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"I can see you in the dark."
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All About The Artist=

Full Name: Gabriel Verçoza Rocha de Sousa

Nicknames: Wolf, Wolf - Tendo, Midnight(Mostly), Lil' Dawg, Funny Money, Michael Jackson(Formerly), The Lone Wolf(Sometimes), Gab, Biel, Lord, Master Of Loop, Mexican(Because Of My Mustache), Lobinho(Portuguese For Little Wolf), Jamaican(Because Of My Braids).

Alter-Egos: Longhaul Screwz, Wolf, Comrade Feodor(Communist Counterpart), Bloody Bitter(Wild West Counterpart), Sentinel, The Antagonist(Gartic Only,Various Nicks), The Narrator(Series And Books Only) Shintaro, Tsou Fang, Thug Wolf(Formerly), Big Dawg(Formerly).

Gender: Male

Age: 15

DOB: May,10th,2005

Birth Place: Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil

Birth Hour: 1:15 PM

Height: 1,74 cm(5' 8.5" t)

Weight: 0,77 kg(1,697559 lbs)

Zodiac Sign: Taurus(with Virgo ascendency), Rooster(Chinese Horoscope), Beaver(Native American Horoscope)

Blood Type: O+

Nationality: Brazilian

Sexuality: Straight(formerly Gay between 2015 and 2017)

Religion: Christian Catholic

Occupation: Designer, Cartunist, Writer, Autism Rights Activist, Motivacional Speaker, Animator, Gamer, Collector, YouTuber, Swimmer, Voice Actor(On Hiatus), Roleplayer, Chess Player.

Alignment: Good(Sometimes Neutral)

Personality: Kind, Serious, Brave, Docile, Calm, Happy-Go-Lucky, Proud, Friendly, Cynical, Sincere, Funny, Sarcastic, Smart, Charismatic, Affectionate, Lonely, Faithful, sometimes Exotic, Doubtful, Sassy, Bewildered, Forgetful, Ironic and Hypocrite.

Single or taken?: Single.

Siblings?: No.

Braces?: Yes.

Acnes?: Fewer.

Glasses?: Yes.

Autism?: Y O S !

Type Of Autism: Mild(formerly Moderate between 2011 and 2014).

Type(s) Of Disorder(s): ADD, OCD(Possibly).

Active In Social Media Since: May,2014

Social Media:


YouTube: Wolf - Tendo, Neon Studios(Animation Studio, Second Channel), NastyDude95(Quality Series, Third Channel)

DeviantArt: MidnightWerewolf05 (You're already here)

Discord: MarkerWolf9405 #5898(Active)

Instagram: @thekornfan17(Inactive, On Hiatus)

Goggle++: LordOfTheWerewolvesLOTW(Inactive, Yet To Be Abandoned)

Minecraft: AspieKoRnWolf17(Active)

Tumblr: [Upcoming Account]

Facebook: Gabriel Verçoza Rocha(Inactive)

Fandom: LonelyTeenWolf005(Active)

Pixel Petz: SilverfangFan64(Inactive)

Vlare: LucarioWolf3412(Inactive)


Roblox: WOLFY_KING05(Former Account, Currently Abandoned)

Twitter: Craig_And_Mysterion_Fan_2005(Former Account, Currently Abandoned)

Google+: MidnightWolf 0513(Former Account, Shutted Down)

Scratch: THROUGHTHEWOODSFAN(Former Account, Terminated)

Other Details:

Requests: Closed

Point Adopts Commissions: Open

Art Gifts: Friends And Close Friends Only

Disclaimer: This account is for Comedy, RP, some Facts About My Life and Art, don't attempt to antagonize me, unless i would attack and fight ya back till ya end up getting blocked.

If ya watch me, i'll watch ya back and give ya a Llama Badge, ya can also check my gallery for my other artworks as well as memes and some other stuff.

Favourite Visual Artist
LoudAndProudFanGirl, SparkMania32, GlazeSugarNavalBlock, VetorHuskySamuria
Favourite Movies
Avengers: Endgame
Favourite TV Shows
Various, specially the ones i used to watch in both childhood and my current teenagehood
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
A-ha, Fandroid, NCS, TomSka, KoRn, Slipknot, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Skillet, The Strokes, Talking Heads, Mac Miller, Michael Jackson, System Of A Down, The Beatles, Bon Jovi, Nirvana, Rob Zombie, Ice Cube, Nightwish, Static-X, Mudvayne ect
Favourite Books
Any kind
Favourite Gaming Platform
Any kind(Mostly The Ones From Nintendo)
Other Interests
Werewolf, Object Shows, Roleplays, BFB, Animes, Eddsworld, Countryballs, Pokemon ect


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Nein problemo.

MidnightWerewolf05 commented on catgirlsmaria's profile

I've decided to rewatch ya back just to apologize for a meme i did out of your now deleted Corona Oc, i decided to delete that just to forget about that.

Ya can actually translate the page.

Microphone(TWC Version)[Gift]

There will be (maybe) a future entry where i'll reveal what are the other pokemons that are my favorite.

Before i visited this website, i only knew(without counting the ones i first saw in trading cards):

  1. Pikachu

  2. Jigglypuff

  3. Magikarp

  4. Lucario

  5. Snorlax

  6. Oshawott

  7. Tepig

  8. Woobat

  9. Snivy

  10. Beheeyem

  11. Emolga

  12. Goodra

  13. Goomy

  14. Sliggoo

  15. Hawlucha

  16. Zorua

  17. Mew

  18. Pidove

  19. Wobbuffet

  20. Chespin

  21. Pancham

  22. Fennekin

  23. Charmander

  24. Raichu

  25. Braixen

  26. Dedenne

  27. Patrat

  28. Watchog

  29. Chesnaught

  30. Volcanion

  31. Magearna

  32. Pansage

  33. Axew

  34. Amaura

  35. Litleo

  36. Meowth

  37. Roggenrola

  38. Scraggy

  39. Froakie

  40. Hypno

  41. Cubchoo

  42. Beartic

  43. Spoink

  44. Grumpig

  45. Piplup

  46. Sawk

  47. Krokorok

  48. Krookodile

  49. Dwebble

  50. Yamask

  51. Cryogonal

  52. Druddigon

  53. Heatmor

  54. Greninja

  55. Frogadier

  56. Bunnelby

  57. Inkay

  58. Malamar

  59. Klefki

  60. Pumpkaboo

  61. Slurpuff

Actually, the Midnight Lyranroc is most likely my FOURTH or FIFTH favorite(i'm not actually sure), besides Cacturne, Lugia, Lucario, Cranidos, Pikachu, Banette, Dusknoir, Emolga, Croagunk, Arcanine, Rockruff, Cubone, Zoroark, Lopunny, Victini, Cyndaquil, Incineroar, Mewtwo, Umbreon, Koffing, Galarian Linoone, Ninetales, Breloom, Zeraora, Zapdos, Sobble, Scorbunny, Braixen, Fennekin, Luxio, Luxray ect.

My real favorite pokemon is actually Lucario.