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Okay, for first, sorry, but this entry will be in Finnish so.. :d

Elikkä te kaikki mun suomea ymmärtävät watcherit. Jos teitä kiinnostaa tietää vähän enemmän mun taiteesta ja sellasesta, niin tulkaahan tähän osotteeseen katsastamaan mun melko uusi taideblogi (jos semmonen kiinnostaa).

Kertoilen siellä siis kaikenlaista piirtämiseen liittyvää ja näytän näitä samoja piirroksia kuin täällä DeviantArtissakin. Joskus ehkä jotain muitakin, kuten luonnoksia ynnä muita :)
Okay, I've got a new graphic tablet (or whatever it is called) and my digital journey can begin >8O

Okay, it's just that I bought a new computer and have no interest in buying photoshop again and my scanner has some issues so I'm not sure how often I'll publish my traditional art. But yeah, I've decided to be better at digital art (cause I really suck at it) and that's why I'm going to do maaany digital artworks on the days to come. It takes pretty long so you - my dear watchers (if there is any left :D) - have to wait a bit longer. But I guess I'm better than last time I published something, it is - after all - pretty long time ago when that happened. xD

Yeah, so I've been very unactive lately and I have to apologize that. It was only because I was so pissed with my computer...

Well anyway, I bought a new one so now everything is okay again.

I'm still drawing, even if not so much, but still I'll post something again soon (hopefully).
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Yeah, so I was in one website and the most irritating feeling that I have felt is that that after showing my art, people said that I had stolen it. Oh yes. I have stolen my own art. Great.

But come to think of it, they actually thinks that I'm nice person and they try to defend my art! (or they just think I'm such a low person who can't really make art, and that's why they won't believe I'm the same person in actually five different website :D)

Anyway, the problem is solved now that I told them that I'll take a picture of a bunch of my art and put there all of my account names. Easy enough? I wonder if people will still listen to me. Oh gods, I kinda hate this, but it would be very irritating if someone actually stole my art! D: Or anyone's!

I guess I've spoken enough of this sooo, I'll just say good night and leave the computer.

I got tagged by :icontansku94: (and by :iconcalistadracula: as well, but decided to do this only (because I'm lazy))

1.- You must posts these rules.
2.- Each person has to share 10 things about them
3.- Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer 
4.- Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal 
5.- Go to their page to inform them they are tagged (!!!You don't have to do this anymore.. DA shows when you tag people now!)
6.- Not something like "you are tagged if you read that"
7.- You have to legitimately tag 10 people
8.- No tag-backs
9.- You can't say that you don't do tags.
10.-YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.

:icontansku94:'s questions:

1. If you could choose to be your favorite anime/manga/game character who would you be?
= I want only to be myself so I can't really choose.

2. Do you ship any pairings from Katekyo Hitman Reborn?
= Nope

3. If you have read a fanfic would you like to create your own?
= No, I don't like writing or reading them. 

4. Tell me your favorite pairing from any manga/anime/game. Why them?
= Spyro x Cynder, 'cause they're cute couple. 

5. Who is your favorite OC?
= From my owns? Oh my, hard question... there are too many. But I like my main character, Ken (haven't added any drawings of him though).

6. What have you read these two days?
= From books? Or comics? Well if both the Eragon, Donald Duck, school stuff and that sort of things.

7. What kind of music do you listen?
= Instrumental and sometimes rap (only one band though)

8. Do you have tumblr account? :D (Big Grin) 
= Yes.

9. If you could choose who would you be in One Piece?
= I so hate these questions. I would like to be no one else than myself.

10. Please tell me your favorite character in my OC's :D (Big Grin)?
= Well it's hard to say because I haven't got any clue what they're like. If I don't know their nature I can't answer that kind of questions :/

My questions:

1. What's your favorite book or book series?
2. And your favorite character from that?
3. How do you relax on your free time?
4. What kind of music you listen?
5. Do you like to draw? If yes, then what kind of drawings?
6. Your favorite video game?
7. Favorite song at the moment?
8. What is your favorite plant?
9. What about sweets (chocolate, chips, candies)?
10. Do you like to write fiction/stories? If 'yes' then what kind of stories?

And I'll be rude and tag:

1. :iconcandyskitty:
2. :iconkuroikyuubi:
3. :iconjonaylalaia:
4. :iconkarkkiholisti:
5. :iconlaku97:

Half the better, I don't know anyone else to tag so that's your problem.
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I took this from :iconwoi96: and I have no idea why I'm doing this :D

The Insanity Test

[1] you have screamed at an inanimate object for "hurting" you
[2] you have ran into a glass/screen door
[ ] you have jumped out of a moving vehicle
[3] you have thought something was funny, laughed, and people gave you weird looks
[4] you have run into a tree/bush
[5] you have been called a blonde


[ ] you know that it IS possible to lick your elbow
[ ] you just tried to lick your elbow
[1] you never knew the alphabet and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star had the same melody
[2] you just sang then to make sure
[3] you have tripped over your own feet and fallen
[4] you have choked on your own spit


[ ] you have seen the Matrix and still don't get it
[ ] you type with three fingers or less
[ ] you have accidentally caught something on fire
[ ] you have tried to drink out of a straw but it went into your nose
[1] you have caught yourself drooling


[ ] you have fallen asleep in class
[1] sometimes you just stop thinking  
[2] sometimes when you are telling a story you forget what you are talking about
[ ] people often shake their heads and walk away from you
[ ] you are often told to use your "inside voice"


[1] you use your fingers to do simple maths
[2] you have accidentally eaten a bug
[3] you are doing this test when you should be doing something more important
[4] you have put your clothes on inside out/backwards without realizing it
[5] you've looked all over for something and then realized it was in your hand/pocket


[ ] you have posted bulletins because you're afraid of what will happen if you don't
[ ] you break a lot of things
[ ] you tilt your head when confused
[1] you have fallen out of your chair before
[2] when lying in bed, you try to find pictures out of the textures on the ceiling
[3] you use the word "um" a lot
[ ] you fail to understand what "um" means
[4] you say "what" and "huh" a lot
[ ] you plan to use a calculator for the multiplication for this test
Total: 21

Now times your score by four: 84 :p
I stole this from :iconkuroikyuubi: and decided to make it the same way as she did (use two charcters). And I kind of changed the instructions. ^^

1. Pick two of your OCs.
2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OC.
3. Tag four people to do this meme! (Nah, I think I won't)
4. Tell people that they've been tagged with a link from your journal.

And the OCs are: Acyrum & Ken

1. What is your name?
- Acyrum
- Ken

2. Do you know why you were named that?
Acyrum:  Because it sounded "cool".
Ken: Maybe because I needed something not-so-awesome...

3. Are you single or taken?
Acyrum: Single.
Ken: I don't get it.

4. Have any abilities or powers?
Acyrum: If you will face me in the battle then you shall see.
Ken: I know how to use sword, but that's it. Though I hope that I do have some super cool powers from which I just don't know yet.

5. Stop being a Mary-sue!
Acyrum: That would be stupid thing to say of me. I am nothing like Mary-sue.
Ken: Sorry pal, my name isn't Mary-sue.

6. What's your eye color?
Acyrum: Sapphire blue
Ken: Brown

7. How about hair color?
Acyrum: Black
Ken: Inky black

8. Have you any family-members?
Acyrum: I do.
Ken: I guess they are all long dead by now. Even though I might have some distant relatives.

9. Oh? How about pets?
Acyrum: I can not stand animals.
Ken: I've got a horse!

10. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.
Acyrum: People who are hypocritical and dull.
Ken: Mean people. Those who just kill someone without good reason, and of course those who hurt my friends or someone/something dear to me.

11. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
Acyrum: I surely do, but I rather not talk about those.
Ken: Aye! I like to duel and listen stories about someone who is/was great.

12. Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before?
Acyrum: I have, at least I hope I have.
Ken: Er, I think I haven't. And if I have I haven't meant it.

13. Ever... killed anyone before?
Acyrum: Many times.
Ken: Oh gosh, of course not!

14. What kind of animal are you?
Acyrum: You dare to compare me to an animal?
Ken: I was once told that I was like a snail, don't know why though...

15. Name your worst habits?
Acyrum: If I had I would get rid of them. That is why I do not have any.
Ken: Habits.. habits... Er, do I have any?

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?
Acyrum: My deceased father.
Ken: I guess everyone who is awesome in some cool way.

17. Are you Gay, Straight, or Bisexual?
Acyrum: Straight.
Ken: Haven't ever really heard about those before so I prefer not to say anything.

18. Do you go to school?
Acyrum: Did.
Ken: I guess so.

19. Ever wanna marry and have kids one day?
Acyrum: I have already.
Ken: Doesn't sound my thing. Kids are funny though!

20. Do you have fangirls/fanboys?
Acyrum: The what..?
Ken: I hope I have. But I have a bad feeling that I don't have any. :c

21. What are you most afraid of?
Acyrum: I am afraid of nothing.
Ken: To lose someone dear to me. And well, there are quite many of 'em, but it would be too awkward to tell about them.

22. What do you usually wear?
Acyrum: It depends my mood, but anything that feels good.
Ken: Pants and T-shirt.

23. What's one food that tempts you?
Acyrum: Pork.
Ken: Meat and turnips!

24: Am I annoying you?
Acyrum: Yes.
Ken: No, should you?

25. Well, it's still not over!
Acyrum: Well end it then.
Ken: Why did you have to say that if it isn't over?

26. What class are you? Low class, middle class, high class?
I don't get the question... D:

27. How many friends do you have?
Acyrum: I do not need any, I do not have any.
Ken: Five.

28. What are your thoughts on pie?
Acyrum: ...
Ken: Yummy!

30. Favorite drink?
Acyrum: Red wine.
Ken: Milk.

31. What's your favorite place?
Acyrum: Coast.
Ken: I like many places; forests, towns, beaches etc.

32. Are you interested in anyone~?
Acyrum: No.
Ken: What do you mean by that?

33. If you're a girl, what's your cup size?
Acyrum: I am male.
Ken: Cup size? What? But I'm guy anyway.

34. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
Acyrum: Ocean.
Ken: Both! Never swam in the ocean, I'd like to try!

35. What's your type?
Acyrum: None of your business.
Ken: I don't get it. Why do you ask so weird questions?

36. Any fetishes?
Acyrum: No.
Ken: So hard words again... I don't know if I have.

37. Seme or uke?
Acyrum: Yes, what?
Ken: Oah! Seme sounds interesting, though I haven't got a clue what those words mean.

38. Camping or indoors?
Acyrum: Indoors.
Ken: Camping!

39. Are you still wanting the quiz to end?
Acyrum: Yes.
Ken: What? No! It can't end now! It's too funny to answer questions!

40. Well, it's over! Now tag four people!
Acyrum: No.

I did this because I didn't have anything better to do. Blah. No, really I had, but this just seemed to be funny to do~
Thank you everyone! :D
I was waiting for doing my first journal entry, so here it is. :)