

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Lol, I'm glad you explained it! It's really funny once you get it!
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I kinda wanna eat Gohandesuyo.
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I got it! I got it! XD

I've already seen the Gegege no Kitaro versions and some of the older ones. It's so freaky when you see it for the first time. Even the DBZ one weirded me out and I knew what was going to happen. Who'd eat something that did that to your face? lol
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And both of those feature my favorite seiyuu, nozawa masako <3
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LMAO!!!! I have seen the gegege no kitaro commercial for that!!
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This pic has inspired me to do some spoofs of my own!
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I might not have gotten it before reading, but I sure loved it! :)
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And if you eat that stuff in bed, you're going to Kamehameha in your pajamas!

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