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Spring Blossom

New original artwork done to especially celebrate spring, she symbolizes the blossoming life. After a long and dark winter, I always feel so happy when spring comes, and trees and plants start to grow their leaves.
I always feel I get this extra boost of energy to do things. So I wanted to portray that in the form of character artwork. With this painting, I wanted to take time and paint a lot of flowers and details and even though it was a lot of work and took time, I really enjoyed the process of painting this ^^.  I also wanted to work with a lot warmer color theme this time, to fit the theme.

I hope you guys enjoy this too, and I also want to thank everyone
who has been following me during the years and after my last artwork 'moon elf'.
I was quite overwhelmed by the response it got, so thank you!

Programs used and info
Layers used: Around 360
Paint tool SAI: basic painting
Photoshop: adjustments and after effects

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Bullet; Orange IMPORTANT: DO NOT REPOST. Please do NOT share without crediting me and instead of re-posting my artwork, always share it through my official page/official post and give credit, thanks!

© 2018 Midorisa. Please do not use without permission. You are not authorized to use, copy, edit, reproduce, publish, or use this artwork without a written permission or a license.
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© 2018 - 2021 Midorisa
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She is so pretty!

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Beautiful ❤️
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She is just so cute and georgeous
Midorisa's avatar
It looks like Rapunzel from Tangled.
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Another - Mei Dance Another - Mei Dance Another - Mei Dance Another - Mei Dance
Incredible, adorable and sugoi !!!
Another - Mei Dance Another - Mei Dance Another - Mei Dance Another - Mei Dance 
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Aaw thank you so much Meow :3 Heart 
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es del mmd o la creaste tu mimo en forma dibujada?
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This is beautiful!
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Thank you so much!
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Gorgeous skin and backgrounds! You are so good at this profile cards with backgrounds/decorations and everything! 
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Thank you so much!Huggle! 
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Sorry for bothering but I think you should report this person for selling your (and other people's) art as a pencil case…
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Oh no :(. Thank you for informing me, I will see if I can report them.
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I think you need an account to report tho
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What gorgeous work! I especially love the textures you’ve done in the clothing. They really help portray what materials she’s wearing. And the wise but sweet look in her eyes is breathtaking ^^
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Thank you so much, glad you like it ^^.  I've been trying to add a bit more texture to my paintings lately, glad you noticed!
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It’s really working well for you! Keep up the good work! 
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Thank you, I will :)
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WOW really beautiful work :heart:
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Thank you so much!
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