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North-Star by Midnytnytmare90 North-Star by Midnytnytmare90
North-Star is a leader in an AU I have for Warriors.

AU info: Humans bought the land that the clans claimed as their territory, the humans came in and started to clear the land to make more homes making the clans leave. The clans joined together and didn't call themselves clans, instead they called themselves groups. The groups started their search for new territory but anytime they found the perfect territory their were already other cats their to scare them off. It's been 5 generations until they finally found a new territory worthy of them and no cats to fight them for it.


-------------------------------------------------------------------Basic Info-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name(s): North-Kit (Kit), North-Paw (App), North-Eye (Warrior), North-Star (Leader).

Gender: Female

Age: 2 years (35 moons)

Height: Short

What Generation: generation 4
Rank: Leader

Age of becoming Leader: 2 years (27 moons)

-----------------------------------------------------------------Family info------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Mother: Hare-Star (Wind, Leader, Deceased)

Father: Kestrel-Slip (Wind, Elder)

Mate: Cloud-Skip (Wind, Med cat app)

Previous Mate(s): None

Fling(s): None

Son(s): None

Daughter(s): None

--------------------------------------------------------Personality/stuff like that-----------------------------------------------------------------------

A Good Trait: Leadership (Unlike most of the leaders when she lead the Wind group she could lead well mainly because someone taught her how to be a good leader [Hare-Star])

A Moderate Trait: Jealousy (She often gets upset and jealous during hunting parties when she misses prey. She always blames it on her left eye.)

A Bad Trait: Clumsy (She usually falls over and is afraid of any type of heights since she won't know if she'll fully land right.)

Favorites -

Prey: Trout

To Hunt: Moles

Sound: Solitude

Emotion: The feeling you get when someone falls over and your happy about it


Prey: Moles

To Hunt: Birds

Sound: Many cats walking

Emotion: Humiliation
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