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REC Czar Viliant - Zlesdin #0013



Yup, our new zlesdin stallion!!!Love 

REC Czar Viliant

Name: REC Czar Viliant 
Nickname: Czar, Vil
Breed: Pure Zlesdin
Origin: Lettfell
Age: 5 yo
Gender: Stallion
Colour: Flaxen chestnut
Genotype: ee/Aa/ff
Markings: Two white socks
Original Design: Zoubstance
Height: 165
Discipline: Dressage. He likes to take some low jumps but isn't very good at it!Wink/Razz Endurance
Sire: Starter
Personality: Czar is one of he most handsome, friendliest horses around the stable, which is unnatural for a Zlesdin. He loves being cuddled and being giving treats. 
Czar is a very quiet horse, when he's in his stall or in the paddock, he just likes to stand and/or graze. His popularity in the stables grows every day since he seems to love everyone and whinnies to everybody as a welcome, goodbye and as a sign he enjoys something like being hugged! Even to strangers! Beware when riding him though… He can get over excited XD

Owner: Rockridge Equestrian Centre
Breeder: Zdarloch Stables (?)
Handler: Alexander Darwin
Rider/Jockey: Not decided yet but Sia goes for rides around the stables

Breeding status: Closed (will be open at age 4)

Zlesdin #0013


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Oh gosh, I drew this very fast before going to my first day of school!I think I've fainted.  When I came back, I was to lay to shade him and give him a halter. I'll probably shade one day!

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he looks great :D