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Ashton Sergeant | SNK *UPDATED*

Oh man! I've been wanting to do this for a while! I'm so proud at how it turned out! I tried really hard to make it resemble the season 1 character designs and I have to say, I think it came out pretty well. Sadly, I could get the authentic grainy texture for the profile view. But I did my best. And I'm still happy with it. I plan to do more like this. Maybe I'll even open commissions for them. :)
Anyway, this is Ashton Sergeant, my Attack on Titan OC. If you want to read about her, here is the link to her Character Biography:…
I plan to redo all of the characters I've created, which is only about 5, I think.
Anyway, please tell me what you think!
Do not trace, copy or steal my artwork.
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Very nice character !! And the design looks a lot like the anime, well done :) Keep up ! Can't wait to see more of this OC :)

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Thank you so much!! :) and thank you for the favorite as well. You will definitely see more of this character. I have a ton of projects planned with her. :)

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You're welcome !

That's good to know :D !!

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Thank you!! I tried to make her "normal" per sa. Not a mary-sue or something like that. And this was a ton of fun!

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It still looks good!

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