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42 custom pony emoticons for your Instant Messaging platform! Click "Download" to receive the Adium-ready version as well as individual PNG files to manually add to platforms such as MSN that accept custom emoticons.

Emoticons are 27 x 27 pixels each.

My Little Pony (c) Hasbro, Inc.
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One is lacking - Luna! T.T
NIGHTHAWK0D2's avatar
Great,two of the worst things, emojis and my little pony(my opinion(
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how do you add these to a tablet? can you?
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The only one I hate is pinkamena
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*whispers* Wuuuunnnnaaa.... ;w;
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We need Luna emoticons! Apart form that they're awesome
J25TheArcKing's avatar
FiMFiction yeah!

Hey very good work on these pony emoticons, super it's 20% more cooler!
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Is it possible that these could be put in as community emotes here on Deviantart? I'll do it myself if you give the okay. (I'm addicted to these. When I want to use an emote on a site other than FIMFiction, I invariably lament the missing pony faces.)
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Sure, go for it!  Thanks for asking first :)
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Will it work for Linux?
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does it work on mac?

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So long as you've got Adium it absolutely does!
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omg epiccccccccccc
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Great emoticons! Can I use them for my message board (Polish Play by Post RPG pony forum)?
It's a public project, so I think tat fair way is to ask for permission. I don't want be considered as thief or something :) 
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Of course!  Sorry it took so long to get back to you.  Have fun!
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i can't download them to my PS3, can i?
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i agree with chaotic i mean what about luna because you have celestia in there but no luna
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Are you thinking of expanding this in the future for fimfiction? I (as well as many others) would love to have to have some Luna emoticons. =D
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I wish I had time!
ChaoticNote's avatar
College or something?
midori-no-ink's avatar
Something like that!  (Moved to Japan two years ago to attend school and find's going well, I'm just busy!)
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