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Lego My Scrubs-1?

By mighterbump
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I will try to explain how I came about this doodle at work.

I was thinking about Shortpacked!'s* comic when I then thought of dropping a lego-man off a large object to it's demise. Which leads to a montage about how "we can rebuild him, make him faster, stronger and better then he was before" in which "Bionicle" parts are slapped on the lego-man. The lego-man starts running and he's all, like, "Sh-ah-na-na-na-na...*" and it turns into the scene from Scrubs where The Blanks(Ted and his band)* are providing the background music but as Lego-men. And then(no andthen.) Ted turns to one of the band mates to say "Your Sha-na-na-na's could of been a little faster".

Still with me? And then(NO ANDTHEN) the rest of the cast is in Lego-man form and Dr.Cox turns to J.D. to say this.
Anyways, I had to draw it.

In retrospective, I think Dr.Cox would correct me for choosing that dialogue. "I would not have used 'more' because that would insinuate J.D. having balls in the first place."

Why's everyone always pickin' on J.D.?;
'cause his high school friend was the lunch lady.

Too much info into my mind-workings? Don't worry, I thought of more 'Lego my scrubs'.

On a related note, I will pay up to $25 for a Ted-legoman.
Scrubs Copyright to them places and all that.
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I'm not sure who you are or how your mind works (though, the sneak peek into your inner workings was quite amusing) but apparently it spews out nothing but pure genius. This is amazing. I want more.
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Thank you and I will make some more. If you don't see anything new anytime soon just give note, K?