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WoF: SandWing by Midnytnytmare90 WoF: SandWing by Midnytnytmare90
This is a mostly complete character, In the rambling section it gives you a little backstory for the making of the character, but besides that I don't know a lot of stuff about this character since I made it for my friend.

So I started reading the Wings of Fire books. I have friends that already finished reading the series so they told me what dragons they were from a test. One of my friends said she was a SandWing. So without asking her I made her character, then asked what the name would be. She doesn't know and said Cactus Bloom. So I looked up different cactus flowers so I could find the different ones and different names cuz I'm pretty sure a SandWing isn't named Cactus Bloom. I found Prickly Pear, Cereus, and Pereskia. So I think I'll go with Cereus since it's mostly a white bloom. Also the Cereus photo I found was named Night Blooming Cereus, so that's pretty cool. Anyways done with my rambling.

Bio -

Name: Cereus

Gender: Female

Dragon Tribe/breed: Sandwing

Age: 8 years (I'm gonna consider her a dragonet)

Personality: A little overwhelming when you first meet her. She can also be a little rough since she likes to try and play fight and that tail barb can be vicious. She can come off a little rude because of the way she's used to acting but she's usually very good about keeping calm. She's usually very protecting about her friends and family. She is usually very hyper so it's hard for her to not be running around to burn off energy. (Sorry if there's to many good traits, I haven't really seen the bad side of my friend.)

Family: (I don't know this, I'll try to add it soon.)

Back Story: (Not finished/I don't have one or know it. Sorry)


Wiki for knowledge about the Night-Blooming Cereus -…
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