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Iris by Midnytnytmare90 Iris by Midnytnytmare90

Iris is the second of four (known) Axolberis breeds/subspecies that I will draw as reference of what they look like.

 Now at this time you may be wondering what an Axolberis is and what I mean by a breed of it, right?

Well I'll answer both of those questions at once to save time, Axolberis is a species of horned animals that comes in foxes, wolves, and cats. They have different breeds like the flying Aethers, the healing Wonmas, illusion making Volpumas, and the aquatic Ocanaimis. But in this post I'll only diving into the Wonma breed

Wonma is most common breed and make great pets. They can also heal, they first bite where the wound is at, and then put their paw on it, and their eyes glow a bright green, so does their paw.

Fun Fact: The green that glows from their eyes and paws is emerald green, since emeralds are known for healing.

Personality: Hyper and Clever.

Now for the bio!


Name: Iris

Gender: Female

Species: Axolberis, Wonma

Family: Unknown

Mate: Not known if they have one

Offspring: Unknown

Story/backstory/idk: Iris is the name given to the creature, a few people have started to research her and found out the she's really hyper. She acts more like a fox but she makes more of a mewing sound.


Not a lot is known about Iris and her breed, when more is known I will update her and the jounrnal that explains her breed more.

Journal - axolberis-species.deviantart.c…

Midnytnytmare90 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not good at proportions so I'm very sorry for that.
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