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A Magician Reveals Her Secrets [ABDL Content]
After a performance in front of a crowd of hundreds it was always nice to take a bit to relax and calm down afterwards. These were the thoughts of Trucy Wright, the sole Gramarye left in the magic business and the head of numerous magic shows over the last years. While this meant that her shows were almost always sold out, it left her with little time for relaxation, always busy and always needing to worry about what to do for her next show. However, after finishing her latest show, she knew that she had the next few days completely free and without any plans, which would allow her to indulge in a few of her interests for a while. In preparation for this she even put on a certain garment while in her dressing room, one that helped her to relax and was crucial when she was partaking in her activities.
After changing into it, she walked out of the dressing room, still wearing her stage outfit like she always seemed to. It consisted of black dress, reaching just past her thighs and a blue
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Fire Emblem: The Fat Wives of Ylisse
Maribelle let out a soft coo as she watched the steam rise from their tea cups, a large plate of treats placed on the table in between her and Lissa.
"Oh my, would you look at this assortment; why, I think this is the largest amount of chocolates and cookies we've received for our tea-time in quite a while! Decadent treats from nearly every corner of Ylisse! And not to mention that the tea smells exquisite! Thank you so very much for your hard work, Mable."
"You're welcome, mistress." the maid bowed her head before hurrying away, so that the two nobles could chat among themselves.
Lissa blew on the tea for a few seconds before tipping the cup back, taking a quick sip. "Mmm! It's so sweet! And I didn't even add any extra sugar yet!" the blonde giggled, before reaching over the table to grab a chocolate doughnut and a few packets of sugar.
Maribelle, who was busy packing her face with several squares of tiramisu, just bobbed her drill-haired head in silent agreement.
Lissa had a bite fro
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Tubby Tummies (Part One)
TUBBY TUMMIES includes weight gain (from mildly to extreme), Yuri, and suggestive infantilism (FABs). If that's not your cup of tea, I suggest not reading!
Amu couldn't recollect a time when she didn't have a bit of baby fat on her bones. Naturally, she was chunky and had a rather apple-y shaped bod, very rotund especially in her belly area. Her belly always seemed to peek its way through her body-hugging pullover blouses and figure-hugging diapers. Even her parents took pleasure in her large figure, as they would feed her additional servings of meals just to fatten her. And usually, Amu guzzled down every bite, even licking the plate clean; she loved how with every morsel she was getting bigger and bigger. This large appetite she displayed when she was a toddler explained why she had gotten so pudgy by her childhood. But nothing could excuse the fact at by the time she was a tween, she was still wearing a diaper. She just never seemed to grow out of her "baby phase", and was ca
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Equestria girls specials Starlight Glimmer 3 by JoshStacy Equestria girls specials Starlight Glimmer 3 :iconjoshstacy:JoshStacy 87 8 EQG - Who Doesn't Love Ice Cream? by REMcMaximus EQG - Who Doesn't Love Ice Cream? :iconremcmaximus:REMcMaximus 433 34 Starlight glimmer continues eating ice cream by Gouhlsrule Starlight glimmer continues eating ice cream :icongouhlsrule:Gouhlsrule 22 0


Midori Nashi
United States
Hello! I have another account on DevArt, but this one is to focus on my the story of my original characters, Midori Nashi and Akai Ringo. I have come up with some things for them to do and some backstory, but for the most part, there is no strict story. In other words, these characters will be fun to play around with. A couple things briefly about the story: The two characters each play a sport (primarily) - basketball for Midori and softball for Akai. They are female characters. Midori is shorter, has wide hips and a large behind but is otherwise slim; Akai is taller, has large breasts and narrower hips and is of average build. The two characters start out going to different schools but there is a merger that brings the two schools together and they meet. I might submit some stories about them (even though I've never done only text before) because there is a lot more to cover.

Anyway, there are some things about this story that make it inaccessible for some people. There is going to be some weight gain involved because I'm into that kind of thing and there are also going to be some lesbian overtones, but I'm hoping to also have humor in the story. If you don't like these things I understand, but please just check out some other art, there's no need to flame mine.

To summarize, this is a work in progress. It's not a completed story that I have all planned out but there are some things there. I'm not a professional artist by any means but I'm hoping maybe I can make some comic strips with this if I can figure out how. I'll probably post some stories and some art; in fact I already have some other drawings and a whole page of notes, but I'm going to try to put this whole mess of information in some kind of order.

In any case, I hope you enjoy it. And if you don't, I hope I enjoy it at least...
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