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Digimon Temporal Jump: Mission 1 Pg.7

Comment Before You Favourite by BoffinbraiN
(Page zigzag reads right to left.)
So page 7 is gonna be a big one! Poll says that people wanted Shoutmon Zwart as the cameo in this page; well here you are! No attacks were posted for this custom Shoutmon so I just took a stab in the dark and just renamed the official Shoutmon's attacks. So "Death Metal Spirit" is just regular Shoutmon's "Rock Spirit". And then at the end we have 'someone' sneaking around while Shoutmon Zwart does all the work. Oh and the "Hydro Server" refers to "Hydroelectricity"; which powers most of the electricity in Canada.

Who is that someone? Wait and see. Enjoy! :D

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Sicamon ( climbthecastlewalls.deviantart… ) (c) ClimbTheCastleWalls
Shoutmon Zwart (… ) (c) ginryuumaru
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Shoutmon (c) Bandai
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Even from the sketch i can tell that you're drawing it very well! :icondragonwant:

I like the name of the skill! :iconlaexcitedplz:

Can i use Death Metal Spirit for myshoutmon's skill? 

I might as well making a short comic after i see your story more :iconlaplz:
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You may use the name, and I highly recommend you make attacks for all your stages. Otherwise, if people want to feature your Digimon ever then they won't know what they do. :I

And yes, you should make a short comic; something to introduce your character. :nod:
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that's super awesome :iconlaplz:

i'm seriously gonna make this too!

actualy i already make 3 pages, but still uncolored :iconpoker-faceplz:
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Have you seen my current update of the page? I don't know why, but Shoutmon has a hard head to draw; it's a weird shape.

Anyway, can't wait to see your colored pages. :D
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of course i already saw it XD the shape is kind of funny

but i didnt mind it XD

it's super awesome anyway XD
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Well that's good. ^^
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