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Vortex by Midnytnytmare90 Vortex by Midnytnytmare90
This is the version without the crazy background, I was bored...

Anyways this is actually my actual character I didn't just think of very quickly.


Vortex is the third of four (known) Axolberis breeds/subspecies that I will draw as reference of what they look like.

 Now at this time you may be wondering what an Axolberis is and what I mean by a breed of it, right?

Well I'll answer both of those questions at once to save time, Axolberis is a species of horned animals that comes in foxes, wolves, and cats. They have different breeds like the flying Aethers, the healing Wonmas, illusion making Volpumas, and the aquatic Ocanaimis. But in this post I'll only going into the Volpuma breed

Volpumas are the oddest breed out of the Axolberis. Their eye color takes the whole eye up, no white in the eye at all, and the pupils are shapes, rarely the same.

Fun Fact: They can also make illusions.

Personality: Awkward and Harsh

Now for the bio!


Name: Vortex

Gender: Male

Species: Axolberis, Volpuma

Family: Unknown

Mate: None

Offspring: None

Story/backstory/idk: (Real Quick: The universe this species is in is heavily fantasy, so witches, warlocks, elves, troll, ect. are normal) Vortex has horrible eyes to where when he runs his vision starts to blur to the point where he can't see. It became such a big problem his former pack kicked him out, he was useless in their eyes. He came across Simar, a warlock who was recently a which but betrayed his coven, Simar started to test different potions on him and used some to help his eyesight. Vortex isn't fully tamed though and will usually only stay with Simar for a couple hours at the most then leave and come back in an hour or more.


Journal - axolberis-species.deviantart.c…

Anime-wolfz Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice colors owo
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Thank you
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