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Lighting Tutorial

Tutorial requested by the lovely *QuarkyStables. Hope it helps m'dear!

This tutorial was a bit of a quick one, so apologies ahead of time for any spelling/grammar errors. I don't know if this method is common, but it is one that has worked for me for the longest time without fail. If you have any questions just shoot me a comment or note.

Credits on image.
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Very helpful tutorial!

A Thousand Lives
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Thanks so much for the tutorial! I used it here
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this helps me so much! but I get really confused when you said "I use a new layer set to group on the horse" to stop the black/white from bleeding over. How do you do it? :3
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Not sure how she does it, but I add a new layer and use "create clipping mask". ;)
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even though that question was so long ago, it's nice you answered it for me! Although I did figure it out awhile back. cx
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that helped me a buttload. thank you!! :D
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Thank you! Used here: [link]
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Used your tutorial here! Thanks helped alot! [link]
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Thanks for the help! Used some of your methods for this piece: [link]
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:wave: This resource has been featured here at :iconmanipulatethis:
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I put the techinque to use here: [link] Thank you so much, this is really helpful! :D
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Nice work~! Glad I could help c:
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Thank you :D I found this very useful :)
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I use Photoshop Elements 7, but this technique should be fairly universal. :)
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Okay, well I use elements too so it should be fairly similar
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