If I were to put a copyright mark on each individual brush in my sets, that you would have to erase manually when using the brush, would you still continue to use my brushes?
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Hell no! What do you think that you own them or something?
I don't believe in theft, but that's a little too much effort for me to deal with.
Of course because good quality brushes are worth a little extra effort.

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Your Gift to Us XDs Free..Your Rules..:firelite-photo:
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I think that if you put a copyright mark brush in each stamp pack, not one very brush, it will help users remember that the set is yours, without having to go back and erase a mark every time one uses an individual brush. Just an idea... your brushes are remarkable, and you deserve credit for their use, I agree. :D
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If you do that, the brushes will not be usable anymore. That would only work if you use them as stamps which is not the usual case as you use the brush freely on your work
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Hi Linda! :wave:I understand the reason behind all the hard work you did to make these brushes your own and you have the final decision to protect them, for sure! :hug:
But does that mean that I won't be able to use them in contest artwork, personal use or here on DA? :aww:
'cause I like them so much! :nod:
I love your brushes, especially the cemetary angels. Where did you find all these great sculpture/headstones? Did you do your own photography?

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marking every brush would be a good idea actually :meow:

it protects your work and saves us (users) a lot of trouble. you see, some of the older brush sets I have don't have the creator's name on them and since sometimes I forget to add the url to the file's details, I have to google them which doesn't always work...

anyhow, your brushes seem great *hasn't used them yet* :heart:
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Thanks for the input and support. I'm glad you're agreeable, I think that marking them that way is the route I will take in future.
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I think I have some of your brushes , since Im still very new at this , but I do know I got them from here off Deviantart , and I dont blame you one bit , although I dont know how to remove that little hickiejigger , still I can figure it out , theft is wrong I dont care how its done its just plain Wrong , Lair's and thieves should be taken out striped naked and buried in a bed of fire ants Ohh first cover them in honey and have someone sitting there plucking out their nose hairs one at a time , tehehheeh
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:lol: I think I'll put you in charge of rounding up the villians :D Thanks for your support! :hug:
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theheeh your very much welcome , Be glad to round them all up
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Wow... I read your journal...
so that's why you had a poll about your brushes...
I do know what it feels like to have an artwork stolen...
Well, your brushes are very beautiful and amazing and obviously sooner or later there will be a price for it...
Well,like people say you have every right to protect them.
I wouldn't mind paying for them they are obviously worth it =D
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Thanks so much! :hug: I'm glad you feel that way!
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[possibly a very late comment]
You made them and you have a right to protect them. =]
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:lol: That's ok, late response back :D

I'm glad you feel that way, the support is much appreciated! :hug:
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Haha! XD

Always have your back when it comes to your work,
it's simply amazing and it's so cruel for others to steal it! D=
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From reading your journal
I believe you got every right to protect them as best you can... if you choose too and for those that use brushes for free like me, well if thats the price, I gladly pay it. :hug: :heart:
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Awwwwwwww....thank you so much! :tighthug: I appreciate the support!
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your very welcome and no worries very happy to :hug: :heart:
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I think your brushes are worth the little extra effort. They are beautiful!! :huggle: :love:
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Thanks so much sweetie! :hug: I'm glad you feel that way, and the support is very much appreciated.
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Your very welcome!! :iconfurryglompplz: :iconheartballoonplz:
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Your brushes are wonderful. If I have to pay for them, I will give u all the money I own for them :blowkiss:
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Thank you so much! I'm glad you feel that way, and I appreciate the support! :hug:
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