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Box Icons

By miffo
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So I was looking at my desktop one day and I realized that there where to few boxes on it. So I created some box icons.

All icons are vista ready with up to 256px

File Types:
256x256 (32bit)

256x256 (xp/vista,32bit)
128x128 (xp,32bit)
48x48 (xp,32bit)
32x32 (xp,32bit)
24x24 (xp,32bit)
16x16 (xp,32bit)
256x256 (xp/vista,16bit)
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Hey, its great, i like these boxes.
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great job dude, thnks for sharing
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good work! use it in my dock :)
great work. I'm thinking to use this to replace my folder icon too. Look's nice :D
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nevermind...must have been the computer i was on :)...nice icons
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could you re-upload the icon set
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Why would i do that?
Whats wrong with the original upload?
kill-o-meter's avatar
these are cool!

i was looking for some like these before but didnt find yours -.-

anyways, good find! :D
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Is there any chance I could have the Fragile one without reflection

P.S. great icon. :+fav:
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I'm afraid you have to cut it out yourself.

Thanks for the fav
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Any chance of SVG or similar scalable version? :)
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i'm afraid not. This was done with good old pixels
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I'm currently using these as a replacement "folder" icon. It makes me smile every time I open explorer, and confuses my friends when they try to use my PC.

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Thanks. That is a great compliment.
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he he, funny icons. thx! ;)
D-O-M-I-N-I-C's avatar
Very nice! Thanks!
miffo's avatar
... thank you
tatice's avatar
Really nice ;)
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not a problem :D :D :D
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:brushteeth: oh sorry, when my jaw hit the floor bacteria clung to my teeth.

:thumbsup: great work!
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hehe, thats the comment of the day :)
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