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I love swallowtail butterflies and I think Butterfree who I consider to be kinda ugly/boring would be a perfect choice for an upgrade. Tried my best to keep in the Sugi style as much as I could for the lighting and over all I like the final outcome.

Enjoy. :D

MegaButterfree (c) Me
Butterfree (c) Nintendo
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It could use a little work on the texture, but the basic visual concept is quite refreshing! It's simplistic, the shading is accurate and well placed, the lighting is consistent to look as if it was coming from underneath him, the wings are rather eye-catching in the shades of blue that you used, and it really expresses the original beauty of the Pokemon in a nice, gentle way.

But if you were going for "cute", you needed to make the lighter shading in the eyes (I'm supposing that is it's pupil) lower, larger, and shinier; if you weren't, I apologize.
But this piece is still rather nice and well made. Good Work!