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Mega Quiz Pt. 1 *Slight Edit*

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 9, 2009, 11:45 AM
"On your knees. I want to hear you beg for forgiveness" --Sephiroth</b>

I discovered this song today.  It's beautiful.  I love it.…

Before I start, look at this!   Together We're Invincible by Vhaira  See how cute!  I love you, Vhaira!  

Okay, I received this quiz several months ago and I have still not finished it.  The two that made it had a bit too much fun at it.  So you're going to get in installments so that you're not overloaded as it is over 100 questions long.

The Super Random Super Duper Mega Quiz! (With a Cherry on Top!)

This quiz was created as a collaborative effort between :iconeirilu: and :iconsammi-the-ff-freak:
Except for the few questions at the very end, odd numbered questions were written by Sammi and even-numbered questions were by Rae.

Choose ten characters. They do not have to be OC's, but they can be.
1. Sephiroth
2. Kalanalkreca
3. Alshara
4. Chiisai
5. Seline   
6. Yumichika
7.  Random NPC guy
8. Vincent
9. Byakuya
10. Hildor  

Answer these as the characters.

1. Who the Hells are you, anyways?
Sephiroth: Sephiroth Crescent
‘Kreca: Kalanalakreca Ramaerea Ch’saal Zeal t’Rethalth
Alshara: Alshara.  And no, I don’t have last name.  So don’t ask for it.
Chiisai: Chiisai Vaun Tyeian
Seline: Seline Skydancer
Yumichika:  Aysagawa Yumichika, Fifth seat in Squad 11 And the most beautiful shinigami around.
‘Kreca: ….sometimes I wonder if you’re worse than Kuja….
NPC guy: I’m the guy that isn’t really that guy.  
Vincent: ….Vincent Valentine
Azura: Azura Yehthaty t’Rethalth
Hildor: Sontranariava Lunar Ascent.  But most people call me Hildor because my elven name is far too long.  Don’t ask me why my wife saddled me with such a burden.

2. Do you believe magical items are delicious?
Sephiroth: Why do you ask such stupid questions?  
‘Kreca: I can’t say I ever have tried to eat one.
Alshara: …what?  
Chiisai: *blinks* What the-?
Seline: Depends on the magic item.
Yumichika: Who needs magic when you’re as pretty as I am.
NPC guy: Ooo!  Magic?
Vincent:  … …
Azura: Why waste something of value….
Hildor:  What kind of magical item?

3. What is your opinion on b0x0rz?
Sephiroth: Stupid
‘Kreca: He’d rather wear thongs like Kuja.  ^__^
Sephiroth: I don’t recall asking your opinion, Princess.
‘Kreca: That’s okay, I’ll give it anyway.  Now, my opinion on it is….I don’t really care.
Alshara: *blinks*  
Chiisai: They burn real easy.
Yumichika: …I feel pretty….oh so pretty…
NPC guy: I wears them all teeh time!
Vincent: …. …
Azura: …what…?
Hildor: Uh?

4. Do they also r0x0rz?
Sephiroth: See above opinion.  
‘Kreca: Why should I care?  
Alshara: *blinks* What?
Chiisai: Only when they burn.  
Seline: Naturally.
Yumichika: Not as much as me?
NPC guy: *Koolaid Man impression* Oh yeah!
Vincent:  … …
Azura: Uh…sure?
Hildor: What are you talking about?

5. Are they better than s0xx0rz?
Sephiroth: Why do I even stay to answer these stupid questions?
‘Kreca: Socks I like.
Alshara: *blinks* I’m…not understanding.
Chiisai: They burn well too.
Seline: Hmmm, good question.  Depends on who they are on.
Yumichika: My socks are pretty.
NPC guy: No way!
Vincent:  ….  ….
‘Kreca: Don’t you ever say anything?
Azura: No.  Not at all.
Hildor: I still have no idea what you are talking about.

6. If this quiz was graded, how would you react?
Sephiroth: I’d have to kill the grader of this quiz.  
‘Kreca: How can this thing be graded?
Alshara: …Who’d be grading it?
Chiisai: I’d burn them.  And their b0x0rz.
Seline: *cocks head* Why?
Yumichika: I’d only object if the grade was ugly.
NPC guy: What do we get?
Vincent: …. …. ….
Azura: *shrugs* Why would I care?
Hildor: I guess I’d be kinda curious on who and why was grading this quiz.  

7. Where were you on the night of the 16th?
Sephiroth: Under your bed.
‘Kreca: At an inn with Raziel, Sara, Sephiroth and *sigh* Jiraiya.
Sephiroth: You know you liked him, Princess.  
Alshara: With Edwin
Chiisai: On the road to some town…I don’t remember.  It was too cold.
Seline: *grins* Where else? With Devil, of course.
Yumichika: In the Soul Society, getting my beauty sleep.
NPC guy: In that place at that time.
Vincent: … …. ….
‘Kreca: *sighs* Your silence is annoying, Vincent.  Speak up!  
Vincent: Kalm
‘Kreca: See?  That wasn’t so hard, now was it?
Azura: Hunting.   
Hildor: Ithlulieven…what’s with all these long elven names!?

8. If you do not remember, where did you wake up?
Sephiroth: Looming above you
‘Kreca: In the inn…to the sight of Sephiroth getting dressed.  
Sephiroth: Plenty of people would kill for that opportunity.
‘Kreca: I don’t.  Change elsewhere from now on.
Alshara: In my own bed, as usual.
Chiisai: Several miles from the campsite.  It was too cold and I went into a type of semi-hibernation.
Seline: I slept…after a time.   I woke up to see Devil sleeping next to me.
Yumichika: Where I always wake up.  To my pretty face.  
NPC guy: That place.
Vincent: …. …. ….
Azura: My tent.  Where else would I be?
Hildor: The exact spot where I went to sleep.

9. Have you ever committed a felony?
Sephiroth:  Too many to count.
‘Kreca: Probably.  I know I’ve had prices on my head in several different places.
Alshara:  No, I don’t think so.  Misdemeanors, mainly.  
Chiisai: *grin*  Only against the Snake Lord.
Seline: I guess I have.
Yumichika: Felonies are so ugly.
NPC guy:  *gasp!*
Vincent: …. …. ….
Azura: Yes.  
Hildor: Assassinations are counted among those, I think.

10: Are you aware that taking this quiz counts as a felony?
Sephiroth:  Honestly?  Wonderful.
‘Kreca: *shrugs* What’s one more bounty?
Alshara: …Somehow I doubt it.
Chiisai: Oh is that so?
Seline: *shrugs* Ah well.  Too late to do anything now.
Yumichika: Oh dear.  So ugly!
NPC guy: Oh no!
Vincent: … … …
Azura: …crap.
Hildor: Really?  

11. lololol just kidding! You should've seen the look on your face!
Sephiroth: I’m disappointed.
‘Kreca: *blinks* Ooookay
Alshara: Why ask it in the first place?  
Chiisai: I knew it!
Seline: *blinks* Sometimes I wonder about you people…
Yumichika: Such Ugly lies.
NPC guy: Oh good.  
Vincent: ….why am I here?
Azura: And the point was?
Hildor: What look?

12. Are you currently on fire?
Sephiroth: No, but continue with these insipid questions and you will be.
‘Kreca:  Can’t say I am.
Alshara: No.
Chiisai: Always
Seline: I…don’t think so…
Yumichika:  Of course not.  It would burn my beautiful skin.
NPC guy: Nope! Or maybe yes.  I don’t know!
Vincent: ….no.
Azura: No.
Hildor: Uh…I don’t think so.

13. If so, can I use you to roast marshmallows?
Sephiroth: Marshmallow!
Hannah: (Sammi’s char) Shish Kabobs!
‘Kreca: Find your own fire because you won’t find one here.
Alshara: …I’m not on fire so no.  
Chiisai: If you do, I’ll eat them.
Seline: No.  No you cannot.
Yumichika: So sticky.  
NPC guy: Sure!  If I get my share.
Vincent: … … …
Azura: Only if you pay
Hildor: Why?

14. What is your favorite meal? (if babies, see addendum)
Sephiroth: Children
‘Kreca: Thoughts, preferably peaceful dreams.
Alshara: The large rats that scurry around in the sewers are nice.
Chiisai: Ooo!  I’d like to try them.
‘Kreca: …I don’t really know what to say here.
Sephiroth: There’s a first.
Chiisai: Still beating hearts.
Seline: …I have a bit of sweet tooth…chocolate probably now.
Yumichika: Beautiful things
NPC guy:  Stuff
Vincent: ….Toast…
Azura: The meat of a giant serpent raised for food among my people.
Hildor: Good question.  I like so many different things I can’t choose.

14b. Newborns or toddlers?
Sephiroth: Yours.

Sephiroth: Then I shall destroy them.
‘Kreca: That’s nice.
Alshara: …okay…
Chiisai: Raw meat is better.
Seline: *laughs* Good for you.
Yumichika: Are they beautiful?
NPC guy: I do too!  Or maybe I don’t.
Vincent: …. … …
Azura: Yes.  
Hildor: What is Ramen?

16. Do people die if they are killed?
Sephiroth: If they know what’s best for them.
‘Kreca:  Usually, yes.
Alshara: ….Yes….*looks away*
Chiisai: Especially if they’re lit on fire.
Seline: Aye, they do.
Yumichika:  If you’re not pretty you might as well die beautifully.
NPC guy: Maybe they do, and maybe they don’t.
Vincent: … … …
Azura: They’re supposed to.  
Hildor: Yes.  Yes they do!

17. The Matrix has you, will you take the red pill or the blue pill?
Sephiroth: But you see, I have the Matrix.  
‘Kreca:  …since I like blue better than red…I’ll choose the blue.
Alshara: Edwin would say that red is clearly the superior color.
Chiisai: Red, of course
Seline: Is there a third option?
Yumichika: Which ever one is prettier.
NPC guy: The red one…or maybe the blue one.
Vincent: ….
Azura: Why would I be taking some strange pills anyway?
Hildor:  Neither.  There is no spoon.

18. Hotel Sharks. What do you do when they come for you?
Sephiroth: Kill them!  :evillaugh:
‘Kreca: I could possibly encourage them to forget I ever existed.  
Alshara: Uh…I have no idea.
Chiisai: Set them on fire, probably.
Seline: I’ve never actually had shark…are they good to eat?
Yumichika: Sharks are so ugly.  They must be eliminated.
NPC guy: I would run…or maybe fight.  Or maybe even do both!
Vincent: …. ….
Azura: I haven’t ever stayed in a hotel, so why would they be after me?
Hildor: Run.  I’m very good at that.

19. Do you believe in true luv?
Sephiroth: Gag me.  
‘Kreca:  Of course.  I’ve experienced it m’self a few times.
Alshara: Sure
Chiisai: Only a fairy tale
Seline: Ah, yes.  *sighs dreamily*
Yumichika: The only true love is that of beauty.
Chiisai: Enough with the beauty crap!  
Yumichika: Such ugly language.
Chiisai: Ugly?  I’ll show you ugly.  *starts swearing fluently at him*
NPC guy: Sure!
Vincent: Lucretia…
Azura: I do now. Beforehand, no.
Hildor: ^_^  I love Andunie
‘Kreca: …that wasn’t the question…

20. If not, were you guilty of peeking at the Book of Kaza?
Chiisai: The Book of what?

21. Pirates or Ninjas? DECIDE!
Sephiroth: Aliens.
‘Kreca: …That wasn’t a choice.
Sephiroth: Your point?
‘Kreca: Pirates, I suppose.  The only ninjas I know are pervy old men.
Alshara: Wizards.  
‘Kreca: That wasn’t a choice either.
Chiisai: Ninjas.  I was captured by pirates.  Any pirate I meet will be burned to a crisp, regardless of where we are.
Seline: *grins* Mercenaries.
‘Kreca: GAH!  That wasn’t an option either!
Yumichika: Ninjas are far more beautiful than Pirates.
NPC guy: I like Pirates…or maybe I like Ninjas.  Or both?
Vincent: …. …. ….
Azura: Ninjas
Hildor: Ninjas.  

22. (9)
Sephiroth: This is stupid.  
‘Kreca: *blinks* I think somebody got a bit mixed up.
Alshara: Huh?
Chiisai: Nine what?
Seline: Alright.
Yumichika: Is an ugly number
NPC guy: Got eaten by seven
Vincent: …
Seline: Do you speak at all?
Azura: *sighs* Why?
Hildor: 10!

23. CERND.
Sephiroth: Must die
‘Kreca:  Enough with the death, Seph.
Sephiroth: You do not like him either.
‘Kreca: That is beside the point.
Alshara: *shrugs*
Chiisai: Is it good to eat?
Seline: *raised eyebrow*
Yumichika: Cannot be as beautiful as I.
NPC guy: YAY!
Vincent: … … …
Azura: *sighs*
Hildor: I think I may agree with Sephiroth on this one…

24. Black-White has stolen the precious thing. Are you a bad enough dude/moe enough girl to get it back?
Sephiroth: *smirk* What do you believe?
‘Kreca: *rolls eyes*
Alshara: Depends on if Edwin decides to let me out of his sight.
Chiisai: They will burn good.
Seline: What is my motivation?
Yumichika: Will this precious thing make me more beautiful?
NPC guy: Maybe I am, maybe I’m not
Vincent: …I will retrieve it.
Azura: *shrugs*
Hildor: Sure

25. So I heard you like Mudkips.
Sephiroth: Only if they are dead.
‘Kreca: *rolls eyes and sighs* I don’t know why I put up with you.
Sephiroth: Because I am awesome and you cannot resist me.
‘Kreca: Right…that must be it. *shrugs* Mudkips don’t hold any great fascination for me.
Alshara: What are mudkips?
Chiisai: I don’t.  They are water elementals…and I am fire.  We don’t mix.
Seline: Sure.  They’re cute.
Yumichika: Such ugly little things
NPC guy: Yah!
Vincent: … … …*pets a mudkip*
Azura: I have no idea what you’re talking about.
Hildor: *blinks* Mudkip?

26. Candlejack is aw--
Sephiroth: Dead
‘Kreca: He’s a boogie man, of course he’s dead.
Alshara: I like his voice.
Chiisai: Will he burn too?
Seline: He is amusing.
Yumichika: Such an ugly creature.  *haughty stare*
NPC guy: AHHHHHH!  *runs away*
Vincent: …. *shoots Candlejack*
Azura: ….right…okay.
Hildor: Candlejack?  *gets carried off*

27. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Sephiroth: No.
‘Kreca: Of course he does.  He has several.  *counts on fingers* There is Sara, Xan, Axel…
Sephiroth: *raised eyebrow* Answer the question, Princess.
‘Kreca: Defensive now, are we?  *grins* As for me, I’m married to Raziel.
Alshara: Yeah, I do.  Edwin.
Chiisai: No.  And I don’t want one.
Seline: Aye, I do. *smiles softly*
Yumichika: The only thing I need is my pretty face.
Sephiroth: So Baldy isn’t…
Yumichika: No!
Sephiroth: *smirk*
NPC guy: I might….or might not.
Vincent: Lucretia…
Azura: *shrugs* I do not see the point of you needing to know.
Hildor: My wife, Andunie is the loveliest of them all.

28. How did you meet them?
Sephiroth: See above answer
‘Kreca: He arrived nine/tenths dead on Sara’s doorstep.
Sephiroth: I do not recall asking you to answer questions for me, your Highness.
‘Kreca: That’s okay.  Call it a personal favor.  *grins* When Raziel and I first met we tried to kill each other due to a slight misunderstanding.
Alshara: We were adventuring in a party together.
Chiisai: …I don’t have a boyfriend.
Seline: I literally ran into Devil.
Yumichika: *shakes head* I have no other.
NPC guy: In that place at that time.
Vincent: I was sent to protect her…
Azura: This is not your business.
Hildor: We were bound by some strange magical tie that forced us to stay within a certain distance of one another….and she shot me.
Andunie: You were following me in a dark forest.  I had no reason to trust in your motives.

29. Would you be interested in a threesome?
Sephiroth: *sighs and rolls his eyes* What part of ‘no’ do you not understand?
‘Kreca: Considering I don’t have that type of relationship with Raziel anyway…so no, I’m not.
Alshara: Edwin would be…but I don’t share.
Chiisai: No. No. No!
Seline: Ah…no.
Yumichika: Who wouldn’t be interested in me. I’m beautiful.
‘Kreca: That wasn’t the question, Yumi.
NPC guy: Yes..or maybe no.
Vincent: …. …
Azura: *she shrugs* Again, my love life is not needed to be known by you.
Hildor: Of course not.

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Devil: *reads the quiz* completely fascinating... perhaps I can use this extreme randomness to my advantage... perhaps I can.. oh. *reads last question and sighs sadly.*
Midorii-kiri Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Seline: What?
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Devil: oh, nothing.
Midorii-kiri Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Seline: ...Aye...I believe you...
Vhaira Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2009
Devil: it's the honest face. Or maybe it's the tail. It's persuasive...
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Seline: I was being sarcastic.
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Devil: So was I. -_-
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You need to fill this one out. It's fun!
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