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This will be a long(er) journal explaining the clan. (If you would like me to make short versions just tell me.) Also some of these won't be filled out due to me not knowing what to put. (You can tell I don't know what to put when there's a long line of ----)

The Info I have:

1. BlueAzure-Clan could be mainly solitary to both other clans and their clan mates, they are also known for having a secret emotional side once you break their shell.

2. BlueAzure-Clan lives right next to Screech-Clan where half there territory is dead grass plains and the other half are grassy green hills there camp is  middle of 3 hills.


Short Description of territory - Half of BlueAzure-Clan's territory is made up of a dead grass plain while the other half is made up of grassy green hills where their camp resides in the middle of three of those hills.

Long Description -

* What is it like around camp? -


* Clan dens -

Leader's Den -


Medicine Cat Den -


Warriors' Den -


Apprentices' Den -


Elders' Den -


Nursery -


* What is the clan's training area? -


* What's the prey in the territory? -

Gophers, Prairie dogs, ferrets, mice, rats, hares, Voles, Thrush, Bluebirds, Cardinals, Crows, Thrasher, Shrike, and Shrews are commonly found in the prey pile. Some uncommon or rare prey to be found in the clan's prey pile is Bat, Bandicoot, Ducks, Warblers, Finches, Starlings, Grouse, Pheasants, Quails, Lizards, Skinks, Geckos, Frogs, Toads, and Newts.

* What are the threats in the territory? -

Some threats found in the territory could be Crocodiles, Alligators, Caimans, Snakes, Buzzards, Vultures, Falcons, Eagles, Hawks, Owls, Caracals, Cougars, Hyenas, Skunks, Foxes, and Wolves. Some animals that would accidentally harm cats could be Deer, Pronghorns, and Civets.

* What are the cats like? -

Appearance -


Behavior (To Other Clans/Clan mates) -

BlueAzure-Clan cats are mainly solitary to both other clans and their clan mates. If you break a BlueAzure-Clan cat's shell then you will see the rare emotional side they hide.

* (EXTRA!)

Trinkets and things the cats might like to collect -


Beliefs -

So everyone in the Co-Founders and Contributors role of the group might change roles. Now if you would like to know how I will decide who goes to which role, I will explain.

People Staying/Moving to Co-Founders

1. If you have a leader character.

2. If you want to help out the group.

People Staying/Moving to Contributors

1. If you don't have a high-ranked character. (Such as a Warrior, Apprentice, Elder, or Kit)

2. If you help out the group.

People Moving to Members

1. If you don't have a high-ranked character. (Such as a Warrior, Apprentice, Elder, or Kit)

2. If you don't want to help out the group.

People who will be kicked out of the group

1. If you have been inactive or haven't made an application you will be removed from the group in a week.
This journal will show the apprentices with/without a mentor. If an apprentice doesn't have a mentor, the Founder or one of the Co-Founders will ask warriors without an apprentice to mentor them, they will be put under the 'Without Mentors' section. Apprentices with mentors will have their mentor's name next to theirs and be under the 'With Mentors' section.

With Mentors

Without Mentors

[X]You have blue/green eyes

[ ]You have freckles

[ ]You blush a lot

[ ]You giggle

[X]You're quiet

[X]You say random things

[ ]You have a baby face

[ ]You wear more "down-to-earth" kind of clothing

[X]Your under 5 feet 6 inches 


[X]You're a virgin

[ ]Just think of sexual things make you blush 

[ ]Your idea of a date is really romantic

[/]You sleep with a stuff animal (Sometimes)

[ ]You like to cuddle (I don't like physical contact)

[X]You never played the nervous game 

[X]You don't even now what the nervous game is 


[ ]You like the color pink (Grey all the way!)

[ ]You tend to wear light color

[X]You CAN be ignorant

[X]You consider yourself shy

[ ]You like happy, upbeat music 

[ ]You like "cutesy" music (ew, gross)

[X]You like small animals

[ ]You like babies a lot

[ ]Mini version of things make you go nuts

Total: 10 (AHh i don't like how this is going..)

Now take your number and multiple it by 5

Then re-post this as "I'm 50% Cute"


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I will try to explain the territories and more about the clans as best as I can. (I probably won't do it well...)


Short Description - A temperate forest with an overflowing amount of Flora

Long Description -

* What is it like around camp? -

Flora-Clan's territory is full of different types of trees being Birch, Oak, Ash, a few Maples, and other types. The trees around the camp are mainly Oak and Ash but there is a Maple and Birch tree that marks the entrance to camp. Along the forest floor flora like Ferns and other types of flora can be found inside the camp too.

* Clan dens -

Leader's Den -

The Leader's den has a fossilized fallen tree as the entrance, stone formed behind the tree that is the leader's den. The stone is a mixture of basalt and slate. Leaders usually call meetings on the rock that houses their den, most Flora-Clan cats call it the Dark Ledge due to the stone's dark coloring and there's a ledge on the rock where the leader and deputy sits to call clan meetings. (If Lizard-Star/Warriors5427 would like to add something about the Leader's Den, just say it in the comments and I'll edit it in.)

Medicine Cat Den -

The Medicine Cat Den is a little bit away from the actual clan camp and if you don't know where it is then you probably won't find it due to it being hidden by trees and types of herbs. The den is a huge fallen log that can hold three whole clans if they squish together to fill the whole den. Woodpecker-Mist, the current medicine cat, has her nest at the far left end of the den and it looks like there's not even a small place where a cat could stay.

Warriors' Den -

The Warriors' Den is in the roots of a huge, great Oak tree, this helps to hide the cats inside if the other clans attack, Flora-Clan has the upper paw (Hand). The den is located near the entrance to camp where some warriors can stay up and keep watch over the entrance to camp while not having to sit at the entrance or be seen due to them sitting in the shadows.

Apprentices' Den -

The Apprentices' Den is in the roots of a younger Ash tree than the huge, great Oak across camp from them. They have the same pros as the warriors do with their den but the den is a lot smaller since the Ash tree isn't as old as the Oak. The apprentices also have an easy way to get to the Meadow from the back of the den.

Elders' Den -

The Elders' Den resides in an old hollowed badgers' den close to the Leader's Den. Rosemary bushes grown near the den and it brings a pleasant smell to the den.

Nursery -

The Nursery is close to where you can leave clan and go to the Medicine Cat Den, some queens even stay in the Medicine Cat Den so they don't have to be rushed to the den. Heather is seen growing near and inside the Nursery, the kits usually drink the nectar from the Heather due to it's sweet taste.

* What is the clan's training area? -

The apprentices call it the Meadow due to the training area being a meadow. The mentors usually call it the Clearing since the area has no trees but has a ton of tall grass and flowers. The Meadow/Clearing is a great place to find mice to hunt and to help battle training while the apprentices learn how to not give away their position while in the tall grass.

* What's the prey in the territory? -

Squirrels, Mice, Hedgehogs, thrush, magpie, jays, and Weasels/Stoats are the usual prey you'll see in Flora-Clan's freshkill pile. Some unusual prey in the freshkill pile can be Cardinals, Woodpeckers, Snakes, Beetles, and Frogs. Some rare freshkill that could be found in the pile are Bats and Rabbits.

* What are the threats in the territory? -

Bears, Bobcats, Raccoons, Badgers, and Opossums are some of the threats in Flora-Clan's territory, Elk and Deer can also be considered threats if frightened.

* What are the herbs and other things that grow here? - 

In Large amounts -

Blackberries/Blackberry Leaves, Burdock/Burdock Root, Celandine/Celandine Poppy/Greater Celandine, Cobwebs, Dandelion, Dock/Dock Leaves, Marigold, Dried Oak Leaves (In Leaf-Fall), Stinging Nettle, Wild Garlic, Chickweed, Hawkweed, Foxglove Seeds, Holly Berries, Beech Tree/Beech Nuts/Beech Leaves, Borage/Borage Leaves, Bright Eyes/Garden Phlox, Broom (late Leaf-Fall and Leaf-Bare), Burnet, Catchweed/Catchweed Bedstraw/Catchweed Burrs, Daisy Leaf, Heather Nectar, Honey, Ivy Leaf, Lovage, Mint, Mouse Bile, Poppy Seeds, Rosemary, Stick, and Wintergreen.

On the border - None

Very few (On borders or not) - Chervil, Elder Leaves, Ragwort Leaves, Rush, Deathberries, Cob Nuts, Feverfew, and Raspberry Leaves.

* What are the cats like? -

Appearance -

Flora-Clan is one of the two clans that doesn't have a single color or fur type that the clan can be identified as. Some of the more common colors are black and white, brown, and grey.

Behavior (To Other Clans/Clan mates) -

Flora-Clan is the most friendly clan out of the five, they never resort to violence unless they are pushed way over the limit. They're also very social so it's not rare to see that they have friends outside of the clan. It's rare to see an angry, aggressive, and/or introverted Flora-Clan cat due to them being so open, happy, and extroverted.

* (EXTRA!)

Trinkets and things the cats might like to collect -

Most Flora-Clan cats will collect sweet smelling things or pretty looking things, flowers and bird feathers are the most common things of them to collect.

Beliefs -

Flora-Clan likes to be traditional and tries to stick to their ancestors traditions as much as possible. They don't have any new roles and name their after death clans after their ancestors after death clans (Star-Clan and Dark Forest/Place of No Stars).
This is a journal that will be updated over and over again as I ask questions to my watchers. (Sorry)

Anyways, I'd like to know if I should post sketches of characters so people can tell me to change it a bit and then it'll look better?

Also, do any of you guys even care about the stories/warriors thing I write on here?
I will try to explain the territories and more about the clans as best as I can. (I probably won't do it well...)


Short Description - A coast with clear, crystal water.

Long Description -

* What is it like around camp? -

The camp is in the middle of a coast, on a cliff. Their territory is below Arid-Clan and to the left of Marsh-Clan. The water along the coast is crystal clear so you can see the reef underneath.

* Clan dens -

Leader's Den -

The Leader's Den is at the base of the rock, the entrance has a weird rock formation. Directly above the Leader's Den is the brink of the cliff where the leader would call meetings for the clan. (When a leader for Coast-Clan is chosen they will have a section here)

Medicine Cat Den -

The Medicine Cats' Den is across from the Leader's and is in a cave that can fit up to 20 cats standing a tail apart from each other. (When a Medicine Cat is chosen they will have a section here)

Warriors' Den -

The Warriors' Den is the third den towards the end of the line of dens, dandelions mark the entrance to the den.

Climbers' Den -

Climbers are like the opposite of warriors, they hunt and climb the trees for prey and to scout and they mainly assist the medicine cats. Their den is one cave before the Warriors' Den, their den's entrance is laced with Goatweed.

Apprentices' Den -

The Apprentices' Den is ahead of the Climbers' Den and has tall grass at the entrance. The den is split in two sections, the Climbers section and the Warriors section, sometimes the apprentices just don't care what side their on.

Elders' Den -

The Elders' Den is the second to last cave with the Nursery being after it and Mallow at the entrance to the den.

Nursery -

The Nursery is the last den in the series of caves, Yarrow grows at the entrance.

* What is the clan's training area? -

Near a where a sea-side cave resides, there's a training area called 'The Tides'. The Tides is an area where the tides of the water come in, it helped to train the apprentices to keep their balance even when tides are trying to knock them over. The Tides also teaches the apprentices to be prepared to swim when the waves actually knock them into the ocean.

* What's the prey in the territory? -

The most common prey for the cats are usually crustaceans and fish. (Crustaceans such as crabs, shrimp, and hermit crabs.) Some uncommon prey to find in their freshkill pile is Pipers, Gulls, and other types of birds. Sometimes if cats are adventurous or want to be sick, they will eat Oysters or Mussels.

* What are the threats in the territory? -

There is almost no threats on land except snakes and spiders, but the water is no safe haven. Cats can suffocate, just touching lion-fish, eels, stone-fish can kill you, and the other aggressive sea creatures like jellyfish and anemone in the reef.

* What are the herbs and other things that grow here? - 

In Large amounts - Dandelion, Dock/Dock Leaves, Fennel, Marigold, Rush, Sweet Sedge (Leaf-Bare), Foxglove Seeds, Charomline, Cob Nuts, Feverfew, Goatweed, Mallow Leaves, Stick, and Yarrow.

On the border - Lavender, Bright Eyes/Garden Phlox, and Burnet.

Very few (On borders or not) - Blackberries/Blackberry Leaves, Tormentil, and Mouse Bile.

* What are the cats like? -

Appearance -

Most Coast-Clan cats are blue-grey or sand/cream colored, it isn't rare to see other colors though they don't help the cats blend in with the scenery around them. Coast-Clan cats are usually slim and long bodied so they don't catch as much drag while they dive or swim in the water. Their fur is usually short, sleek, and smooth to provide less drag, it is very rare to see a cat with ragged or scruffy fur.

Behavior (To Other Clans/Clan mates) -

Coast-Clan cats have been known to be aloof towards each other and the other clans.

Coast-Clan cat tend to be distant and antisocial which they enjoy due to them not wanting to waste to much energy on other cats. It's not that Coast-Clan cats don't like other cats, they just like their alone time and freedom to do what they want without someone telling them to not do that or that they want to go to the tides instead of diving off the cliff.

While at Gatherings Coast-Clan will try their best to not interact with the other clans but are polite when a cat tries to stir up a conversation. Coast-Clan isn't the type to hold grudges but they also aren't the nicest cats, listing them by which clans are the most aggressive, Coast-Clan is the second most after Marsh-Clan, being the first.

* (EXTRA!)

Trinkets and things the cats might like to collect -

Coast-Clan is covered in shiny and weird things due to the tides. Cats love to collect broken-off pieces of coral, fish scales, and seashells. Some cats like to collect seaweed while others like to collect the many leaves or nuts of the trees in the territory.

Beliefs -

Coast-Clan, like the other clans, believe in after death clans. While their ancestors would call these clans Star-Clan and the Dark Forest, Coast-Clan calls them Day-Clan and Night-Clan.

The reason for Coast-Clan calling Day-Clan, Day-Clan, was due to two kits being born, one named Day-Kit since he was born when the sun was still out and Night-Kit due to the moon starting to rise when he was born. The next couple of sunrises Day-Kit and Night-Kit snuck out of camp. Something happened a while later and from what Drift-Wood understood, Night-Kit was being almost controlled by what the clan would soon call Night-Clan. Night-Kit pushed his brother into the water where Day-Kit tried to get to land but his brother drowned him. Drift-Wood named Day-Clan after Day-Kit due to him being the first cat to die that she knew would go to what the ancestors called Star-Clan.

The reason for why Coast-Clan calls Night-Clan, Night-Clan, was due to two kits being born, one named Day-Kit since he was born when the sun was still out and Night-Kit due to the moon starting to rise when he was born. The next couple of sunrises Day-Kit and Night-Kit snuck out of camp. Something happened a while later and from what Drift-Wood understood, Night-Kit was being almost controlled by what the clan would soon call Night-Clan. Night-Kit pushed his brother into the water where Day-Kit tried to get to land but his brother drowned him. The next day after Day-Kit's death, Night-Kit went missing and his body was found washed up on the shore near The Tides. Drift-Wood named Night-Clan after Night-Kit due to him being the first cat that died that she knew was going to what their ancestors called, The Dark Forest/Place of No Stars.
I will try to explain the territories and more about the clans as best as I can. (I probably won't do it well...)


Short Description - A desert wasteland.

Long Description -

* What is it like around camp? -

Arid-Clan resides in a barren desert where almost every xerocole stays away from camp. The territory is covered in deep beige colored sand.

* Clan dens -

Leader's Den -

Most of the leaders slept on the smooth rock, the rock the leader and deputy stand on to call clan meetings. Armadillo-Star, the 8th generation leader, found a large enough tunnel to be home to 4 cats. Armadillo-Star only sleeps in the tunnel when she doesn't feel safe, which is not very often.

Medicine Cat Den -

The Medicine Cat Den is an extension to the camp. Unlike the camp, the Medicine Cat Den is surrounded by Desert Thorn-Apples instead of cacti and tumbleweeds. The den has more space than the Diggers' and Chasers' side of the Warriors' Den. Most of the Medicine Cats in Arid-Clan slept like the leaders did, on a large smooth rock in the front, right corner. Silver-Moth was the first to make the opening in the smooth rock a den, some Medicine Cats use the den as safety if a large enough sandstorm dangers the clan. (If Warriors5427 would like to add something here about how Burnt-Leaf treats/likes her den, please tell me if you'd like me to add anything.)

Warriors' Den -

The warriors' Den is split into three sections; the Chasers', Diggers', and Fighters'. The den is in a cave system that is larger than the entire camp. It's the first den when you enter the into the cave system. Some Sand Verbena grows in the entrance to the den.

+ Fighters' Section -

Fighters are the cats that are mainly trained for their fighting capability. They're the cats the leaders send out in battle and that's what most leader's only use them for, when Armadillo-Star came to power she started to forget most of the rules and let her cats do what they want. Most of them are confused about this because they had been raised to only fight, some of them actually love the idea of this. Fighters stay in the front of the den so they can protect the rest of the den and run out if the clan is under attack.

+ Diggers' Section -

Diggers are the cats that mainly trained to dig up moles and bugs. They're the cats the leaders send to go help medicine cats and to get animals that go under the ground. Since Diggers aren't used a lot, they usually go on patrols and keep the dens tidy. Their section of the den is in the back, right side of the den. There's two tunnels by there, one to the outside of the den in case of an emergency and the other leads to the elders' den.

+ Chasers' Section -

Chasers are the cats that have been trained to hunt. Since Arid-Clan is barren, there's almost no place to hide if you can't dig holes, cats don't have to use a hunting crouch and sneak up on the prey. Cats just have to run, catch up, and kill to get their prey. They usually spend their days hunting and going on hunting patrols. Chasers' section of the den is in the back, right right side. There's a tunnel leading to the Nursery and Apprentices' Den from there.

Apprentices' Den -

The Apprentices' den is in between the Warriors' Den, on the right side and the Nursery, on the left. The den is in the same cave system as the Warriors' Den. The Apprentices' Den is the second den you'll come across when you walk into the system. The Apprentices' Den has Fiveneedle Pricklyleaf flowers decorating the entrance of the den.

Elders' Den -

The Elders' Den is the last den in the cave system. Sometimes the elders request for some Copper Canyon Daises to be put in the den, they make the den smell better an looks good.

Nursery -

The Nursery is the second to last den you will find in the cave system being behind the Apprentices' Den and before the Elders' Den. The entrance of the Nursery is decorated in smooth, shiny rocks, glossy bugs, and other things some of the warriors bring for the kits.

* What is the clan's training area? -

Warrior mentors take their apprentices to an oasis that the clan calls The Training Oasis. It is a little bit away from the clan and it dips into the sand. The mentors usually tell their apprentices to make sure that the tumbleweeds bordering the oasis are kept up so there's no holes when they bring in prey for the newer apprentices.

* What's the prey in the territory? -

The desert is home to some strange looking creatures which most other clans would be afraid of, which is good for Arid-Clan. More prey, the better right? Arid-Clan's main prey are Jack Rabbits, Kangaroo Rats, Moles, Lizards (Horned Lizards, Beaded Lizards, and Collard Lizards). On the rare occasion they can catch flying animals, they'll eat Bats, Crows, Vultures, and Sandgrouse. (These are only for cats that like to eat very little.) Some prey that can cause harm to the cats are Rattlesnakes, Scorpions, Spiders, Centipedes, (Africanized) Bees, and Wasps. Prey that only the foolish will even try to capture are Desert Vipers, Deathstalkers, and Tarantulas. 

* What are the threats in the territory? -

If cats venture far away from their clan without a large group, they probably won't survive on their own. Wild dogs, Lions, Ostriches, Cougars, and Kangaroos are the few that will attack a cat on purpose. Even with a group most cats won't make it out alive because of these animals. Some animals that don't mean to attack and can kill a cat by stepping on them are Elephants, Bison, Mules, and Horses. Most of the deaths caused by these animals are due to stampedes.

* What are the herbs and other things that grow here? - 

In Large amounts - Dandelion, Dock/Dock Leaves, Fennel, Rush, Foxglove Seeds, Sticks, and Thyme.

On the border - Bright Eyes/Garden Phlox, Burnet, Juniper Berries, and Wintergreen.

Very few (On borders or not) - Blackberries/Blackberry Leaves, Goldenrod, Deadly Nightshade, Honey, and Mouse Bile.

* What are the cats like? -

Appearance -

Most of the cats in Arid-Clan blend into their surroundings like they aren't even there. The cats are usually dull colored like brown, sand, and sometimes red. The cats have short, coarse fur. Their fur helps to keep them cool during the long hot days and not to let the cold get to them at night. The cats usually have a tall, sleek build which helps them for running after their prey.

Behavior (To Other Clans/Clan mates) -

To most other clans Arid-Clan can be very aggressive, brutish, and denying of any other clans help. When an Arid-Clan cat gets to know another clan's cat better they'll be more shy and show their true personality.

Around their clan mates, Arid-Clan cats fit into one of two groups; the majority, the rough and mean or the minority, the shy and kind. Most of the cats are very warm around their clans mates and aren't afraid to approach each other. Arid-Clan cats prefer to stick in small groups even with them being social after a while, these groups mainly consist of family members and close friends.

When you betray an Arid-Clan cat, they'll refuse to talk to you and hate you for the rest of there life, they hold grudges for a long time. The only way to make them not hate you is to give them their favorite item/prey, while they might not consider you a friend you can still try to warm up to them.

* (EXTRA!)

Trinkets and things the cats might like to collect -

Arid-Clan's territory is barren and the cats most likely have to move farther from their camp to get prey. While they're out they like to collect little things that some might call their treasure. These little things could be anything from feathers to odd colored limestone, some cats even collect small bones and bugs.

Beliefs -

Arid-Clan cats are like all the other clans, believing in after death clans. While Arid-Clan's ancestors would call their after death clans Star-Clan and The Dark Forest/The Place with No Stars.

Arid-Clan calls their Star-Clan, Silver-Clan due to the first cat to die on Arid-Clan territory was named Silver-Berry. Another reason for why Silver-Clan is called what it is, is from the fact they believe the place Silver-Clan cats reside in the sky is in a constellation they call Silver-Pelt.

Arid-Clan calls their Dark Forest/Place of No Stars is called Sands of Time. The reason they call the Sands of Time, the Sands of Time is because they tend to believe that the spirits of the cats walk the sands and because the cats they know are going to the Sands of Time, they leave the body to rot, decay, and get covered in sand.
If you read Woodpecker-Mist's bio then you would know she has high blood pressure. This causes her to get lightheaded and migraines super easily and like I said in the bio, "After a two moons of Woodpecker being an apprentice, she kept walking in circles and falling down for no reason."

Now let me explain this a bit more: If Apple-Briar, her mentor before Badger-Mask, kept making Woodpecker work after she kept falling down multiple times, Woodpecker would pass out due to how high her blood pressure is and if she kept making her work after that her heart would start freaking out even more. Woodpecker also gets lightheaded when she goes from sleeping/laying down to sitting up and to standing, the reason for this is that your heart needs to pump faster to get blood to your head.

Now the sad thing is: Woodpecker probably won't live to be the age of an elder or longer than most cats in the warriors series (Which is like 6-10 years with the oldest being 16-17 years.)

The reason I want to explain this is because I wanted to make a character like me (we have some of the same issues), in no way am I looking for attention I just wanted to bring this up about Woodpecker because it can be very confusing to understand what/how her condition effects her. I hope this at least explains a little bit about Woodpecker's condition because I don't see a lot of characters like this.
32 moons ago (Generation 1) - Wren-Star chose the trees beyond the other clan's territory as their camp. Wren-Star chose Wild-Skip as their deputy and Wilderness-Leap as the Medicine Cat.

29 moons ago - Collar-Paw is Wilderness-Leap's apprentice.

24 moons ago - Collar-Paw is named Collar-Stripe.

20 moons ago - Wild-Skip is killed during battle, Wren-Star names Sparrow-Heart the new deputy.

16 moons ago (Generation 2) - Wren-Star dies from battle, Sparrow-Heart is now the leader. Sparrow-Star names Snake-Fang as their deputy.

13 moons ago - Wilderness-Leap passes and Collar-Stripe is now the medicine cat.

9 moons ago - Collar-Stripe gets Ash-Paw as an apprentice.

2 moons ago - Ash-Paw's medicine cat name is Ash-Cloud.

1 moon ago (A moon before generation 3) - Sparrow-Star dies and Snake-Fang becomes Snake-Star. Snake-Star's deputy is Apple-Claw.

Badger-Mask - A large black tom with a large, white stripe on his back, a white underbelly, and some white stripes on his face. (Star-Clan/Flora-Clan)

Burnt-Leaf - A ginger she-cat with a white muzzle and brown paws where she was burned by a fire, she also has one emerald green and one amber eye. (Arid-Clan)

Lizard-Star - A black tom with white splotches and green eyes. (Flora-Clan)

Woodpecker-Mist - A tuxedo she-cat with a red tuft on her head. (Flora-Clan)

The Beginning -

Woodpecker-Mist: She got up and walked out of the tree that is the medicine cat den. Woodpecker went to the entrance and walked to camp. She got a squirrel from the freshkill pile then went to eat it in the shady corner of the camp.

Lizard-Star: Lizard-Star walked out of his den.

Woodpecker-Mist: She glanced at her leader then started to dig into her squirrel. After she finished, she went back to her medicine cat den.

Lizard-Star: He yawned.

Woodpecker-Mist: When Woodpecker got back to the den she sat down and went to sort the herbs she had gathered last sunhigh. She purposely didn't get any comfrey root, not wanting to go into Marsh-Clan territory even though she was running out of the herb.

Lizard-Star: He watched from his den.

Woodpecker-Mist: When she looked at the left over comfrey root a wave of guilt hit her. I should have been there.... Maybe he would have had a chance with me there?

Lizard-Star: "......"

Woodpecker-Mist: After a while Woodpecker went back to sorting the herbs.

Lizard-Star: He sighed.

Woodpecker-Mist: After she finished, she walked outside of camp just to see something else besides the medicine den and the camp.

Lizard-Star: He grabbed some prey from the prey pile.

Woodpecker-Mist: She sat down on the border of Flora-Clan and No Clan's Land.

Lizard-Star: He walked out of camp.

Woodpecker-Mist: Why hasn't Arid-Clan just taken No Clan's Land? I mean they aren't fighting like the other clans and it's just more sand.... they should've just taken it and there would be no fighting and death!

Lizard-Star: He walked past her.

Woodpecker-Mist: She turned her head quickly to watch him and almost fell over to how light headed she got. She put herself lower to the ground knowing that helps with her light headedness. Where is he going? She thought after she felt like she could stand.

Lizard-Star: He seemed to be walking to Arid-Clan territory.

Woodpecker-Mist: She debated on if she should follow him and decided to because she needed something to do.

Lizard-Star: He walked to a stream.

Woodpecker-Mist: Woodpecker stayed low to the ground trying not to be seen. Shouldn't he be doing leader things, whatever leaders do? We haven't had a battle so I think I don't need to be in camp...

Lizard-Star: His ears perked up to nearby padding.

Woodpecker-Mist: She stopped and waited, trying to stay quiet.

An orange she-cat stepped out of the bushes.

Woodpecker-Mist: Is that Burnt-Leaf or did I get her name wrong? I haven't made an effort to get to know the other medicine cats so probably.... Wait, why is Lizard-Star hanging out with her?

Lizard-Star: He smiled.

Woodpecker-Mist: Hey, maybe I'll see an actual fight on the border! I'm still bored so I'll just watch this go down...

Burnt-leaf: Burnt-Leaf looked at the bushes.

Woodpecker-Mist: Woodpecker just froze, she knew Burnt-Leaf probably saw her. She just stayed as still as possible. She started to worry about Lizard-Star finding out and him kicking her out of Flora-Clan. She’d be left to the Mountain Cats if he did that and he wouldn’t do that, right?

Burnt-Leaf: "Lizard-Star, is someone here?"

Woodpecker-Mist: She just closed her eyes, she knew her red tuft would give her away but she started to prepare herself for getting kicked out of her clan.

Lizard-Star: Lizard-Star looked at the bush.

Woodpecker-Mist: She started to make a long, high pitched squeak.

Lizard-Star: "?"

Woodpecker-Mist: She stopped then opened her eyes to see if she could make a run without being seen to much. She found a spot that had a ton of trees and ran off, zigzagging through the trees and getting light headed.

Lizard-Star: He ran after her.

Woodpecker-Mist: She tripped on a rock and kept trying to get up with no prevail and a migraine.

Lizard-Star: He ran over to her.

Woodpecker-Mist: “Foxdung!” She gave up trying to get up and just rested hoping the migraine will go down a bit when he tells her to get off Flora-Clan territory.

Lizard-Star: He tried to help her up. "BURNT-LEAF, I NEED HELP!"

Woodpecker-Mist: “Lizard-Star! I was just curious, I don't wanna be kicked out of the clan.” She tried to pick herself up but all she could do is wobble while she stood.

Lizard-Star: He ignored her. Burnt-Leaf ran over and helped Lizard-Star out.

Woodpecker-Mist: “I'm so crowfood right?” She leaned against a tree and pushed her head onto it, hoping it would help the headache.

Lizard-Star: Lizard-Star sighed. "No, I understand why you followed me."

Woodpecker-Mist: “So is this like a serious type thing or no?” She had a slight smile but she pushed her head on the tree even more seeing that it sort of helps.

Lizard-Star: "I think so..."

Woodpecker-Mist: “Well now I know something new, good luck to you two, I'm gonna head back to camp and do boring stuff... like usual.” She got up and knocked the red tuft of fur on her head out of her eyes, then she walked back into her medicine cat den.

Burnt-Leaf: Burnt-Leaf sighed.

Woodpecker-Mist: Woodpecker got back to her den and crashed on the nest farthest to the entrance and hidden by some shrubs. She hoped that the pain in her chest would go away. “This is how Badger described his chest pains... I hope I don’t have what he has, I already have enough trouble with my condition as it is. I better see you when I go to the silver lake in a few days or I swear I will cry!” She whispered to herself.

Lizard-Star: Lizard-Star sighed.

Woodpecker-Mist: Woodpecker slowly drifted off to sleep feeling like there was something heavy on top of her, she just ignored it and saw Badger staring at her. She let out a squeak and hopped towards him, “How are you? I mean you should be doing good, I mean you are in Star-Clan.” The tom laughed and they talked for a short bit.

Badger-Mask: “Woodpecker I want to explain something to you and I know you not going to like it.” Badger said sighing as soon as her saw her starting to slowly jump up and down and tilt her head. “Woodpecker, I wasn't killed by Marsh-Clan, I was dead before they even found me and they took the blame for my death instead of just saying that they found me dead. I died from one of my heart pains.” He sighed looking at her.

Woodpecker-Mist: “What? But you were all scratched up and bleeding! I don't believe this, this is wrong! They admitted it and everything!” She started to tear up with him looking down at her.

Badger-Mask: “I will see you when the silver moon rises.” He started to walk away and darkness started to surround her.

Lizard-Star: "..."

Woodpecker-Mist: She woke up in tears and after she noticed that a branch had fallen on her.

Burnt-leaf: Burnt-Leaf turned away.

Woodpecker-Mist: She squeaked as she tried to get the branch off of her.

Lizard-Star: "......"

Woodpecker-Mist: She yelped once she figured out she couldn't get the branch off.

Burnt-Leaf: "Goodbye, Lizard-Star."

Woodpecker-Mist: She let out high pitched squeaks in hope that someone will care enough to go find her.

Lizard-Star: Lizard-Star walked into camp.

Woodpecker-Mist: She let out more squeaks then stopped, accepting her fate.

Lizard-Star: He heard her and ran in.

Woodpecker-Mist: She stopped, "Hey.... Lizard-Star.... Can I have some help over here?"

Lizard-Star: He pulled the branch off of her.

Woodpecker-Mist: She stood up. "Lizard-Star, I just want to say again, I'm sorry for following you....." Should I tell him what Badger-Mask said? I mean it wouldn't change anything right? Plus I'm pretty sure Badger just told me that to make me feel better, I still don't trust those flea-ridden Marsh-Clan foxhearts!

Lizard-Star: "It's fine."

Woodpecker-Mist: "Alright... Oh and thank you!"

Lizard-Star: "You're welcome."

Woodpecker-Mist: She opened and closed her mouth like she was going to say something but she stopped. I'm the medicine cat, I should tell my leader what Star-Clan told me.... But Badger must have been joking.... Well he never jokes around... This isn't super important, right?

Lizard-Star: He turned to walk out.

Woodpecker-Mist: She sighed, "Lizard-Star I may have something to tell you regarding Badger-Mask's death..."

Lizard-Star: "?"

Woodpecker-Mist: "I was napping before the branch fell on me. While I was asleep, I talked with Star-Clan, Badger-Mask actually. He told me Marsh-Clan didn't kill him, he was just found dead due to his death by one of his heart pains. (Badger had heart attacks.) Of course I don't fully believe him, I mean Marsh-Clan cats are all foxhearted brutes!" She hissed at the word 'Marsh-Clan'

Lizard-Star: "..."

Woodpecker-Mist: "I know it's super hard to believe so I'll probably know more when I go to the Medicine Cat Meeting."

Lizard-Star: He nodded.

Woodpecker-Mist: She walked out of her den to go by the Nursery where a patch of heather was growing.

Lizard-Star: He walked away.

Woodpecker-Mist: Woodpecker grabbed a leaf and used it to collect the nectar from the heather. Once she got enough she started to walk back to her den to store, like the rest of the nectar.

Lizard-Star: He sighed.

Woodpecker-Mist: After she stored the nectar, she went to prepare some traveling herbs for the medicine cat gathering in a few sunrises.

Lizard-Star: "..."

Woodpecker-Mist: After she finished putting together the herbs she decided to wait to add the Heather Nectar.

Lizard-Star: He walked out of camp.

Woodpecker-Mist: She went to rest for a while just so she can think about what she needs to do later.

Lizard-Star: His ears perked up to rustling.

Woodpecker-Mist: She got up to go get some food after stumbling over.

Lizard-Star: He hissed and his ears went back. He turned towards the sound.

Woodpecker-Mist: She grabbed a vole from the pile and began to eat it.

Lizard-Star: It was a squirrel. He stared down at it.

Woodpecker-Mist: When she finished, she walked outside of the camp so she could go bury the bones.

Lizard-Star: He lunged at it and bit its hind legs.

Woodpecker-Mist: After burying the bones she walked back to camp and started to hiss as a bee flew near her muzzle.

Lizard-Star: "Grrr..."

Woodpecker-Mist: "Why bees?" She started to back up so that the bee would stop bugging her. It didn't work and more bees started to show up. Woodpecker just slowly walked out of the camp so she could get rid of them outside of camp.
So, I'm working on the first chapter of my warriors legacy challenge.

I'm also thinking of making my first human character, Surprise! *Pops a party popper* Woo!
However, I noticed that the character could make a good creepypasta, then I eternally screamed 'Why?!' If I do make the character don't be surprised if I dub them as a creepypasta oc/character.
A continuation of the Arid-Clan RP Part 1.


Armadillo-Star - A smaller she-cat with a brown pelt, light brown underbelly, chest, and front paws, and dark brown back paws. (Arid-Clan)

Bee-Star - A large caramel she-cat with a dark splash on her back, lighter tabby stripes, and faded front paws. (Rapid-Clan)

Burnt-Leaf - A ginger she-cat with a white muzzle and brown paws where she was burned by a fire, she also has one emerald green and one amber eye. (Arid-Clan)

Dried-Bush - A dark, sandy colored tom with dark blue eyes.

Lizard-Star - A black tom with white splotches and green eyes. (Flora-Clan)

Prickly-Pear - A reddish brown tom with dark eyes. (Arid-Clan)

Smokey-Path - A grey taby tom with dark and light stripes. (Rapid-Clan)

Tiny-Paw - A long legged, small bodied Tortoiseshell she-cat with a pink nose and two grey splashes on them. (Arid-Clan)


Lizard-Star: His tail laid back on the ground.

Armadillo-Star: Lizard, you better hope Burnt won't be upset.

Burnt-Leaf: Burnt-Leaf hadn't seen it.

Armadillo-Star: She was almost hoping the gathering would be over so she can be like an armadillo in a tunnel.

Burnt-Leaf: Burnt-Leaf walked away from the gathering.

Lizard-Star: Lizard-Star noticed. "I need to go. Tell my deputy to bring the Clan back and speak for me." He leaped down and followed her.

Armadillo-Star: She watched him with her mouth open and her head tilted. "What now....?" She said quietly. Armadillo shook her head after a while and walked over to Lizard's deputy. "Lizard-Star asked if you can speak for him and then bring the clan back..." She ran back up to where the other leaders are and stared at her paws.

Lizard-Star: He kept following Burnt-Leaf until she sat down at the side of a cliff.

Armadillo-Star: She waited for the deputy to stop talking.

Burnt-Leaf: Burnt-Leaf sighed.

Armadillo-Star: She tapped her claws on the rock that she was sitting on.

(Random Name, deputy of Flora-Clan): The deputy stopped speaking.

Armadillo-Star: She hopped off the rock and ran over to her cats. "Lets go back everyone!" She got stopped by a split-colored tom (Alder-Splash!). They chatted for a bit before she had to leave.

Tiny-Paw: Tiny-paw was nibbling on her paw, bored.

Lizard-Star: Lizard-Star stepped out of the bushes behind Burnt-Leaf.

Armadillo-Star: She caught up to her clan and sneaked to the front of the group.

Burnt-leaf: Burnt-Leaf turned around, her hind paws dangerously close to the cliff's edge.

Prickly-Pear: "So that's your mate?" He had a little laugh in his voice.

Armadillo-Star: "No! Stop that!" she squeaked and ran ahead.

Lizard-Star: "It's just me." Lizard-Star raised a paw.

Armadillo-Star: She got to camp and kept running until she got to her den then just had a recap of what happened at the gathering.

Lizard-Star: Burnt-Leaf stepped back and slipped off. Lizard-Star ran forward and grabbed her scruff.

Armadillo-Star: I'm like an apprentice! She sat there a little upset at herself.

Lizard-Star: He tried pulling her up.

Armadillo-Star: I wonder where Lizard-Star went off to?

Burnt-Leaf: Burnt-Leaf yelped.

Armadillo-Star: She stared at the roof of the tunnel.

Lizard-Star: He pulled her up next to him and she collapsed.

Armadillo-Star: Why'd Adler-Splash walk up to me and talk to me?

Lizard-Star: His tail curled around her.

Armadillo-Star: Hmm.....

Lizard-Star: "Let's get you home."

Armadillo-Star: She finally started to rest after a while.

Lizard-Star: He walked into their camp a few minutes later with a limping Burnt-Leaf leaning on him for support.

Armadillo-Star: She had a strange dream that Antelopes and Coyotes were friends and could talk to cats. Weird...

Lizard-Star: "Someone get the leader!"

Armadillo-Star: She was woken up by the same apprentice that helped Burnt-Leaf when she passed out. She let out a low growl then got up and sleepily followed the apprentice. It's to late for this....

Lizard-Star: Lizard-Star was holding passed out Burnt-Leaf. "She almost fell off of a cliff..."

Armadillo-Star: I thought she became a medicine cat because she has burnt paws?! "Get her to her den and let her rest, then you can leave since you don't have anything else to do here." Armadillo let out a huge yawn.

Lizard-Star: His ears went back.

Armadillo-Star: "Look I'm tired and this apprentice should be getting some sleep. Burnt should be resting and right now I don't want you around my medicine cat since she passes out while you're around!" She starts to catch her breath and closed her eyes for a bit.

Lizard-Star: "Well maybe YOU should take better CARE of your MEDICINE CAT!" He hissed back.

Armadillo-Star: "Maybe I could TAKE CARE of my MEDICINE CAT if YOU aren't with her all the TIME!!" She made a weird sound and hissed.

Lizard-Star: He growled at her.

Armadillo-Star: "Lizard, look, I'm tired and it's not you that's making me upset. I'm just cranky, lets just talk about this in the morning. You should head back for your clan's sake." She yawned then looked at Burnt-Leaf. "I need to get her an apprentice soon so she has someone to look after her when things like this happens..." Armadillo sighed.

Lizard-Star: "..." He led Burnt-Leaf over to the medicine den.

Armadillo-Star: She sighed and yawned, "You can head to the dens..." She said to the apprentice as she started to walk back to her den.

Lizard-Star: He laid Burnt-Leaf down

Armadillo-Star: Armadillo curled up and had a dream of the talking antelopes again.

Lizard-Star: He sighed.

Armadillo-Star: She started to growl at her dream due to the fact the antelopes won't shut up.

Lizard-Star: He stood up and walked out of their camp.

Armadillo-Star: She tried to chase them off but they didn't move.

Lizard-Star: He walked into his den at his camp and curled up.

Armadillo-Star: She just got fed up and stopped.

Lizard-Star: The next morning he woke up.

Armadillo-Star: She rolled awake, cranky.

Lizard-Star: He yawned.

Prickly-Pear: "Hey, you don't look like you're doing so great...." He said as soon as he saw her.

Armadillo-Star: "Get me a scorpion...." She said rudely.

Prickly-Pear: "You only want scorpions when you're upset...... What happened last night?" He said confused but his sister just hissed.

Lizard-Star: He stepped out of his den.

Prickly-Pear: He came back after a while to give her a scorpion. Prickly watched her eat it then walked away.

Lizard-Star: "Ugh..."

Armadillo-Star: She stayed in her den being a grouch.

Lizard-Star: He walked to the prey pile.

Armadillo-Star: Prickly-Pear came in a couple times to ask her questions while covering for her.

Lizard-Star: "mmmm...."

Armadillo-Star: She was finally tired of being grouchy and walked out of her den to help Prickly.

Burnt-Leaf: Burnt-Leaf limped out of her den.

Armadillo-Star: She glanced at Burnt then went back to dealing with one of the chasers.

Burnt-Leaf: "..."

Armadillo-Star: She looked at the young chaser then explained that she can't exile a cat for being mean to them and that their mentor should have explained this to them. Really? Is this clan getting Mousebrained?

Burnt-leaf: She sighed.

Armadillo-Star: She walked over to the smooth rock and just rested.

Burnt-Leaf: "......."

Armadillo-Star: She got up and just left camp.

Burnt-Leaf: She stalked out.

Armadillo-Star: She went over to the Rapid-Clan border and found Alder-Splash. She tried to get his attention so they can talk.

Burnt-Leaf: "Mmm..."

Armadillo-Star: She got his attention and he came over and they started to talk.

Burnt-Leaf: She walked past them.

Armadillo-Star: Her eyes widened as Burnt-leaf walked past them. "Hey!" She started to walk up to her. "I kinda need you back at camp..."

Burnt-Leaf: "..."

Armadillo-Star: "That chaser I was talking to was saying something about an apprentice with a broke leg and that their mentor told them to tell me, who knows they might be at camp and you aren't there to help!"

Burnt-Leaf: Her eyes narrowed.

Armadillo-Star: "If you had an apprentice it would be fine for you to go meet Lizard-Star but you don't and an apprentice has a broken leg that won't be tended to."

Burnt-Leaf: "I will only be a few minutes."

Armadillo-Star: "Are you sure? They could be bleeding or even worst, if it's severe you could see the bone!" She started to felt a little bad but whatever Burnt-Leaf won't be alone with Lizard-Star and pass out.

Burnt-Leaf: She hissed, her ears back. "You are lying to me, aren't you?" She seemed angry.

Armadillo-Star: Armadillo flinched a bit. “Look, you always pass out when Lizard is around and I feel like that's putting you in danger. I'm sorry, I just wanted to make sure you were safe and not to far from camp, I really don't want to lie to you...” She stared at her paws nervously.

Burnt-Leaf: She growled.

Armadillo-Star: “It is just for your safety, Lizard told me I should be taking care of my medicine cat more and we argued with me ending it saying, If you weren’t always around her then maybe I could? And this is where we are now and I do not like it!” She said with a high pitched voice.

Burnt-Leaf: One of her ears twitched.

Armadillo-Star: “I’m sorry, I just want to ensure your safety. For you and the clan!” She flinched again.

Burnt-Leaf: She turned away.

Armadillo-Star: She backed up towards Alder-Splash again with him giving her a slight nudge.

Burnt-Leaf: "..."

Armadillo-Star: “I think I should head back to my clan..” She flicked her tail in a goodbye and ran back to camp.

Burnt-Leaf: She walked away.

Armadillo-Star: Armadillo got back to camp, resting for a bit and cooling herself down with some of the water in camp.

Burnt-Leaf: She walked over to Lizard-Star.

Armadillo-Star: Armadillo was having a sort of peaceful day but she kept thinking about if Burnt-Leaf would pass out again and if Flora-Clan and Arid-Clan will become enemies over this.

Lizard-Star: Lizard-Star looked around.

Armadillo-Star: She started to think of what to say when Lizard-Star tells her she needs to be taking care of Burnt-Leaf more.

Lizard-Star: "..."

Armadillo-Star: She sighed and finally went down into her den to try and get her mind of things and calm down a bit.

Burnt-Leaf: Burnt-leaf walked up to him.

Armadillo-Star: Prickly-Pear walked in with his fur looking even more spiky. “What happened now?” She sighed looking up at him.
He began give her a whole talk about how all of these cats are getting on his nerves and how she never had to deal with that since Wolf-Star treated her like his special little kit. “You know I did stuff while I was a deputy!” She hissed.

Prickly-Pear: “Really? The whole clan saw how Wolf-Star just let you sit there and look pretty! What do I have to do while I’m the deputy, work, work, work, while you deal with little issues and sneak out to hang out with your out of clan crush!” He hissed back looking more and more agitated.

Armadillo-Star: She just sighed and turned away knowing what he said was true no matter how much she tried to deny it.

Burnt-Leaf: Burnt-Leaf told Lizard-Star what had happened once she got there.

Prickly-Pear: Prickly-Pear walked out of the den not wanting to fight with anyone else.

Burnt-Leaf: Burnt-Leaf walked into camp.

Armadillo-Star: She rolled into a ball and started to fall asleep.

Burnt-Leaf: She sighed.

Prickly-Pear: He curled up in a large group of cats, how most chasers sleep.

Burnt-Leaf: She looked around.

Armadillo-Star: She met with nothing for once in her dreams which she was pretty happy about not seeing dancing hyenas for once but a little lonely in her dark mind.

Burnt-Leaf: "... sigh."

Armadillo-Star: She forced herself into a dream where she was just talking and hanging out with Alder-Splash.

Burnt-Leaf: Her ears went back.

Armadillo-Star: Her pelt was so hot she felt like she was basking in fire.

Burnt-Leaf: She sneaked into Armadillo-Star's den.

Armadillo-Star: Armadillo didn't notice her and turned onto her side.

Burnt-Leaf: She checked her really quick and then turned to pad out.

Armadillo-Star: She turned over again.

Burnt-Leaf: "..."

Armadillo-Star: She stuck her face into the dried moss and sneezed.

Burnt-Leaf: She dashed out, trying to be quiet.

Armadillo-Star: She flicked her ear and jut stopped moving entirely.

Burnt-Leaf: "...!"

Armadillo-Star: She sighed and went back to normal.

Burnt-Leaf: She sighed.

Armadillo-Star: She opened her eyes a bit. "Burnt-Leaf?"

Burnt-Leaf: "!"

Armadillo-Star: "I'm probably just super tired and seeing things...." Armadillo-Star whispered laying her head back down on the moss.

Burnt-leaf: "Phew..."

Armadillo-Star: Her ears perked up, she didn't lift her head or say anything.

Burnt-Leaf: "At least she didn't see me."

Armadillo-Star: She flicked her ear.

Burnt-Leaf: She sighed.

Armadillo-Star: "You're still in my den?" She said sleepily, still keeping her eyes closed.

Burnt-Leaf: "Foxdung."

Armadillo-Star: "Can you leave or are you just going to creepily watch me?" She said groggily.

Burnt-Leaf: "I-I'm sorry..."

Armadillo-Star: "It's fine, I would just prefer to be alone while I sleep." She got up, stretched and yawned. "I'm pretty much awake now so it's fine. Is there anything you would like to talk to me about?" She flicked her ear.

Burnt-Leaf: "N-no..."

Armadillo-Star: "Alright..." She squeezed past Burnt-leaf to get out of her den and walked over to the entrance to the camp.

Burnt-Leaf: Her ears went back.

Armadillo-Star: She walked out of camp and started to hunt a kangaroo rat.

Burnt-Leaf: She looked down at her burnt paws.

Armadillo-Star: Armadillo ran up to it then bit down onto the little rat. With that, she had caught a the kangaroo rat. She started to walk back to camp with her small catch.

Burnt-Leaf: Burnt-Leaf went into her den and curled up.

Armadillo-Star: When she got back to camp she sighed. Armadillo peeked into the medicine den and placed the kangaroo rat by the herb pile of the den.

Burnt-Leaf: "..."

Armadillo-Star: She walked outside the den to go hunting again.

Burnt-leaf: She yawned.

Armadillo-Star: Armadillo went to terrorize another kangaroo rat.
Request are open to help promote my commission!

Edit: Real quick! Depending on how many request I have going on right now, I might not be able to have your request done anywhere from a week to close to a month. I just don't want to rush anything out.

Right now everyone that sees this is able to ask for requests, there is a limit of course! Right now everyone that sees this has 8 (Fake) points.

Each type of request cost different fake points. A headshot cost 1 (Fake) points, a halfbody is 2 (Fake) points, and the fullbody is 4 (Fake) points.

Slots: (They will be filled as people ask for a request, they're limited!)

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So I said I wanted to make comics in a status post and that people can vote on colors that equal an idea.

The ideas were.

1. A cat trying to survive in a wasteland.

2. An Erpo comic.

3. A comic based off of the Arid-Clan RP (Warriors5427 hasn't said their ok on the idea so I would have to wait for their ok.)

4. A random warriors comic.

The colors I asked you to choose from, which idea they corresponded to, and how many votes they got.

Purple -

Idea number: 4

Votes: 1

Black -

Idea Number: 1

Votes: 0

White -

Idea Number: 2

Votes: 1

Extra Votes: 1

Lime -

Idea Number: 3

Votes: 0

Now as you can see, there was no comic that was top voted. Idea number 1 is out now because I'm just going to make that one anyway but I'm also going to make another one too. I would like to ask anyone who sees this to comment which idea (2-4) they would like to see as a comic.
32 moons ago (Generation 1) - Silent-Star chooses a quiet cave as their territory. Silent-Star chooses Damino-Leaf as their deputy.

31 moons ago - Brandon-Foot is chosen to be the Medicine Cat.

27 moons ago - Faith-Paw is chosen to be Brandon-Foot's apprentice.

24 moons ago - Faith-Paw gained their name, Faith-Moon.

19 moons ago - Silent-Star passes due to a disease spreading around the camp, Damino-Leaf survives and become Damino-Star. They choose Hawk-Tail as their deputy.

16 moons ago (Generation 2) -

15 moons ago - Brandon-Foot passes and Faith-Moon is now the medicine cat.

9 moons ago - Faith-Moon's new apprentice is Stone-Paw.

5 moons ago - Stone-Paw is given the name Stone-Face.

1 moon ago (A moon before generation 3) - Damino-Star passes away during an attack and Hawk-Tail takes the role of leader, now known as Hawk-Star.
There will be a series of journals like this one, explaining each species with the species explaining themselves.


Name: Erpos

Language(s): Erpish and Brazilian

Diet: Carnivore; Tapa opaca (Opaque cover), Cubierta brillante (Bright cover), Cambiador salvaje (Wild Changer), and a few unnamed insects.

Predator(s): Muerte Coloridas (Colorful Death)

Food chain: Tapa Opaca/Cubierta Brillante/Cambiador Salvaje are at the bottom, Erpos are their predators, and Muerte Coloridas is the apex predator.

Intelligence: Right now the Erpos think more like humans in the 1600's. They sacrifice their own for their gods and so the predators won't attack the camp. They even get rid of those who don't agree with their religion.

Tribes: Tribes are based off of the elements so the colors of the Erpo usually represents their tribes.
Flare (Fire), Submerge (Water), Aether (Aether), Terra (Earth), and Strato (Air).

Attacks: They use their dog like teeth to attack and some Erpos have other abilities depending on their upgrades and tribe.

Defenses: Erpos' gel and bacteria burn when touched. They burn the attacker and the Erpo using it.


La descomposición de la muerte (Rotting Death) - A plague that hit the Aether tribe and caused any Erpo to come in contact with it to start rotting on the inside of their body. Most Erpos didn't survive it but few did, the ones that did are badly injured and ended up passing due to being to slow or not able to move.

Quema Eterna (Eternal Burning) - When an Erpo's gel pocket is punctured on the inside of their body. Erpos' organs are very fragile and the bacteria burns right through them. Most if not all Erpos die from Quema Eterna, unless the gel doesn't touch any of the organs or the puncture is in the tail.

Goteo Quemar (Dripping Burn) - All Erpos have a gland in their mouth, when the gland is open it releases gel. Some Erpos always have that gland open. One of these Erpos that has Goteo Quemar is Lava, getting his name from the gel flows out of his mouth like lava.

What they were before: You don't really need to worry about this section but you might find it interesting. (Sorry if it's a little hard to understand I tried to make it sound like an actual Erpo was explaining it instead of a human...)

Some humans said in things they wrote, they believed we were the embodiment of spirits. They wouldn't be wrong. Most Erpos were criminals or associated closely with criminals.

Normal Erpos: (Using Void, the Aether Leader, and Skink, his son, as examples.)

Void - Void was a gang leader before he died when the gas hit South America. All of the Normal Erpos are criminals that haven't committed death row crimes.

Skink - Skink was still the son of Void but wasn't interested in anything to do with his father, like now.

Tri-Colored Erpos: (Using Lava, the Flare Leader as an example.)

Lava - Lava was a hit man before the human extinction, all of the Tri-Colored Erpos committed some great crime(s).

Albinos - (Using Tellus, the Terra Leader to explain.)

Tellus - Tellus never did anything wrong and was actually in the police force before the gas. Albino Erpos never were criminals and are often rare to find in the Erpo tribes.


If you have any questions please ask and I will add the answer to this journal.
You have five tribes, representing the five elements. Flare (Fire), Submerge (Water), Aether (Aether), Terra (Earth), and Strato (Air)

Flare - Most likely to sacrifice/kill anyone at any moment.

Leader: Lava

Famous Quote of the leader: "We are like the fire, fierce and strong. If there's enough fire, everything will be burned to ashes!"

Colors: Red, Yellow, and Orange.

Type: Normal, Open.

Personality: Hot headed and aggressive to others.

Submerge - Most likely to be hippies.

Leader - Rain

Famous Quote of the leader: "Water is able to protect everything and help keep life alive, It's what helps us and will protect us!"

Colors: Teal and Dark Blue.

Type: Normal, Open.

Personality - Laid back and ductile.

Aether - Most likely to be assassins.

Leader - Void

Famous Quote from the leader: "Stay in the dark, that is where you're ever truly safe. With out the darkness to hide you. you are vulnerable to everything!"

Colors: Black.

Type: Hidden, Closed

Personality: Cold and Dark.

Terra - Most likely to be counselors.

Leader: Tellus

Famous Quote from the leader: "The other tribes barely care for our wondrous flora, it has to be our job to protect it!"

Colors: Brown and Green.

Type: Hidden, Closed.

Personality: Emotional and Curious.

Strato - Most likely to be trespassers.

Leader: Waft

Famous Quote of the leader: "A waft of air carries everything with it, I will try my best to carry on all our tradition with me as your leader!"

Colors: White and Light Blue.

Type: Normal, Open.

Personality: Carefree and Adventurous.
So most of these are random names, a few are suggestions.


Cats with just names and no description: You are allowed to suggestion other names (Prefixes/Suffixes). This is the section were you can offer suggestions for their coats, gender, and personalities.





Bird-Pool/Heart/Other Suggestion

Primrose-Wish/Pool/Other Suggestion





Cats with names and a description of their fur color, their full personalities or their personalities aren't fully decided.

Willow-Flower -
Gender: She-cat
Rank: TBD
Prefix: Willow - Pelt looks like the bark of a willow tree, calm and quiet.
Suffix: Flower - Good learner.

Rose-Heart -
Gender: TBD (To Be Decided)
Rank: TBD
Prefix: Rose - Red colored pelt, gentle, and reserved.
Suffix: Heart - Loyal and passionate.

Bright-Whisker -
Gender: TBD
Rank: TBD
Prefix: Bright - Happy, outgoing, and bright pelt.
Suffix: Whisker - Their pronounced whiskers.

Gender: TBD
Rank: Medicine Cat?
Prefix: Maple - Skilled and Strict
Suffix: Lake - For their bluish grey tint.

Gender: Male?
Rank: Medicine Cat?
Prefix: Silver - Calm, graceful, and silver-furred.
Suffix: Light - Collected.

In the sims - Friendly, Hunter, and Quiet.

Gender: She-cat
Rank: TBD
Prefix: Leaf - Collected, Quiet, and Smart.
Suffix: Stripe - Striped.

Gender: She-cat?
Prefix: Spotted - For her spotted coat.
Suffix: Willow - Kind, Collected, and graceful.


Close to fully decided cats. (Still up for a little change.)

Raspberry (Raspberry-Fur, may change) -
Gender: She-cat
Rank: TBD
Prefix: Raspberry - For her dark red fur, sweet personality, and tart, short temper.
Suffix: ----
Extra Personality (Raspberry) -
Positive: Sweet and reasonable.
Neutral: Ambitious and brave.
Negative: Tart and short tempered.

In the sims (Raspberry) - Adventurous, Hunter, and Independent.

Tic Tac (Swan-Slash/Star) -
Gender: Tom
Rank: Warrior/Leader
Prefix: Swan - White cat with a black muzzle and dark back legs.
Suffix: Slash - For his powerful slash.
Extra Personality (Swan)-
Positive: Graceful and a good fighter
Neutral: TBA (To be added)
Negative: Passive aggressive and hot headed

In the sims (Swan) - Independent, Aggressive, and Proud.

Sedge-Call -
Gender: She-cat
Rank: Warrior
Prefix: Sedge - For her brown pelt with black splashes, pushy and reserved personality.
Suffix: Call - For her distinctive voice.
Extra Personality (Sedge) -
Positive: Gentle and reserved.
Neutral: Brave and pushy.
Negative: Over protective and Bites off more than she can chew.

In the sims (Sedge) - Friendly, Hyper, and Genius.

Lavender (Lavender-Foot) -
Gender: TBD
Rank: TBD
Prefix: Lavender -
Suffix: Foot -
Extra Personality (Lavender) -


Requested characters!

None yet, sadly.


Deceased Cats

None yet, thankfully.
From the title of this journal, I'm talking about the Sims warriors challenge. I'm planning on doing it and I would like to know should I make a story out of it? Even if no one would like to hear the story I'll still do the challenge.

Anyways the story will be set up like this, one the barn cats from the New-Territory universe. The barn cat goes to the other side of the valley which is home to a town with territory to spare. I have not decided the cats name or their look.

I'm asking you people who look at this for name suggestions for the main cat and then their warriors name, the name of the main cat will affect the name of the clan. If I create a story that comes along with it, you people (Don't take that as an offense, it's just how I normally address people) will be able to recommend cats with personalities and all. You will also be able to recommend names for the cats that show up or the cats that show up randomly too.

I'll make a journal about the cats I have set to make, their personalities, and a list of names that I think would fit them but still open to other names. In the future I'll put a whole description of them and their relationships with others.

Right now I'm taking suggestions for cats along with the main character and I'll be making random cats.

I will make a journal soon explaining the pre-made cats if anyone cares.