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Rose Gobek (My OC) Daydreaming - Openforcommission

It was still a new sensation for Rose, walking about the world with most of her body naked. The sudden growth purt had made her tops tine, and her pants ran low on her hips. She still had some shock feeling the wood of her desk touch her bare back, and she crouched while she sat, trying her best to hide her ever elongating midriff. She was surprised that she had never felt her skin fold on itself, instead curving inward in a concave motion. If she was being honest, she did enjoy the feeling though. It felt dangerous that anyone could simply reach out and feel her skin with no clothing shield to protect her, but that was also exhilarating. She imagined what if someone ever did? What if she had no choice? What if she was restrained. It made her stomach blush red and her belly flutter invisibly under her tight, soft skin. There was one boy she wouldn't mind touching her. She'd tried to keep from looking at him, deliberately so he know she had a crush on him, but wondered if he looked at her, and if he liked what he saw.

He did.

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Art by openforcommission 
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Slutty girl. Her belly flutters because she knows her new girl classmates are gonna surround her after school and are gonna give her a belly stomping she will never forget!

monk3ym0n's avatar

Really enjoying theses mini stories, Nice to see rose making a comeback !

Sacron22's avatar

and at some point she leans back and does a big stretch with her arms over her head, showing us her bare belly in all its glory

GusSmee's avatar

:D I like imagining her belly flutter...

ananur12's avatar

why is the watermark always in the middle.

sometimes it covers the beauty of her belly. :no:

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