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:iconyanderesimulator: YandereSimulator :iconakademi-high: Akademi-High MuRdEr & Love for Senpai :iconyanderesim-fans: YandereSim-Fans Senpai is Ours! :iconyanderesimulatorclub: YandereSimulatorClub SENPAI NOTICE ME!!! :iconbudomasutaxminarai: BudoMasutaXMinaRai :iconmmdyanderesimulator: MMDYandereSimulator :iconoka-x-yandere: Oka-X-Yandere OccultYandere :iconyandere-skins: Yandere-skins :iconyanderesimvolunteers: YandereSimVolunteers Yandere Simulator Volunteers :iconkubzscoutsfc: KubzScoutsFC MIDORIIIIIII GURINUUUUUUUUU!!!


Please join if you are a fan of the quirky and immortal character, Midori Gurin. (hey, I'm assuming she's immortal since she keeps popping up in videos)

(note we're not encouraging or laughing at YandereDev's email problem... that's not funny at all... we're just here to celebrate the character. It is possible to like Midori without liking what she represents. ^^ )

Hey, who knows - maybe the fans who currently eat up YandereDev's time will learn their lesson, and Midori-chan will redeem herself! :iconherotimeplz:

UPDATE: Here is Midori herself!! :pointr: MOM0KI (or her voice actress, anyway ;p )

Notable Midori quotes: (enable CC [closed captions button] on the YouTube player for the... interesting translation. Surprisingly, the last part is quite accurate. :o)

More notable Midori quotes: (non-canon soundcloud) Check it out for a Midori Sailor moon cover, Oka dropping by, and more funny Midori soundbites!






Run by thecittiverse, based on his Dank Midori series.

CLOSED - The Dank Midori Fan-Art Contest by TheCittiverse

I'm still not sure whether this series is promoting drugs or not, but all I can say is if you feel you can't say no to your friends, you need new friends. ;)

It's a fun, silly series, so have a good time with your entry! :la:

YanDev uploaded a video explaining the origins and history - pretty funny! ^^
(looks like Midori's going to be in the game after all! :la: )

~Daz :peace:


After eight months of silence, Midori Gurin has finally returned to make a small appearance in Yandere Dev's latest video, "January Osana Progress Report - Part 1"! :happybounce: You can check out the video right here if you haven't seen it yet:… Our favorite green-haired gal appears at 7:59, asking why doesn't Yandere-Chan stab Osana in the classroom while she is alone. Yandere Dev answers her question by explaining that the other students' routines will be tailored to make sure Osana isn't alone and defenseless like that. It's a pretty small role for Midori, but it's great to see her come back to Yandere Dev's videos!

    For those of you who may be newer to Yandere Simulator, our favorite schoolgirl used to be a regular appearance in Yandere Dev's videos. Midori first showed up in "Emails, Volunteers and Progress - Part 1", where she appeared as a small chibi asking questions to him (as usual) during the video. However, near the very end of "Emails, Volunteers and Progress - Part 2", she was murdered by Yandere Dev acting through Yandere-Chan.

    The immortal girl returned, continuing to ask questions and pop up frequently in Yandere Dev's videos. She was actually killed for the second time in "Dumpsters, Buckets, Bathing, and Electrocution in Yandere Simulator", after telling a moping Yandere Dev (who is acting through Yandere-Chan in this video) that he couldn't spend his time making "whiny videos" and that he needed to get on with making the game. This is in reference to the "Emails, Volunteers and Progress" videos, in which Yandere Dev spoke about the amount of emails he was getting. He then kills her, agreeing that he should get back to "murdering schoolgirls in horrific ways".

    In the very next video, "Customization and School Atmosphere", Midori gets him back by returning to life and asking about why students keep coming to school even when people are dying around them. Yandere Dev quickly dismisses her question, but then doesn't know the answer, getting quite flustered and then quickly moving on. Woo-hoo, win for Miss Green Green!

    Unfortunately, the amount of exposure Midori was getting in Yandere Dev's videos was not to last long. In "Yandere Simulator's Biggest Problem", there was some controversy around the fact that Midori can be seen crying in the thumbnail while Yandere Dev is yelling at her. This may have been a catalyst for the removal of Midori in Yandere Dev's videos.

    The next video did not contain any trace of Midori, but the video after that, "The Gaming Club," featured her in a major way. In the very beginning, Midori can be seen still upset about Yandere Dev's refusal to implement a gaming club. A month before "The Gaming Club" came out, Yandere Dev discussed the newly implemented club benefits in the (aptly-named) "Club Benefits in Yandere Simulator" video. When Midori appeared near the end of that video, asking about a gaming club, Yandere Dev said that he wasn't going to make one.

    However, Yandere Dev received many emails afterwards arguing for a gaming club, and he relented. In "The Gaming Club", Midori is still unaware of this change and she gets a knife, planning to kill Yandere Dev. When she approaches him, he turns around and announces the good news to her. Rejoicing, Midori reveals the knife she was holding, and Yandere Dev then tricks her into handing him the weapon. He then says that this "makes things easier" and promptly stabs her in the head.

    After her third death, the email-sending schoolgirl mysteriously disappeared from Yandere Dev's channel for the next eight months. Video after video passed, with no sign of her. There was a few small changes to the in-game Midori, as in the July 24th build, a few months after "The Gaming Club" came out, her idle animation was changed to one where she is constantly sending emails to Yandere Dev. This may have been inspired by the fact that Midori historically represents the annoying fans of Yandere Simulator, or that one of her last appearances was in a video about emails, but we can't be sure. This does prove that Yandere Dev didn't forget about Midori during her absence. However, today (Jan 2), Midori finally returned from hiatus, and we are happy to welcome her back!

   Thanks for reading my short essay about the history of Midori Gurin in Yandere Dev's videos, and have a wonderfully awesome day! :love:


***********previous update ***************

Hello everyone, I’m Kidapult and I just started helping Dazza with modding the group!

I found Yandere Simulator around the Personalities and Clubs updates when I was scrolling through Markiplier’s let’s plays. At the time I didn’t know what ‘yandere’ meant and thought, “Oh, it’s going to be some silly lovey dovey game but I’m bored, I’ll watch it.” Imagine my surprise when Yandere-Chan started killing people!

Some of you might already know me for my rather dark Midori art. No matter how much I draw her in awful situations I still love her though and I hope to promote more art of her!


***********previous update ***************

But wait, there's more! :iconmoarplz:

We have a fantastic Midori Vs. Oka animation here~
:star: :star:

MOM0KI… - VA Midori Oka
Zero-Q - animation, editing, sound editing
Michaela Laws… - VA Sakyu Basu
Kira Buckland… - VA Inkyu Basu

Well done, everyone! :iconcheerplz:

***********previous update ***************

Whee, there are over 1000 members in the Midori club!! :iconmashedpotatoplz:
Also, you might want to check out another 'dramatic reading' by Mom0ki (Midori-chan's VA) of a bizarre email - posted on YandereDev's Twitter. (just click the link you see)…

What are your thoughts on it? For me, it... sounded like two people were writing it. :o I'm really hoping that it was a joke.


***********previous update ***************
Mimimimimi- Miii do riiii~~
:iconcheerplz: All together now - check out the new parody song cover from Midori-chan's voice actress, MOM0KI! :star: :star:

And while you're here, check out the 'dramatic reading' on the soundcloud -
(it's actually quite fitting that Midori is reading it, considering what she's supposed to represent, haha)…

Glad everyone has a sense of humour - while I personally think it's sweet that people are thinking compassionately, I think because Midori is fictional, it shows that mom0ki and YanDev never meant for it to go beyond being playful. ^^ Which is why we allow art of Midori dying horribly, because we know she's just going to pop back up again~~ :la:


P.S. Grammar always helps when stating your case. Truth!

***********previous update ***************
New folders~
Hi all!

Three more folders have been added -

Midori Ships (for all your shipping needs, canon or non-canon ;p )
Midori Fanfics
Midori Lookalikes (so you can have characters who resemble Midori in the club. Like so~)
Bop-25 by ZurdoM

Did you know that you can submit other people's art? ;) Click the 'add to group' button on the right when viewing the deviation. It needs to be approved by the artist before it appears in the group.

Also, dAhub is pretty nifty if you want a few extra points - giving llamas to people is harmless.

And here's a collection of green emotes for your convenience! (just highlight, copy and paste)
:D :love: :nod: :shakefist: :happybounce: :dalogo: :lonely: :doh: :shifty: :dead: :shrug: :zombie: :sneeze: :greetings: :blushes: :tantrum: :w00t: :salute: :popcorn: :dalove: :petting: :handshake: :sarcasticclap: :smoking: :slap: :stinkeye: :bulletgreen: :juggle: :b0x0rz: :hump: :teamwork: :spammer: :licking: :yoda: :puke: :clueless: :earth: :bonk: :rofl: :alientwo: :dollarus: :frog: :weed: :tmnt1: :tmnt2: :tmnt3: :tmnt4: :holly: :xmas: :siamese: :runnynose: :shamrock: :twenty: :evileye: :poke: :wow: :surrender: :burp: :greenprobe: :cling: :threaten: :ahoy: :hexentanz: :cough: :turbopoke: :deviantart: :wormnomnom:
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