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Purple haired anime girl by SasukeXSariya Purple haired anime girl :iconsasukexsariya:SasukeXSariya 306 78 Arwen and Aragorn by kawaiitas Arwen and Aragorn :iconkawaiitas:kawaiitas 124 32 Aragorn and Arwen by Shogun95 Aragorn and Arwen :iconshogun95:Shogun95 219 21 Gotham Lovers: the Penguin by Danielle-chan Gotham Lovers: the Penguin :icondanielle-chan:Danielle-chan 40 21 Penguin Mould by mr-penguin Penguin Mould :iconmr-penguin:mr-penguin 162 50 A Friendly-Kind-Of Love by Demachic A Friendly-Kind-Of Love :icondemachic:Demachic 4,601 572
A Forbidden Love
My kind lives in the shadows of love, reaching out in the calm still of the night.
Haunted by are dreams, of loves eternal bliss, her and I live in two different worlds.
Drawn to her calls, finding her to see, her calls for me come from dreams filled,
with vision of lovers embrace, shared between you and I.
To the death, I shall protect the one I call my queen, even though her awakened,
eyes I have never seen.
With skin I have never felt its soft touch, never known her soft gentle lips.
Still I shall defend my love, till my dying breath, protecting my sleeping beauty,
I know I will never hold.
Never tasting the sweetness of her blood, caging this beast that lurks deep inside,
its hunger swells.
Taking her innocence, I cannot, never could I live knowing I took her from,
the light of day imprisoning her, in nights cage.
Forbidden are loves, that mortal and immortal share.
Never will they let our forbidden love be.
Forbidden is this love, between creatures of day and night.
Never will the
:iconhellsassassin:HellsAssassin 46 123
Whoever said it was forbidden in the first place? by lupus-astra Whoever said it was forbidden in the first place? :iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 101 27
Did you know that forever I would stand
        Outside your window in the pouring rain
                To make sure each night you fell asleep
                          and never had the chance to weep?
Did you know I would resign to be
      The shadow hidden in the trees
           To make sure you always shined
                And were granted a peace of mind?
Did you know I would give it all
         So you never had a chance to fall
               Upon yo
:icondoorfromheaven:doorfromheaven 60 52
For I am a daughter of the Dark
Who longs for a son of the Light
You shall never show tenderness to me
But my passion for you remains undying
Shall you ever see me as I see you?
Or shall I always be in the dark
Watching, waiting for you to realize
How perfectly we belong
My love for you can never be
My lust for you is my curse
When will I ever realize
That you shall never be my forbidden love
:iconprecious-vervain:precious-vervain 113 19
Forbidden Love
They say we're not able to be with each other.
These people are our Fathers and Mothers.
They say, "You're way too young to fall in love."
But I swear you fell to me from Heaven above.
They say we must wait, and give it time.
But my heart feels as if I've committed a crime!
My head seldom wins the battle with my heart.
My insides scream and yell when we're apart.
No one know I still love you anymore.
But not seeing you makes my heart sore.
No one knows how much I truly love you!
The only question is, "Do you love me too?"
:icondolphin-lover:Dolphin-Lover 35 10
I don't want to love you
Yet I do
I want to be near you
Yet I also fear you
I want you against the wall
But can't have you at all
Why is our love forbidden?
Why must it be hidden?
I want it to be shown
But know it won't
I go to see you everyday
And I can't turn you away
My love, I need to convey
My love, I must portray
I must hear your voice
Just to go on
Why is our love forbidden?
Why must it be hidden?
I want it to be shown
Yet know it won't
I need your love to go on
But I know it must be withdrawn
I know someday I will get it
For I will never forget it
:iconheartmonga:HeartMonga 30 3
Clinging desperately
to what cannot be mine,
tasting your breath
as your heart beats in tune with mine.
It shouldn’t be like this,
I shouldn’t feel like this;
but, how can something so wrong
make me feel such bliss?
My heart leaps
as your nose brushes mine,
and I smile as we stand before
the mountain we’ve chosen to climb.
And when I say, “I love you,”
why do you doubt me so?
I may be ten years older than you,
but you’ll have to trust my heart to know.
I’ll steal your kisses in the shadows,
away from peering eyes,
and show you what our love could do
as our souls and bodies fly.
Yet I realize why you doubt me,
as I hold back my love.
I will never love to hate you,
yet it’s you I hate to love.
:iconchakatehmoogle:ChakaTehMoogle 59 16
The Truth of Forbidden Love
Truly forbidden love
is not something to be taken for
granted--there is a heavy price to pay.
With one's heart, one's mind,
one's soul. And once the transaction
is complete,
it is not complained of;
it is not wept for;
it is not angsted over.
Rather, it is something cherished,
something shared, something relished with
that special someone.
Because you know some day
the miracle that is "us," "our," and "we"
will have to come to an end.
:iconilovemybishies87:ilovemybishies87 71 86
Forbidden Love.
His Warmth.
His Smile.
His Touch.
His Kiss.
All of that is now gone FOREVER.
Are you happy now?
Have you satisfied your hate for me?
I can never talk with him again...
My eyes are swollen, heart is numb, an i grab my chest knowing that this is the end.
The feeling of anger, sorrow and sympathy lurks deep within me.
I was hoping that you would our love is ment to be...
My heart beats, it bleeds cutting me up inside.
Its torture to live without him by my side...
All I now have is memories...
Replaying over and over again...
My dreams are shattered
and my hope disappears like they never even mattered.
Help...I'm lost in the dark...
Suffering from our two worlds that are so, so apart.
I guess this is is a sign from the heavens above...
This is the new beginning... of our FORBIDDEN LOVE.
:iconkimikocha:KimikoCHA 231 49
Though it is forbidden,
my heart pounds for you.
Though I will be condemned,
I can't live without you.
Though it is evil and sinned,
it is nothing but pure for you.
My tears will fall,
while my heart will sing,
all for the one who is forbidden.
Though it is looked down upon,
my heart soars high with you.
Though they bring tears to my eyes,
I protect against them for you.
Though it will be fought,
my heart will not stop loving you.
My tears will fall,
while my heart will sing,
all for the one who is,
:iconshadowkit:shadowkit 118 83


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