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Harvest Witch

Happy (a bit late) Halloween! I really had fun painting this illustration and my original witch character and her kittens. I've never painted food and interiors so that was a nice challenge and experience, and  I was really inspired by the colorful pumpkins. From there I got the idea of this witch character, using her magical powers to cook and make the pumpkins alive. I really wanted to focus on the cosy, lighthearted, magical mood and especially try to "level up" the lighting in this painting. I love all sorts of animals and I have a cat as well, so I just had to paint some cats to accompany her ^^.

The initial sketch for this illustration actually was 2 years old, and back then I felt very intimidated by the complexity of the initial idea and abandoned the sketch. This year I have really given thought to my perfectionism and how that has been holding me back sometimes, as I have so many ideas "piled up" and I want to paint them, and to do that I need to change my way of thinking more towards a kinder, constructive artistic mindset.  So, in order to give those paralyzing perfectionism demons a kick in the butt, I decided to pull up the sketch from its dusty folder, fix the problems with my current skill and finish the whole illustration. Take that you nasty inner demons, I'm happy to be able to finish this idea I had back then ^^.

Tools: PaintTool SAI 2, Photoshop CC.

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Ahh this is gorgeous! The blue light from the window washing over everything is just hksdjkds very beautiful :') I totally relate to what you say about perfectionism, it's been creeping up on my work as well and it's paralyzing; sometimes I'll start a sketch and when it doesn't look right I freeze up and can't work on it anymore. I've been trying to force myself to loosen up recently and sort of "go with the flow" but I still can't shake off that anxiety sometimes!

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Thank you! For me it 'just' has meant that I have 50 unfinished paintings and 50 even more unfinished sketches, haha :D. But yeah too much perfectionism isn't good, a middle road would be the best. Been a bit stuck again with my latest painting though, and after I took a few days off I just started to work on it again yesterday, and now try to finish it in a few days. Hopefully I can do that :).

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Ah I see. I actually never work on more than one painting at a time to avoid that problem, not sure if that's healthy or not; I just get stuck on one thing forever :pp. Do you mean Aquarius? If so, it's gorgeous <3

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I do that too nowadays, meaning that I focus on finishing one painting at a time. But I still sketch new ideas / warm ups often. Oh and thank, glad you liked the Aquarius painting! ^^

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Wonderful, I love it!!! :love:

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Thank you so much! small heart - purple

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Welcome! ♥

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This image is really a less scary side of Halloween, makes you feel good. If this were the Wizard of Oz movie and you had to choose between the wicked witch of the west, and the good witch of the north, this would fit better as the good witch of the north. The composition has great balance and a magical feel about the color harmony. Very good artwork and composition.

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Thank you so much for detailed feedback, and I'm glad the mood comes off as I intended! I really didn't want to do anything dark this year, but something that hopefully makes you feel good and maybe smile a little instead. Glad you like the composition, as I was noodling with the pumpkins and candles it a little bit until I settled with this one.:clap:

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This one is really cute, very spellbinding and I love the warm cozy feel it has! Very nice backstory you added too, glad to hear you could bring the concept alive after the difficulties 😁💜
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Aw thank you so much! Glad the mood comes off as you described, I really enjoyed doing this as this was a bit different of what I sully do, maybe a bit more light and 'fun' thematically. :dummy: lilac heart bullet

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Wow, this one is amazing! I love all the little details (and the hidden cat in the shelf :D )

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Thank you! So happy you like all the details and found the tiny hidden kitty, I just love detailed paintings like this, even thought they take more time ^^

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Well, considering that you do not usually draw food, this looks absolutely delicious! :D Jokes aside, the mood in the picture truly is cozy and magical, I love the cat companions (I almost overlooked the one at the shelf!) and the dim lights. Every time I look at the picture, I find some new detail :) . Also, I think you did a nice job with the costume design.

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Hahha glad you think the food look good! :D I tried to "level up" my artwork and idea execution with this, and challenged myself with the interior setting, amount of details and lighting. Glad I was able to paint those well enough and create the atmosphere I was going for. And I am so glad to hear you had that experience of discovering new things as you look at the painting, as that was one my goals ^^

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