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The Nut Family (Eeveelutions)
Pistachio Nut
Race: Leafeon
Gender: Female
Role: Mother
Career: Store that doubles as bookstore and a cafe
A caring, nurturing, kind mother, Pistachio enjoys simple hobbies like cooking, gardening, and reading. She has six daughters she's constantly trying to take care of and support, which is why she sometimes comes off as a bit tired. But she loves them all and will protect them like a tiger. She fancys conservative gowns and dresses, particularly being fond of sun dresses due to their beauty and simplicity.
Soy Nut
Race: Sylveon
Gender: Trans Female
Role: Father/Mother 2
Career: Contest Performer
Formerly Pistachio's husband/wife, Soy left her family to pursue a career performing in contests and living off the prize money. Though they support their family financially and as of late visit more often to shower them with affection, Pistachio is more than a little hostile to the former partner who is always off having fun leaving her alone to take care of the family. She often tries to
:iconmidorikuroba:MidoriKuroba 6 3
Pony Midori Pissed by MidoriKuroba Pony Midori Pissed :iconmidorikuroba:MidoriKuroba 4 0 Pony Midori Oh S#!% by MidoriKuroba Pony Midori Oh S#!% :iconmidorikuroba:MidoriKuroba 3 1 Pony Midori Blah by MidoriKuroba Pony Midori Blah :iconmidorikuroba:MidoriKuroba 6 0 Pony Midori Gasp by MidoriKuroba Pony Midori Gasp :iconmidorikuroba:MidoriKuroba 5 0 Pony Midori Default by MidoriKuroba Pony Midori Default :iconmidorikuroba:MidoriKuroba 6 5
Kefira Bio and Story Dump
Age: 21
Likes: Fish, chicken, ice cream, cats, sand, high energy music, women
Dislikes: Raw veggies, sponge cakes, thunderstorms, DJ music that builds up to nothing
Appearance: When she is Kefira, she is short with black hair and green eyes. She wears loose clothing, but when she transitions into Kimberly she grows in mass and fills them out. Her hair turns white and her eyes red when she changes, and a third eye appears on her forehead. This green third eye is actually Kefira's, which she sees through when Kimberly is in control of their shared body. The hoodie also changes colors, as if Kimberly was a drive form.
Kimberly was a princess with a special power within her heart of light. The power to mend broken hearts, to heal the souls of others that had shattered or begun to be clouded by darkness. Her power was sought after by the ambitious, the greedy, and dark forces that wished to quell it. But Kimberly was but a child, and so she was taken to a world where
:iconmidorikuroba:MidoriKuroba 5 1
Kingdom Hearts Style Midna (COLORED) by MidoriKuroba Kingdom Hearts Style Midna (COLORED) :iconmidorikuroba:MidoriKuroba 14 3 Toxic the Cat [update attempt] by MidoriKuroba Toxic the Cat [update attempt] :iconmidorikuroba:MidoriKuroba 7 8 Goombasa Pride Month Chibi by MidoriKuroba Goombasa Pride Month Chibi :iconmidorikuroba:MidoriKuroba 18 5 Midori Pride Month Chibi by MidoriKuroba Midori Pride Month Chibi :iconmidorikuroba:MidoriKuroba 17 15
Mature content
Pokeshots: Beautiful :iconmidorikuroba:MidoriKuroba 9 3
Pokeshots: Furfrou Fury
Midori sputtered and spat as the tall yellow flowers her and her friends pushed through kept smacking her in the face. “I swear to Arceus these things are gonna make my allergies go insane.” With her was her friend she made at the pokemon school, Flannery, who had forgone her school girl outfit in favor of some blue jeans and a black top that showed off her midriff. Midori thought she looked like a rockstar, and Flannery was flattered. They group was searching for Nebby, who Lillie had lost in the meadow.
Lorelei the popplio was there, calling out Nebby's name in varying pitches, despite the fact they were following a trail. Shannon the zorua had disguised herself as Lorelei and was playfully mocking her to annoy their friends, but the Popplio was having a blast with it. Ramona the rockruff nervously peeked from behind Midori, quietly humming to herself as she glanced about. Floating behind the group was Shriek the gastly, hands in the pockets of her leather pants, looking
:iconmidorikuroba:MidoriKuroba 8 11
Pokeshots: Illusionist
Midori grumbled as she went back and forth over her notes from class. She sat at a desk, scratching her brain over the lesson. As she did, an adorable pair of baby-doll eyes peeked over the front of her desk. They belonged to Lorelei, her popplio. She peeked her nose over and began to sniff at the notebook, progressively harder as her nostrils flared loudly. “Can I help you, Lori?”
The popplio flopped over the desk, face to face with her startled trainer. “Whatcha fussing over?” she asked, wiggling her backside enthusiastically.
The trainer huffed and said, “The lesson on fairy pokemon. They just don't make any sense to me. Grass beats water, water beats fire, fire beats grass. That I get, because it makes sense. Fairy beats... dragon, and gets beat by... poison? Among other things? I don't understand fairy pokemon!”
“Then WHY are you fussing over FAIRY pokemon? When you can be fussing over me!” She flipped over and began to slap at her e
:iconmidorikuroba:MidoriKuroba 4 4
{RE-WRITTEN} Midori's Alolan Adventure! (Part 1)
Hello, Journal. My name is Midori Natsume, and you are now my writing slave! Gone are the days of your clean pages, for now I will graffiti them with notes from my adventure in my new home, Alola! Quiver in dismay for now I am your god! Except not really because you're just a bunch of paper and I didn't even make you. But I wanted to write about... things? Things and stuff, that has been going on lately for me since my mom and me moved to Alola.
My mom's name is Sabrina Natsume, and when I first found that out, I called her mommy the teenage witch for a month. She couldn't even get mad because I was basically saying that she looked young enough to be my sister. Mom is super cool and talented, having run the Saffron city gym, a school for psychics, and still having time for a career as an actress in movies! The one thing I don't think my mom was prepared for? Being a parent. Things were really awkward as far back as I remember, since I don't really know what my dad was like and my mom r
:iconmidorikuroba:MidoriKuroba 5 31
Races of the Midoriverse 2!!
Brolythe: (Psychic Fennecs)
-A race of blue, tall canines with fennec like ears and white hair. They can be born with four or even six arms, which grants them psionic powers. This can range from telepathy and telekinesis, to full on manipulation of the elements, depending. Due to an primarily aquatic homeworld, but not having gills or fins, they have enhanced lungs that can retain air and keep them functioning normally underwater for hours at a time.
(Far more details in a link in the description)
Slime Nekofi: (Goopy Cats)
-When a cat like slime ball eats a substance called royal jelly, it evolves into a humanoid, anthropomorphic, cat slime. They have tuft shapes at the ends of their ears, and the sclera of their eyes can be white OR black. Their slime color and patterns differ from one to the other, as does their heights, ranging anywhere from palm sized to the size of a building, depending. They possess the power to teleport vast distances, and while there are some that believe this
:iconmidorikuroba:MidoriKuroba 3 8

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My Queen :iconshiverz:shiverz 61 3



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Midori Kuroba, the fanciest wolf girl! Also known as Mayor Kibbles and the Chinchilla Shogun.
The story has been going wonderfully for it's first month, and with Goombasa's help, I was able to complete my plans! After uploading the first four chapters on the first day, I have been able to upload another chapter every week for it's first month. That's right! If you like spanking, anthropomorphic MLP characters, and the idea of fully grown adults in a high school esque setting perks your interest, then you have "8" chapters to read from RIGHT NOW! The latest of which was a two parter with the pie sisters! And there's more on the way!!! If you've been following and enjoy it so far, leave it a like to show us you do (fimfic doesn't tell me how many favorites it has, only that it gets them). And if you haven't read the story but are interested after reading this, then follow the link and enjoy! :D…

Have a spankin' good day my lovely readers! :iconsuperw00tplz:

EDIT: Fun fact, I uploaded another chapter today, the day after posting this. Trololol, go read and enjoy, peeps. :XD:
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