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Bus Rides. (Kaminari Denki x Reader)

Contest Prize for: DeeNotMe (https://www.deviantart.com/deenotme) ----- "Yo." A hand gently shakes your shoulder. "Uh, hey." "Hmmmf?" You wake up, eyes half-lidded, and with a bit of a cramp in your neck. A voice next to you continues speaking, "Sorry, I always just see you get off at this stop, and I just wanted to make sure you didn't miss it. I hope that's not creepy or anything--!" You turn to the blond male, observing his sharp eyes and black streaks in a given section of his hair. You're still a bit out of it, but you let out a sigh of relief, as you've been known to miss your stop on more than one occasion before. "Not at all! I really appreciate that, uh..." "E

Denki Kaminari X Reader

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Simeon Obey Me! Fanart

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Raven (teen titans go)

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Attack on Titan / Willy Tybur

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[SNK/AOT] Fanart

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Bakugou x Reader | Was it a Dream

 [click to listen] .✧*✧.✧*✧.✧*✧.✧*✧.✧*✧.✧*✧.✧*✧.✧*✧.✧*✧.✧*✧.    Nothing was going to be the same from now on.    Rather, he wasn’t going to be the same from now on.    Pinched between two fingers was a polaroid of the two of you. Oh, how he was so fond of that picture. Now, it didn’t even seem real.    Katsuki never liked taking pictures, and because of his dislike for them, he always seemed to keep a consistent scowl on his face. Of course you’d always assume he wasn’t ha

Katsuki Bakugo X Reader

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Midoriya Illustrations

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Armin l One layer challenge

Armin Arlert Illustrations

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Glimmer re draw

Glimmer Illustrations

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Doodle Catra

Catra Illustrations

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The Emotional Man | Blanca

[Blanca x Reader] He’s silent; there’s not much to say to the corpse of a lover. You’re still so beautiful in death. The dark carmine accents your skin,  your figure is further accentuated by how the viscous nature of the liquid has bonded your dress to your shape, and the bullet holes make your face seem even more delicate - doll-like. He married a beautiful woman, Blanca thinks to himself, staring down (with his eyebrows just barely furrowed), all women are beautiful but you - you are something special. You were something special. A terrorist attack. That’s what they’re blaming this 'unfortunate event' on,

Blanca X Reader

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Of Questions and Replies | Shorter Wong

[Shorter Wong x Reader] “Don’t you ever worry gang business will kill you?” you murmured to the man beside you, adjusting the bandages around his torso. It had been another violent day in the downtown - bullets fired from dilapidated houses, threats and promises yelled from across the streets, blood and bullet holes painting their pattern on the walls. You had waited, patiently enough (you’d spent too long in this side of New York; it almost horrified you how accustomed you were to this lethal anarchy) for Shorter Wong to return with his usual grin. His “it’s all figured out now, don’t worry about m

Shorter Wong X Reader

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The simple things {Mike ending}

Mike x reader “…no-one that you’ll know” you smile before your head hits your pillow and you curled up ready to sleep, unfortunately the others had different plans. “But…” Mikasa started pulling you up again “…Will you at least give Eren a chance, he really likes you. I want you both to be happy!” You smiled sympathetically at her “I’m sorry Mikasa, but it’d be fake. He deserves someone who really likes him, I’m sorry” The dark-haired girl nodded sadly and walked over to her own bed before slipping into it and beginning to drift off to sleep.  T

Mike Zacharius X Reader

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Iris [Hannes/You] [One-shot]

"Hannes!" Hannes froze from his seat. He set his drink down as he turned to face you. "Name," a light pink hue tinged his cheeks, obviously from due to his drink of choice. One of his comrades chuckled, elbowing him lightly in the side. "You're in trouble now." "Hannes!" You waltzed up to the table, grabbing your husband by the ear. "I heard from Eren you were drinking on the job again." You tugged on his ear, a sign for him to stand up. "You should be ashamed." You sent a glare to the other men sitting at the small table. "All of you." Hannes winced. "Name." He ignored the snickers of his friends as he let you drag him away from them. Yo

Hannes X Reader

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Before My Eyes [Petra x Reader]

‘When I was about to die, my life flashed before my eyes’, I heard someone say once. Bullshit. Maybe, looking for a logical explanation, you see it when you subconsciously know you’re going to survive; and it’s an attempt from your brain to make you live your life better after that experience. Like, making the most of it, or something like that. But I’m really going to die, and I see nothing but a huge mouth that opens, awaiting for the taste of my flesh. I heard rumors, rumors about people who died after saying memorable phrases that inspired whole generations of soldiers, and made them live with that sentence

Petra Ral X Reader

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L x Reader - Love Bug

His sleeping face looked so tranquil like an angel from heaven. None of his usual grumpiness could be seen, replaced by a soft expression that made him look years younger. You smiled gently, a hand reached out to sweep his bangs aside. Lightly running a thumb down his cheek, you giggled as he turned in his sleep to rest on his back, his arms thrown out haphazardly. Catching him like this was unexpected and so worth it! You didn’t understand why he never wanted anyone to see him when he was sleeping but you would give anything to see him so vulnerable like this. Like a lusty vampire, you drank in the sight of his youthful face, his te

L X Reader

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Touka Kirishima x Reader |Lullabies|

Touka realizes the gravity of her mistake, but it's already too late. She should've had better self control. When you knocked on the door to her room only an hour ago, bags under your eyes, and just looking miserable in general -- she couldn't find it within herself to say no. Reason being that it isn't hard to tell that sleep comes to you scarcely. You've almost dropped more plates than Roma herself due to your lack of rest. Which, of course, prompts Touka to scold you relentlessly. A sigh leaves said girls lips, as she pulls her bedsheets closer to her. Even with the lights turned off, the room being the perfect temperature, and a perso

Ayato Kirishima X Reader

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It's Hard to Sleep | Reiner Braun

When you enter the room, you spit in his direction. Reiner doesn’t lift his head - maybe he doesn’t dare to, maybe he’s afraid to: he doesn’t really understand himself anyway. Instead, he’s staring down at the wooden floors (eyes fixed upon the blood that’s seeped into cracks in the ground; he’s not the first to have come here, that’s for sure), since, above all else, he doesn’t want to see the bitter hatred in your eyes. That hatred - it’s his fault. Everything’s his fault now. Was it only a week ago when your eyes glowed when they looked in Reiner’s direction? They

Reiner Braun X Reader

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Russian Rebel

Yuri Plisetsky Illustrations

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It Doesn't Matter [Yuri Plisetsky x Reader]

"Is it just me or she's gained weight. She looks fat." "I'm fat?" You eyes widened as you scanned yourself. A lot of things have been happening lately. You weren't feeling so good, so your friend brought you snacks and sweets. All of which you gratefully accepted. Biting your bottom lip, you go into your bathroom and looked at yourself. "They're...right?" Did all those snacks really make you fat? You do feel yourself getting heavier. Keeping in the tears, you head into your bedroom and changed into clothing fit for exercise. This is not the weight of professional ice skaters. You needed to go on a diet. Locking the door to your house, y

Yuri Plisetsky X Reader

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Reassurance [Decim x Anxious!Reader]

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piYunr5mTDM&spfreload=10 Please listen while you read!) [Decim’s perspective] Trembling hands. This is the first detail I notice. Knuckles whiten as her grip fastens around her playing cards. Her shoulders curve as if ready to curl away and hide from her surroundings. Matted hair curves about her face and casts shadows over placid skin. Her teeth pull and tug at the flaccid tissue of her lip, until droplets of crimson bead at the corner of her mouth. Such is a typical reaction when human souls engage in the games at Quindecim. As their memories resurface, and the reality sinks upon them, fear intensi

Decim X Reader

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A Prank Gone Far || Jean Kirschtein

[Jean Kirschtein x reader] Modern!AU                                 A glare formed on your face as the reason of your annoyance and pain walked into the common room. Upon catching sight of your lying form on the sofa, his lips tugged at a knowing smirk and he approached you. His eyes casted down to glance at your bare feet fleetingly, and you felt your anger spike. “That looks uncomfortable,” he commented in a casual voice, yet a hint of laughter could be spotted. Narrowing your eyes upon his weak attempt at remaining serious, you huffed. “That was low, Jean. You know damn well how sleepy and careless I am after my naps

Jean X Reader

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Betrayer (Bertholdt X Reader)

Becoming a scout was all you had ever dreamed of. Enchanted by your skills, he could barely breath whenever you walked by Tormented by his shyness, Bertholdt was secretly set up on a date with you by his friends. Rumors were true about how much he sweated when he was nervous. Attracted by his quiet nature, you pulled the boy down for a strong kiss. Yearning for freedom of his sins, he confessed to you about being a warrior titan. Effectiveness of his words had no time to sink in as you were both immediately attacked by scouts. Retrieving you in his huge hands, Titan Bertholdt swore to you that you would never be parted as he carried you to hi

Bertholdt Hoover X Reader

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Reckless || Eren Jaeger

[Criminal!Eren x PoliceOfficer!reader] Important: Characters are adults.                      A knock on the door woke you from your slumber, and you tiredly opened your eyes while stifling a yawn. With a quick glance at your surroundings, realization was quick to fall upon you and you straightened on your chair. You had fallen asleep at work, which wasn’t surprising considering how little sleep you had gotten over the last few days; paperwork seemed to accumulate on your desk, no matter how many hours you spent reading reports and storing files. Clearing your throat, you voiced, “Come in.” The door creaked open, and one

Eren Yeager X Reader

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The Disappearing Death Scythes(Grell X Reader)Ch.1

The moon was full and high in the sky above London, illuminating everything in it's reach with a pale wash of light. The streets were deserted, save for a few unsavory type characters of London's dark underbelly. Amidst the empty streets, something shadowy writhed and swirled, darting from house to house in search of it's desired prey. The shadow curled around windows and slithered under doors, a phantasmic black snake with two fiery eyes the color of blood, the color of danger, perched atop it's incorporeal head. As it crawled through the streets, it paused suddenly. The upper half of it's body suddenly reared up cobra-style, a thin pink for

Grell Sutcliff X Reader

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Ymir Illustrations

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Rise and Shine [Annie/You] [One-shot]

You swallowed thickly. How did this happen? You needed to get up soon before you missed breakfast... again. You peered down at the arm that was securely wrapped around your waist, somehow during the course of the night, your blanket had gotten tangled up with your bed mates. You found yourself prisoner in one of Annie's famous blanket cocoons. You stomach rumbled, "Annie...," your voice was barely above a whisper. It was no secret among the girls of the 104th that Annie was no morning person. "Annie," you tried calling her name again, louder this time. You slowly began to pull yourself away from the smaller body only to be forcefully pulled

Annie Leonhardt X Reader

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Annie past

Annie Leonhardt Illustrations

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Hitoshi Impostor

Hitoshi Shinso Illustrations

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vale {shinsou hitoshi}

{Shinsou Hitoshi} contest prize for JustABrokenSpirit (https://www.deviantart.com/justabrokenspirit)               word count: 900+               warnings: none               gender: female.               au: none. vale - /va.lɛ/            1. farewell origin: latin The first time you talked to him was in middle school. Honestly, Shinsou found it strange because no one talked to him much; they weren’t cold or abrasive—they were just afraid of the things he could do with their voice. So when the teacher asked the class about future career plans and he smiled a little sadly along with the raucous shouting of ‘hero’, you turned to him, sitting at the

Hitoshi Shinso X Reader

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