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I remember how my eyes glowed with envy

How badly they hurt me.

And instead of throwing a spear at me,

With poison words and half-baked hatred

She opened my chest and touched the void

Where my heart should’ve been.

She brushed my bangs off to the side, clipped them back with a bobby pin.

She traced the bruises on my knuckles,

And said to me: “I’m sorry somebody hurt you when you were young.

I’m sorry that they keep hurting you.

And the others don’t want to listen, telling you she has no bearing on your life.

You can tell me what they would never listen to you about.

It will be our little secret.

Do you want to be friends?”

I know she would never leave me to bleed out like they did.

And I remember her, who hugged me when I started to cry.

And I remember her, how she collected the stars from the sky in a jar for me,

Just to see me smile.

Because they were too busy screaming at me

That the way I felt was wrong, the damage wasn’t real

And she wasn’t that big of a deal.

Well, Hello Again.

This is a poem that is very personal to me. Because, it's based on true events, and it's something that hurts me very much. But I wanted to write about it, because, originally, I posted it on instagram. As a callout to my family. But, they didn't get it. So, you know. 
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