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Clearlooks Flat Icons Gimp 2.8 Themes v.1.0.1

Update (22-June-2020)

For Gimp 2.10 look here (a complete rewrite, but they look & feel almost the same).


NOTE: Greek readers may want to read the description that follows in their native language, by visiting the relative threads either at or at (follow either of those links).

Update (2-Feb-2015)

I'm very sorry, but due to some nasty stuff happening in my life since the last few moths, I have no longer the time or the mood to finish the announced 1.0.3 release of the themes. I really hope things will go better soon. In that case I'll finish up the next release and publish it.

Update (9-Oct-2014, 5-Oct-2014)

When I tried the themes on Ubuntu 12.04LTS 32-bit, installed via wubi, both Gimp 2.8.2 (default on Ubuntu 12.04) and Gimp 2.8.14 (custom installation) were crashing before even showing the splash-screen (running them from a terminal, I saw that they were "core dumping"). This problem seems to occur only on my wubi installed Ubuntu, since other users have reported no problem with normal installations of Ubuntu 14.10, Debian and Arch Linux. The problem is the relative paths that I'm using for including the base-themes into the "gtkrc" file of each theme. So, I made a bash-script that changes the relative paths to absolute ones in all the "gtkrc" files, automatically: Fix for wubi installations of Ubuntu.

Extract it into the directory: ~/.gimp-2.8/themes, open a terminal window and type the following 3 commands:
cd ~/.gimp-2.8/themes
chmod u+x
(alternatively, you may run it form the GUI, but you may have to give it execute permissions first: right-click -> Properties [Permissions])

Upcoming version (1.0.3)
I'm currently working on the next version of the themes. Here's a sneak-peak of the Dark & Darker variants (3200x2280):

Clearlooks Flat Icons Gimp Themes v.1.0.1, by migf1

More representative 1920x1080 screen-shots are available both in the zip-file of the distribution and on-line:
    Dark  preview: 
    Light preview:  
    Dark  Blue in action:
    Light Blue in action:

These themes are modified versions of Andrew Pullins' brilliant collection of Gimp 2.8 themes: "Flat Gimp Icon Theme v1.0.0". Those original themes are available at:…

The original themes use orange as their main highlighting-color, including 8 variants, depending on the colorization of the remaining UI elements: Darker, Darker small, Dark, Dark small, Light, Light small, Lighter and Lighter small. The "small" variants use smaller icons and font.

I have modified the 4 middle ones, namely: Dark, Dark small, Light and Light small. Moreover, each one of them comes in 5 highlighting-color versions: Blue, Orange, Pink, Red and Teal. This makes a total of 20 variations.

Besides the additional highlighting-colors, other modifications include a bit wider scroll-bars & dragging-handles, along with slightly altered colorization of menus, tools, panels, tabs, radio buttons, checkboxes, tool-tips, etc. I have also changed the folder structure, so common resources are shared across similar themes (no more duplicated icons in each theme's folder). There is a separate "_further_modding.txt" file explaining it in more details, along with step by step instructions for adding new themes.

I plan to modify the original "Lighter" themes too, but not the "Darker" ones. However, it may take a while.


The themes come packed in a zip-file. Copy all the folders it contains into Gimp 2.8's "themes/" folder. Depending on your OS this folder will be one of the following (assuming you have already installed Gimp 2.8 to the default path of its installer):

    MS Windows:  C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\share\gimp\2.0\themes\
                   or:  C:\Program Files (x86)\GIMP 2\share\gimp\2.0\themes\

    GNU/Linux :  home/.gimp-2.8/themes

    Mac OSX   :…

If you are using a different OS, you may need to do some googling.

The folder: "_flat_gimp_icons/" MUST be extracted along with the other folders into Gimp's "themes/" directory, but it is NOT a theme. Rather, it contains all the data needed by all other themes in this collection. Put it otherwise, extract it but do NOT select it from within Gimp.

GTK2 Clearlooks Theming Engine

The themes use the GTK2 Cleralooks theming engine, which is NOT available by default on Windows installations of Gimp 2.8. I have bundled it from Partha's Gimp 2.8.14 builds ( ) in both 32-bit & 64-bit versions. It comes with its own "Readme.txt" file, with short instructions on how to install it in your current installation of Gimp 2.8 on Windows OSes.

You may download the engine by following this link:…

There's is also a small section inside the main "Readme.txt" file of the themes, dedicated to the Cleralooks engine. It contains hints for other OSes as well.

Alternative Dowload Link…

For some reason, DA was not happy with the Clearlooks engine zipped inside the main zip-file of the themes. So, by following the above link you may download a .7z file that contains everything.

PS. Many thanks to Andrew Pullins (aka android272) for the beautiful original themes. This is my very first submission to DA, I hope you find it useful.
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Update (18-June -2020)

After all I managed to port the older themes to Gimp 2.10.1x. Well, only the Dark Blue for the moment, but the rest will follow soon.

Have a look at the top of this page description, for more info and a D/L link. For now it is just a Release Candidate version, for Dark Blue.

I would appreciate all the feedback I could get, especially from non-Windows users, since I do not use Linux anymore (so I cannot test myself).

When all themes are ready, I will create a dedicated DeviantArt page for them.

More Info & D/L:

Hello guys,

I've started working on a Dark Small Blue Flat Theme for Gimp 2.10.18. I'll probably have it ready in a week or so (see the screenshot below).

It is NOT a direct conversion of the corresponding Gimp 2.8 theme, but it is close enough. No need for the Clearlooks engine any more, since I'm using the default icons.

Please note that I will be testing ONLY on Windows 8.1, so NO guarantees and NO support for any other OS (sorry). However, I plan to release experimental versions, so hopefully people will notify me about any missing/conflicting styles.

If things go well, I'll make a Light theme too, and most probably I'll offer a few accent colors for each (highlight colors).

The following screenshot was taken on a 24" LCD monitor, set to Full HD resolution (1920x1080), on Windows 8.1, with DPI Scaling to 125% (from within Windows, not Gimp)


Thank you all so much for all your kind words all this time! I am truly and honestly sorry that I cannot work on these themes anymore, or provide any updates (I haven't dealt at all with the GTK theming engine all these years since I released these themes, not to mention that both GTK and Gimp theming will probably be completely different by now). The themes are practically free, so I really hope someone can update them. Their license allows derivatives with annotation to my original work.

Ok guys, I decided to give it a try. Been working on Gimp 2.10.18 default Dark theme for almost a week now, trying to figure out how things have changed. It is using a later version of GTK2, so there are quite a few differences compared to Gimp 2.8.x. A direct conversion from the 2.8 themes is NOT working.

Also, in the default themes, basic elements like the background of the menubar and the menus for example, or the scrolling arrows, get overlaid by images using the pixmap engine. This makes it harder and cumbersome to add highlight colors, because now besides defining colors in the gtkrc file, one has to additionally colorize images too (ugh).

I guess the reasoning was to have unified looks across different OSes, but frankly I am ditching most (if not all) of those images. I much prefer to change just one line in the gtkrc for the highlight-color, rather than having to create a whole bunch of new images for each highlighted class of elements.

Anyway, check out the featured comment above, or the updated description of this page. I am almost done with a Dark Blue Small theme for Gimp 2.10.18 and so far it looks good. I will release an experimental version so you guys can test it to death for color inconsistencies. Alas, some of them may be either inevitable or I don't know how to fix them. One such example is the color of the active tab inside Notebooks. The active tab is supposed to show the highlight-color, but when I do that the whole pane gets that color (I always had this issue). So I settled with the active tab being just a darker black shade than the inactive tabs.

Btw, I ONLY intend to test on Windows 8.1 (which should be pretty much the same on Windows 10). For other OSes you will pretty much be on your own.

Ok, enough rant for 1 day LOL. Stay tuned :)

I tried getting your themes to work with the theme selector in Gimp 2.10.14 and they do not work. I have tried everything, including using the theme engine. Is it possible for you to update the themes for GIMP 2.10.14 and beyond? I'm using Windows 10, 64 bit.

I just updated the themes for Gimp 2.10.1x :)

Check the top of this page for the link to the new deviation (Clearlooks is still a separate download)

I am very sorry but I really can't (please see the reply I just posted above).

Awesome work. For this theme i returned to gimp 2.8. Now my Gimp looks good as it should. I do not need Photoshop, because I feel comfortable with this theme Clap  I wish you all the best  :) (Smile) 

Thank you very much Boris!

I just updated the themes for Gimp 2.10.1x :) Check the top of this page for the link to the new deviation (Clearlooks is still a separate download)

Hi Boris,

You don't need to go back to 2.8.  These themes seem to work just fine with the the latest version of GIMP - 2.10.8 (Windows 64bit, anyway)

BUT! You do need to read the instructions above regarding the "GTK2 Clearlooks Theming Engine"...

Basically, you need to download a .zip file (from the link provided above), extract the "clealooks.dll" file, and place it inside the "engines" folder of your GIMP installation.

The only problem I've encountered so far is the colour of dialog buttons is a bit too light to read (But that should be easy an easy fix - I'll let you know what the solution is when I've solved it).

Good luck!
Thank you for this information, I will try this theme with GIMP - 2.10.8 +fav +fav 
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does it work on gimp 2.10?

It does now! I just updated the themes for Gimp 2.10.1x :) Check the top of this page for the link to the new deviation (Clearlooks is still a separate download)

Is there a way to make gray (or black) go white? Or any other color I want?

Yes, by editing the resource files. This is much easier to do in the updated themes I just uploaded for Gimp 2.10.1x. Check the top of this page for the link to the new deviation (Clearlooks is still a separate download) and see the USAGE TIPS: EDITING THE gtkrc FILE section, in the Readme.txt file

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These are great! I just had to switch from Photoshop to Gimp, for cost reasons, and I was really hating the transition but your themes have made Gimp pretty equal with Photoshop for me. Cheers!

Thank you very much! I just updated them for Gimp 2.10.1x too.

You are welcome!

You are welcome!

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Awesome skins, but we need update to 2.9.5 mate, it's work, but a very strange way

Thank you! I just updated the themes for Gimp 2.10.1x :)

Check the top of this page for the link to the new deviation (Clearlooks is still a separate download)

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