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MPC-HC FlatIcon Toolbars and Logo v1.0.1 by migf1



Website & Contact: fav.me/d987brj
Preview/Overview : i.imgur.com/ASlBanc.png?1

I made these Media Player Classic Home Cinema toolbars from scratch, because aesthetically none of the existed ones seemed to fit Windows 8 metro style (although your mileage may vary). The logo was made just for fun, and it does not match the metro style (also, it's actually a bit bigger than the one shown in the preview image).


The .zip archive contains 2 sets of toolbar skins in separate sub-folders, namely box and nobox. Both skins come in 3 icon pixel-sizes, again in separate sub-folders:
  • 32x32  ( box\32x32\toolbar.png & nobox\32x32\toolbar.png )
  • 24x24  ( box\24x24\toolbar.png & nobox\24x24\toolbar.png )
  • 16x16  ( box\24x24\toolbar.png & nobox\16x16\toolbar.png )
To install a toolbar, copy the file toolbar.png from any of the above mentioned sub-folders into the folder where MPC-HC has been installed. By default, and depending on your Windows and/or MPC-HC version (32-bit or 64-bit), the player should have been installed into either one of the following folders:
  • C:\Program Files\MPC-HC\
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\MPC-HC\

Background Logo

The .zip archive also contains 2 custom MPC-HC background logos, namely, mpc-hc-logo.png and mpc-hc-logo-x64.png. The former is intended for 32-bit versions of MPC-HC, while the latter is intended for 64-bit versions.

From inside MPC-HC select View -> Options | Player | Logo [External], then use the Browse button to select the desired logo file. Close and re-run MPC-HC.
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zonetrooperex's avatar
The latest experimental version of MPC-HC supports a toolbar.svg file :D

I hope you update this when that becomes stable :D