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So this is a personal project that I've had for about a month now, doing it whenever I've had some free time. It's an assault frigate -class ship from Eve Online, completely remodelled and retextured (and to some extend, restylized =P). Please click Download to see it in full UHD resolution. Hope you like it!
Some details about the render:
Modelled with Blender 2.7, rendered using Cycles render engine (2500 AA samples), render time with CPU 5 hours exact. It has over 4 million triangles and over 20 8000x8000 texture maps. Render took 9,8Gb of RAM. All textures created by me, except for the background nebula, which is created by NASA & ESA. Original Wolf design is copyright CCP Games.
Comments and critique are welcome as always :)

If you would like to try EVE Online for an extended 21 day trial, click… :)
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Hmmm.... not enough ammo belts. XD
Mig26's avatar
Heh, I guess then the pilot has to make them count ;)
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THIS needs more likes ! its frikn awesome 
Mig26's avatar
Heh, thanks! Maybe it gets more in time, who knows =P thanks for the fav as well!
Terrance8d's avatar
Dang, this is cool! That's some serious patience and effort!
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Thank you ^^ the most tedious part was really when I had to rerender this for like 5 times because everytime I noticed something was missing/wrong/buggy etc. But I'd say I learned a lot of stuff by doing that, so I believe it wasn't for nothing. :)
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Yeah, it doesn't seem like it was for nothing!
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thats really cool man 
Mig26's avatar
Thanks, I'm glad you like it, and thanks for the fav too! :)
Mishrito's avatar
wow, a breathtaking render! Amazing man
Mig26's avatar
*bows* thank you sir, and thanks for the fav as well!
RealTimeBrush's avatar
Excellent work, great design and cool grungy almost derelict look.
Mig26's avatar
Thank you, I tried to mimic the feeling of the game itself, which is often considered being cold and unforgiving =P
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That's too epic, man... XD
Mig26's avatar
Hehe, thanks :D and thanks for the fav too!
Archany's avatar
it looks like something from dead space great job man
Mig26's avatar
Thanks, I'm glad you like it! :D
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