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Scarred-Star by Midnytnytmare90 Scarred-Star by Midnytnytmare90

Scarred-Star is a leader in an AU I have for Warriors.

AU info: Humans bought the land that the clans claimed as their territory, the humans came in and started to clear the land to make more homes making the clans leave. The clans joined together and didn't call themselves clans, instead they called themselves groups. The groups started their search for new territory but anytime they found the perfect territory their were already other cats their to scare them off. It's been 5 generations until they finally found a new territory worthy of them and no cats to fight them for it.


-------------------------------------------------------------------Basic Info-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name(s): Silk-Kit (Kit), Silk-Paw (App), Silk-Pelt (Warrior), Scarred-Pelt (Elder), Scarred-Star (Leader).

Gender: Female

Age: 6 years (79 moons)

Height: A little smaller than normal

What Generation: generation 4
Rank: Leader

Age of becoming Leader: 4 years (56 moons)

-----------------------------------------------------------------Family info------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Mother: Grey-Hawk (Wind, Warrior, Deceased)

Father: Cream-Fur (Thunder, Warrior, Deceased)

Mate: Wood-Bee (Thunder, Warrior, Deceased)

Previous Mate(s): None

Fling(s): Beech-Dust (Thunder, Deputy, Deceased)

Son(s): Rowan-Spark (Thunder, Deputy), and Bee-Kit (Thunder, Kit, Deceased)

Daughter(s): Rust-Paw (Thunder, App, Deceased)

--------------------------------------------------------Personality/stuff like that-----------------------------------------------------------------------

A Good Trait: Clever (She needs a while to think but she'd be able to come up with a good plan)

A Moderate Traits: Sly (She can often sneak away from a conversation or fight with a 50% 50% chance of getting caught)

A Bad Traits: Passive Aggressive (She often believes she doesn't have to listen to anyone and usually won't take advice)

Favorites -

Prey: Blue Birds

To Hunt: Voles

Sound: The whistling of the wind

Emotion: Passion


Prey: Salmon

To Hunt: Squirrels

Sound: (The sound of) Nothing

Emotion: Furry

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