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Thor: Blue and Proud

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so much quality fanart from me lately isn't it? *sarcastic tone.

many pic shows Loki in a miserable state and alone because of his Jotun heritage, so why not making fun of it once in awhile?
He's not the only blue critters in Marvel universe, they should make a club out of it! :D

as usual, do not repost, reblog from here instead ^^: [link]
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essel22Student Digital Artist
welcome to the smurf side...
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MomotsukiNezumiHobbyist General Artist
Personally, I think this would be awesome (and then maybe Loki wouldn't feel so alone and thus feel the need to comprensate for the sadness through all his bag-of-cats moments...)!

Also, this is adorable! I love how he looks so adorably confused and everyone's like "come on, there's always room for more BLUE!" XD
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their club song is "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" by Eiffel 65
oh my god we need this
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Oh my gosh. :XD: That's cure.
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Powalski13Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Lol... Perfect epicness, bub. Just perfect epicness...
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Should've thrown in Nocturne and Archangel for good measure as well as a Blue Kree hehe
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SmugglerEllieHobbyist Writer
If you still not satisfied you can always live with Navi race.

You guys even have a national anthem written by Eiffel 69!
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Also about less than half of the Kree are blue too.
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LittleBlackSparrowHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't know why, but I will always like Marvel's blue characters...
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darkninja45Hobbyist General Artist
Just run Loki, just freaking run
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Love. This. They make being blue look like so much fun. Cheer up, Loki, you're in good company.
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How is Nightcrawler able to float like that? It's bugging me.
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*guessing* I don't think he's floating. You know how he appears and dispersers in a flash of smoke? He might he teleport in and he's not.. all.. there.
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Can you draw more of him?
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BigK64Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Where the hell is Captain Marvel? Krees count as blue people as well as Kang the Conquerer and his minions in the Marvel Universe.
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Isn't it funny how all three of the blue people are from X-Men?
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Loki: Yay! I got a papa, mama, and bro now! XD
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Marvel loved blue, I suppose....
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Haha I knew it will be published sometime.....
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I am so glad that somebody decided to draw this. Awesome. :D
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