Another year

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Another year seems to have rushed by. Many things have happened both good and bad. And even the bad probably had something good carrying along. Some may still be on their way, others already made me stronger or more sure about choices I took and are still on my path. I hope and wish for you all the joy of magical goodness even through bad or less great times. 

Remember black holds all the colours.
Tears hold rainbows.
A heart feeling weak is building strenght. 
Somewhere there is someone that loves you
and is hoping to meet you just as much as you are.

I am what many would call an optimist.
But I just like to call it seeing beauty and joy in little things.
Cause sometimes that's all there is to give your day a little sparkle
that happens to make your day just a little bit better.

And off course when you smile
those that would love to see you cry or ...
that smile is the best payback you can give them ^^

Life isn't easy all of the time
so share your hope, love, wishes, laughter or maybe a mug of tea/coffee, ...
and who knows when you'll be someones sparkle ^^

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