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Grandia Fighting game

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Though it is a little old picture.
The character of the whole series of GRANDIA was drawn in the fighting game style.

Though I actually like Xtream but there is not so much favorite person and it is lonely...
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Obviously Miranda will beat them all lol.
Well done^^
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I wish they would make something like this. like super smash bros.!
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Melfice is drawing. (Under Mullen )
Please see well… 
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aww man, id love to see melfice pull off the "demon hoard slash" in a fighting game. :)
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That's so cool!
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Wow, "I" (Baal) made it into this drawing but not Leen...How'd that happen? XD
It looks amazing tough, I'd so go to buy this game XD As stated before: Only Grandia and Grandia II made it to Germany, so with most of these characters, i have no idea who they are ^^'
But I'm wondering...theone next to the "random" field, is that the maincharacter from Paralel Trippers? (You see, I had the oppertunity to play that one once and I think he looked something like that)
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A left fourth character of the upper row is maincharacter of Paralel Trippers in the certainty.
Neither X nor III are still known in Germany...

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Wonderful wide range of well drawn art characters long with your lovely colouring in. My first pick Gadwin straight away!
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Your loves Gadwin!////
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Your welcome, yes I do I have my own Grandia fan art if you would like to check them out!
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Nice work ! That's really a good idea, a fighting game ! ^^

Like your style =D
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I love not only RPG but also fighting game!
The character of GRANDIA is made from SoulCalibur.
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Yes, I've recognize ... I have the old brother of Soulcalibur, Soulblade ... I you know ... :D
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I would play this game so hard. Now i want it! XD
But i only recognise characters from the first two games, because the other games never made it to Europe ;D;
It's always great to see Grandia art!
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Neither X nor III are put on the market in Europe … It is regrettable...><

I wanted to put the subcharacter more like Leen etc. in reality!
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Awesome, lol. I'd buy this in a heartbeat.
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I want to ask GameArts by all means.
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A Grandia fighting game would be interesting =D
I love the drawing and I am sure it was a lot of work. Unfortunately ony Grandia and Grandia 2 were released here (in Germany) so I don't know many of these characters. But it is sill great ^^
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Coments Thanks!

Oh! Neither Xtream nor III were put on the market in Germany … I was surprised.

Is the reason for Xtream that systems are more excellent than stories or there are a lot of criticisms in Japan. I am every day lonely because it loves...

I want you to release the fighting game with GRANDIA by all means!!(^ω^)
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Actually, I have no idea why they were not released. German Grandia Fans often talk about that. We only got a real translation of the first one anyway, Grandia 2 was relesed here...but 100% english ^^;
And since that's the case most Grandia Fans that i know would rather see a release of Grandia Digital Museum outside of Japan then an other one in german. At the moment, most of us are curious wether the Grandia Online Game will be translated.

:XD: Oh, I'd love to, belive me! But unfortunately I have no idea whatsoever how to create a fighting game. I am however working on a Grandia Fangame for the RPG maker XP =D
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