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Show it off by Sandwich-Anomaly Show it off :iconsandwich-anomaly:Sandwich-Anomaly 494 29 fire dragon by skaiChu fire dragon :iconskaichu:skaiChu 879 43 Baby Dragons by sandara Baby Dragons :iconsandara:sandara 6,237 236 Kamen Rider ZI-O Flash Belt .251 by CometComics Kamen Rider ZI-O Flash Belt .251 :iconcometcomics:CometComics 670 643 Kamen Rider Build Flash Belt 1.242 by CometComics Kamen Rider Build Flash Belt 1.242 :iconcometcomics:CometComics 2,337 6,802 Mae animated by ZinZoa
Mature content
Mae animated :iconzinzoa:ZinZoa 106 7
Chuva's surprise
My first story; I hope you will enjoy it.
P.S. The character of Chuva belongs to Navel-HMO, not me.
This story begins in a suburb with all identical houses at night. The streets were still illuminated by some lamps.
Then, Chuva, who was flying in the sky, landed in front of her house which she was sharing with her friend, Femm.
Chuva was a blue bird with purple eyes and a yellow beak, blue, pink and purple hair and wings with mixed colors with red, light blue, dark blue, pink and purple. She was wearing a golden bra on her breasts with a blue diamond in the middle, bound to other golden plates on her shoulders and a little one around her left arm. She was wearing blue and red sheets on her ankles.
Chuva then walked to the front door and opened it before walking in her house. Once she was in her house, she closed the door behind her and noticed her friend Femm on the couch of the living room watching TV.
Femm was a white chicken with a yellow beak and red hair. She has brown eyes
:iconalexthesuperowl:AlexTheSuperOwl 6 3
Viper and Laurence's private night
“Come on, you can tell me, Laurence.”
Viper was asking to Laurence into her room inside the Jade’s palace. Laurence was a female snow owl who joined the Jade’s palace a few days ago. She was all white with some black marks on her feathers and was wearing black sweater and pants.
“I-I don’t know what to say...” She said with timidly walking back to the wall of her room. “Come on, Laurence. All I want to know is if you got navel fetishism.” Laurence was blushing even more. “What? What makes you think that?!” Viper then crawled in front of Laurence. “Well, I noticed that when Monkey and Crane are training, you softly poke your navel with you pointing feathers, you seem pretty excited each time that Po uses his stomach to make kung fu and I even saw you a night like this one, in this room, your sweater completely removed and wiggling your navel with your pointing feather. So?”
Laurence still didn’t know wha
:iconalexthesuperowl:AlexTheSuperOwl 7 0
Mature content
Tickling birdy :iconalexthesuperowl:AlexTheSuperOwl 4 3
Mature content
Bash at the beach :iconalexthesuperowl:AlexTheSuperOwl 4 7
Aayla's secret
My first Star Wars fanfic, hope you'll enjoy it =)
It was a beautiful night in the city of Coruscant. Inside the Jedi temple, a little snow owl was flying discretly, careful not to be repered by the troopers or the still awake Jedi.
After a moment, he landed on the top of a statue and begun looking around with his yellow eyes.
Finally, he spotted what he was searching for; Aayla Secura's room.
With a smile on his black beak, he immediately flew down toward the room.
Once he landed, he discretly knocked at the door with his wing.
Ater a few seconds, someone opened the door; it was Aayla who was happy to see the little snow owl.
"You haven't been followed?" She asked to which the owl shook his head.
Then, she quickly looked around to be sure nobody was there before allowing the snow owl to enter and closing the door behind.
Once in Aayla's room, the snow owl flew up to her desk.
"I'm happy that you could come." She said with looking happily at the owl. This last one howled.
"You're right
:iconalexthesuperowl:AlexTheSuperOwl 9 3
Mature content
Chuva's Birthday :iconalexthesuperowl:AlexTheSuperOwl 5 0
My OC Axel The Snow Owl
Name: Axel
Species: Snow Owl
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Natonality: Canadian-Quebecer
Friends: Jay, Ria, Feather, Aleena, Firebird, Chuva, Phoenix, Jet and others.
Likes: reading, singing, dancing, tickling or being tickled, playing with bellies and bellybuttons.
Most ticklish spots: belly and bellybutton
Personality: Shy and friendly
Catchphrase: "Because the owl say so!"
:iconalexthesuperowl:AlexTheSuperOwl 1 5
Helping a new friend part 2
After the beautiful day at the beach, Axel was back at his home and was watching TV. Suddenly, someone knocked at the door bringing him back to reality.
Axel walked to the door and opened it to reveal Jay, now back in his regular clothes, waiting there with a smile. "Hello, Axel." He greeded him. "Oh, Hello, Jay. What are you doing here?" He asked him surprised to see him again after the day at the beach. "Well, I just came here to tell you that one of my friends, Olivia, will organize a party at the beach tonight and I wanted to know if you would like to come with me and the others." Axel hesitated a moment as he never went to a party before.
"Okay, I'll go with you guys." He finally answered. "Great! We will come get you at 8:00 AM. By the way, you must wear a bathing suit, okay? See ya soon!" He said with walking away back to his home. "I hope I haven't make a mistake." Axel though.
Later on, once it was 8:00 AM, Axel was in his room, looking at himself in the mirror. He tried to cl
:iconalexthesuperowl:AlexTheSuperOwl 1 0
Helping a new friend part 1
Based on the OC of SammfeatBluehearth who allowed me to make stories for his characters, thank you a lot =) (Smile)
The sun was slowly rising up in the sky over the tropical island meaning that it was going to be a beautiful day.
Inside a room into a tree, a couple of blue jets were sleeping together in their bed. One of them was Jay, a young teen bird very nice and kindhearted, and Ria, his mate, a beautiful girl of Jay's age who we can easily recognize as she was one of a kind.
Slowly, Jay begun to open his eyes to see his beautiful wife sleeping wrapped into his wings. He smiled before looking down to her body which was covered by only a little white sweater, leaving her pink panties visible alongside with the little necklace, which he gave to her when they confessed they love for each other around her neck.
He quickly passed a wing through her ponytailed hair before slowly getting out of the bed, not wanting to wake her up as she looked s
:iconalexthesuperowl:AlexTheSuperOwl 1 0
A little tickle for Phoenix
The following characters belongs to Bird-Lover25 who allowed me to use his OC and to who I give the credits =)
Phoenix, the penguing, is eating some fish in his home. Suddenly, Feather, who has entered the house without being seen, take the water cup and put some sleep powder into it before putting the cup back on the table. Phoenix then take his cup and drinks the water. Some seconds after, he begins feeling tired and fall asleep on the ground. Feather then take him in his flippers and walk away.
Later on, Feather arrives into his secret room with his super tickle torture machine. He put Phoenix on his back and straps to the machine with his flippers above his head and his feet spread from each other leaving him into a X position. All of his ticklish spots -his armspits, sides, feet, belly and bellybutton- were all exposed to his future tickling session.
Feather then goes into the room with a device that controls the tickle machine. Also, were displayed the ticklish spots and s
:iconalexthesuperowl:AlexTheSuperOwl 3 6



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