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Our blissful paradise lasted for ten wonderful years.  However it wasn’t to last, disaster lurked on the horizon.

I always believed that I was barren.  My ability to change my shape into any living thing made my DNA, my essence, too unstable to cycle like a normal woman.  So when I found out that I was pregnant my heart nearly stopped from shock.  I swiftly walled myself off from Janus.  I wanted to adjust to this new development before he knew.  It was not easy. Over the years our hearts and souls had become so intertwined that we could no longer keep secrets from one another without great effort…and not for long.

I lasted for nearly half a day before Janus confronted me.  He demanded what I was hiding from him.  As his hand came down on my shoulder, the shields shattered.  He froze as my knowledge of my condition dawned.  His red eyes widened and he started at me, speechless.

The first thought that came to his mind was, “I don’t like children.”  I flinched away.  Did he want me to get rid of this baby?  I wasn’t sure I could do that.  Not to anybody, much less my own flesh and blood.

His hand remained on my shoulder even as I moved preventing me from going any further.  Slowly as to not frighten me off, he pulled me into a close embrace.  His mouth found mine in a gentle kiss.  During this I felt one of his hands come to rest on my stomach.  Against my lips, he muttered an incantation and I felt the seep into my flesh.  I jerked back, staring at him wide-eyed.  What had he just done?  Sensing my fear he assured me that it was just a simple spell of vitality, an ancient blessing of his homeland.  He told me that during his stay there as the “Prophet” he had picked it up.  For some strange reason, it had stayed in his mind.

The beginning of my pregnancy was not easy.  I was constantly tired as well as ill to varying degrees.  Despite my reassurances that everything was fine, Janus worried.  When I suggested we go and visit our friend, Sara and my twin, Kifnye to tell them the news in person, he exploded.  “Foolish Girl” was about the nicest thing he called me.  Then he “explained” why it would be a bad idea to go.  However, I insisted to the point that he finally conceded.  He made me promise that I would be careful and let him handle things.  I agreed.  If he had simple refused to go along with me, I would have stayed behind with him.  I wish on all that is holy that he had.

Most people don’t know I have a half-brother.  Both of us preferred to keep it that way as neither of us cared much for the other.  I still don’t for all he’s been gone these last six hundred years.  Anyway, as it happened, Kuja, my half-brother was completely obsessed with Sara.  Apparently he would go to any lengths to get her.  He made a contract with the Beast, also known as Lavos.

The Beast granted Kuja the power to capture and contain Sara.  In return, he demanded my capture and use of Kuja’s body.  For reasons still incomprehensible, Lavos as always desired me.

Kuja came to Sara’s home in the late morning.  Janus answered the door, instantly falling into a spell-induced sleep.  The amulet that usually adorned his neck and prevented such attacks from succeeding had been removed the night before.  I may have been pregnant, but I still desired my husband as much as he wanted me.  But I won’t go into details.  The point is he hadn’t put it back on, thus allowing Kuja’s spell to work.
Several others attacked Sara and I, also armed with sleep spells.  Even I, with all the power I had then, could not protect myself.  When I awoke, the first thing that I noticed was the blue shield.  I rested in a box….  This box had all the amenities to keep one comfortable except for the freedom to leave.

Kuja arrived shortly thereafter.  The only way I knew that was the walls of my cell became transparent.  I feigned sleep for I had no desire to talk to my captor.  Then I heard another voice, Sara’s.  Kuja asked her why she still waited for Sephiroth to return.  He told her that if Sephiroth hadn’t come back after six years, he wasn’t going to return.


I don’t know for sure how long we were held captive.  All I knew was that this barrier making up the cell walls blocked out my telepathy.  For the first time in my fifty years, I was totally alone.


This “gift” of mine also comes with a curse.  I have immense mental power, but in return I rely totally on it.  If I do not absorb the energy given off by the thoughts of others, I will quite literally starve to death.  Even if I ate highly nutritional food 24/7, it wouldn’t be enough.


In the effort to keep it alive, my body attempted to rid itself of this leeching parasite inhabiting my midsection.  I tried to keep my pregnancy hidden from Kuja as long as possible.  Who knew what he would do with my baby.  However, with Lavos’ power, as of yet unknown to me, he found out.  I remember at one point I passed out on the floor.  I was told later that Kuja found me lying in a pool of my own blood.  According to Sara, he dropped the surrounding shields in order to heal me.   I would be no use to Lavos dead.

The days, then weeks, then months passed by while I grew weaker and weaker.  The majority of the time I stayed on the bed, empty-minded.  I no longer cared when Kuja came and went.  His mocking voice no longer registered.  So when I heard the door to our dungeon open, I didn’t move.  There was no point.

Then he called my name.  Nothing else.  I shot to my feet and stumbled in my haste to make it to he who held my heart in his hands.  For the longest moment, we simply stared at each other.  We didn’t speak.  No words were needed.  Concern creased Janus’ face as he took in my hallowed cheeks, sunken eyes, unhealthy pallor, and the weight loss.  Only when his eyes noticed the slight swelling of my abdomen did he give me a wan smile.  So caught up with each other, neither of us noticed Kuja returning.

Part 2 of the little drabble I wrote the other day about 'Kreca.

The black little doodle in the corner of the preview image is supposed to be a ball and chain...but since I don't draw well on the computer yet...this is what you get. ^_^

Part 1: [link]
Part 3: [link]

Magus, Chrono Trigger, Kuja, and Sephiroth belong to SquareEnix
'Kreca belongs to me.
Sara belongs to :iconbishounenstalker:
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Yay! I belong only to myself!
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