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Hi fellow Deviants,

Having completed my final story for Jimbot - a prose story called Don't Read This, scheduled to appear in a future issue of Amazing and Fantastic Tales - I am now up to date on all contractual obligations. This means I can concentrate on my own projects for the foreseeable future without the threat of looming deadlines.

I have several self-penned comics on the go at the moment: Figments - a psychological sci-fi (psy-fi?) about a girl trapped in her own nightmare subconscious, Progeny of the Lost - a steampunk fantasy, and Blood - a family drama disguised as a vampire story. In addition to these projects, I am also beginning to outline a story about a girl whose imaginary alter-ego becomes a separate person with psychotic tendencies. The WIP title is simply Alter-Ego for now.

Due to problems beyond my control, Hollow Girl will not be published through either Blackline or Evil Moose. While I wish all concerned with those companies good luck in the future, I found my time working with them frustrating and dissatisfying. I should stress that the problem was not with the book, which was completed on time and seemed to get everyone very excited, but with the publishers' inability to deliver what they'd promised. I am currently negotiating with British small press companies to find new homes for Hollow Girl and future projects. Figments and Progeny of the Lost have already generated interest, but I'll keep the identity of the potential publishers under my hat for now. I've been burned before, as you know.

Luke Cooper
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Submitted on
July 3, 2014