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May 11, 2008
Scarface the Holiday Romantic is a prefectly done penguin cake. Yes, CAKE! ~themie has created a mischievous, merry, romantic and wondrous kind gentleman that just needs to be shared with the rest of this community!
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Scarface the Holiday Romantic

Original date of completion: Thursday, December 6, 2007
Comments then: This was my final project for the Wilton Course III Fondant and Tiered Cakes class. I've worked on this every single night for four nights straight, and it was both the biggest disaster and hugest success I've yet to have. Heidi (my instructor) was awesome helpful in figuring out how to get the bouquet in place when I'd given up on it. Being my first tiered cake, I didn't know the dowels were supposed to go THROUGH the cake board, but now I know. First carved cake, too!

Through a series of unfortunate events (most of which took place while trying to set the dried gumpaste roses in place), his little not dry face became horrendously scratched, and thus, he came to be known as Scarface The Holiday Romantic.

Despite all the trouble, I suppose you could say... It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.

<3 to the folks who get the Portal references.

Comments now: This is still probably my most impressive cake to date, and stole Little McCloud's spot as my most commented work. That's sort of depressing to me because one, I'd only been making cakes for like three months when I made this, and had been drawing for like 18 years, and two, I didn't even do that great a job on Little McCloud... So, yeah. I haven't quite figured out what that means yet, but I was sort of flattered when this was chosen for Featured Art on Christmas Eve on SheezyART. That's probably the only reason it got so many comments and favorites.

I really wish this could have turned out better. I mixed the boxed Wilton fondant with marshmallow fondant since I was concerned with taste, and intended for people to actually eat this. But that made draping the fondant veeery difficult, and I had some wrinkling by the tail, and his little scarf tore, and was poorly patched. All in all, however, I still love this cake -- Couldn't bring myself to have any, but I'll at least always have the memory.

I give my permission to :iconsweetclub: to submit this art to their gallery
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StargazeAndSundance's avatar
He is adorable! Instantly faved it, I love his facial expression and looks in total.
Naiadme2's avatar
OMG! that is SO cute!
SpindleWinter's avatar
What a sweetie! :icondaawplz:

I saw this on Cake Wreck's Sunday Sweets, well done!
naruto949283's avatar
i want him for wedding cake :rose: :la:
Shibalove's avatar
I'm making a note here, HUGE SUCCESS :) But yes, this cake is adorable ^_^
lilchibichan's avatar
awww <3 very nice
Favorited for two reasons:

1: My family loves penguines, and

2: It's amazingly well done.
MuffinOfLife's avatar
oh my dear god
this is sooooo adorable!
i really cant wait to start working with gumpaste and fondant after seeing this!
FuzzyxPanda's avatar
You are amazing, my friend. What's it like to be on Cake Wrecks as one of the good cakes?
ShmaZor's avatar
I want to show this to my boyfriend so badly! He is obsessed with penguins! Fantastic work! Reminds me of the cakes they do on the Ace of Cakes~
miezukuri's avatar
Hahaaah, that's exactly the kind of thing I love to hear; I hope to be doing that kind of thing professionally in the future. Thanks so much for letting me know!
ZeacorZeppelin's avatar
Wow that cake is too cute to eat! :love:
ladyAlyafaelyn's avatar
Stumbled upon this in the Cake Wrecks archive ([link]).
This is truly amazing, and though you may deem it one of the biggest disasters you've ever had, to even have finished after all the hardship you've described is highly commendable. "Scarface" is so cute and cuddly. I luffles him so much with his little bouquet and penguin spats (those were genius)! :la:
miezukuri's avatar
Thank you so much!
PandaKong's avatar
Here's very cute. I love the shoes :)
diana-hime's avatar
I love it! Its sooo cute <3
Winterfox01's avatar
too cute to eat
its just pure awsomness
Janbearpig's avatar
Oh my gosh! It's not only adorable ... but delicious <3
TwiggyTeeluck's avatar
Agetian's avatar
This is incredibly sweet! :aww: :heart: And cute! :iconawwwplz:
RepoLadyWallace's avatar
The flipper spats really make this cake. Funny how such a small detail can take a cake to the next level! The top hat turned out pretty nice too. They turned a cute penguin into something truly awesome.

This is one of my many inspirations for going into culinary school now (well i start Jan 4th XD) and then pastry school after that.

I'm going to be taking the Wilton courses over the next year so I will have some skills by the time we get to pastry/deserts in school and then of course when I do the pastry chef program later.

I hope to try a cute lil figure cake for whenever I get to this class! Probably a cat or something cute lol.
miezukuri's avatar
That's so crazy! I just started culinary school at the start of this month, and I start my second quarter on January 4th, and cake decorating coupled with Ratatouille made me do it.

What an amazing compliment to say I helped inspire your jump! I wish you all the best in your endeavors!
jesterlex's avatar
He is so fantastically adorably cute! I'm jealous of your cake skills if that's your first tired sculpted cake! TOTALLY ACE!!!
anime-p-tish-oO's avatar
So cute! I love it!
:meow: :love:
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