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I support not putting stamps

By mighterbump
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I support not putting stamps in my journal

...hey wait.


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I support not commenting on stamps!

...hey wait.
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I support not putting stamps in my favorites!

...hey wait.
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I'd rather put them on my profile page.
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I know this might sound like a very dump question but... how can people put stamps in their journal? And their profile page?
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Posting art submissions in, such as, journals and artist comments is Premium Membership feature. The "Thumb" text that is provide with every piece of art is one way to post art in journals and artist comments. (Exmaple ":thumbtext:")
Another way is with the "ADD MEDIA" link that shows up at the bottom of the text box while you're typing.
FAQ #66: What journal features do I have access to?

BUT... Free accounts can use any avatars as another way to post images on any response, journal, artist comments. There are plenty of accounts that were made just to post this way.
 FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?  
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I have some stamps in my deviantID.
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I won this round:

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-_- next time you won't be so lucky
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I support putting stamps in a little box next to my journal!
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how do you put them in ur journal, i know it sounds like stupid question, but all i get is a link when i put them in there.
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Sadly, you need to have a Subscription to input images into your journal.

FAQ #66: As a premium member, what extra journal features will I have access to?

If you did, you would use this; ->> :thumb79488869:
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ye i figured :/
ah well thanks for the feedback anyway i appreciate it =)
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Seems like an epic fail right? XD
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Just funny! xD Love it!
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I support not putting this in my journal or Faving it!

Great stamp i luvvv itt:heart:
There's a new club out here, special for peeps that luvvsss S T A M P S!
So please dont hessitate to check it out:D

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Never mind! i figured it out^^;
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