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I'm generally fairly computer literate which is and has been a good
thing given the amount of time I spend on a computer. It's also a good
thing given the number of viruses, trojans, worms and the like that lurk
in the wings waiting for opportunity to infect the home PC.

A couple of weeks ago my PC was bitten by a nasty bug. The H1N1 of
computer viruses. Damned thing kicked my butt! I spent 5 days researching, deleting, wrestling with files that didn't belong and finally admitted defeat. I saved what I could (thank goodness for external hard drives) and reformatted.

I did lose a few things, and in the long run I suppose it's good to have cleaned up and started from scratch however...reinstalling everything I HAD
on this machine has been a daunting task. I never realized just how many
software programs and plugins I had amassed. I've been reloading for two weeks and STILL not quite done.

I certainly don't want to go through this again any time soon!

In the meantime...patience folks I'll get to you all :)


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MidknightStarr's avatar
Hi Linda! I'm back! I had been without a computer for about 6+ months (from about the end of Aug. to about a few weeks ago) and was going nuts! I wanted to tell you that I love your featured deviation, "A Time to Dream", it's beautiful! ~Jenn
quandry247's avatar
Ick. I hate that process too, but it needs to be done every now and then, just to remind us how much crap we load onto the beasties. I bet your machine is running faster!

Well done for being a PC btw.
Photoshop 64 bit for the win.
LiLkawaiibunny's avatar
I hope everything goes well with your PC soon! ^^
midnightstouch's avatar
I think it's back to normal now :lol:
LiLkawaiibunny's avatar
That's good to hear! =D
Br0wnnie's avatar
I can so completely relate to that. Reloading EVERYTHING is a royal pain in the neck. Usually, you don't even remember how many and which little tweaks and drivers you had installed before.
midnightstouch's avatar
That's exactly the problem. It's taken such a long time but I'm finally back to where I was. This time, I started a little notebook of what I tweaked, what various plugins I had for which program, and back everything important up on dvd. :D
grafitomane's avatar
I know the feeling... I've been there before! Just arm yourself with a couple of anti-virus/anti-spyware programs. I use Zonealarm Extreme Security but it seems some trojans/worms still manage to slip through so I coupled it with the Spyware Doctor form PC far, so good.

best luck

PurpleAlienFlower's avatar
oh :( iam sorry what happened to you. That's so... -_-* *speechless*

hope it will go alright... Don't let them get you down! But what for an bug-thing was it? And where do you get it?
midnightstouch's avatar
Thanks! :hug:

It's taken some time, but things are almost back to normal.
It happened on a website I think. It loaded some fake spyware program that installed in the background so I didn't see it right away.
PurpleAlienFlower's avatar
Oh, okay my dear. :hug: .

Once or twice i had an false alert of my antivirus-program... I totally freaked out till i find out that's "just" an false alert -_-*
Every kind of such things are short "end of the world-s" for the pple of in these times XD

The internet is too dangerous for us girls! I swear! Too many heart-attacks cause of all the slimy things on it! °-°
FanFrye24's avatar
I'm sorry that happened to u. At least you can look at the bright side of the situation. I couldn't because I didn't have any external source to back up my files on my PC. We have to be extra careful nowadays!
midnightstouch's avatar
Thanks! :hug:

I always try to look on the bright side. I figure that as bad as things can be sometimes, they could always be worse :D

Flash drives and external drives have become relatively cheap so it's a good idea to get at least one to back up some of the most important things.
FanFrye24's avatar
FanFrye24's avatar! I had that happened to me once. That's because I only downloaded a music software program and it made my entire computer crash down. I had to start from stratch. It was not fun :(
midnightstouch's avatar
Nope, it's not fun at all. I always am extra cautious with downloaded software.
MrWitchblade's avatar
I spent several year doing nothing but data recovery, and chasing down virals.

In the end, I left this line of work, because it was getting worse. One problem is the number of people who are not very good with computers, but think they know what they are doing.

Sending and resending pic and videos of which so many contained Viruses, this is why the originally got nicknamed VIRALS.

Glad you didn't loose to much.
midnightstouch's avatar
I have enough patience and tenacity to chase down virals for myself...but not to do it daily and for other people :D

You're right, it has gotten worse. I don't understand the mentality behind creating programs that cause nothing but chaos.
I guess that's why I'm not a hacker :lol:

As for people who think they know what they're doing...I know A LOT of those. Most are that way about more than just computers :nod:

MrWitchblade's avatar
So true :/

And to add to the trouble of some, a new viral infection is out for iphones.

One effect is to change the wallpaper image, but it's thought to only be a test for something to follow.
Sasajewun's avatar
Is this the 3 Ps of computer use: Programming, Pepsi and Prime Rib?
midnightstouch's avatar
:rofl: I guess it is! Maybe I just should have gone with beer :giggle:
Kazuki99's avatar
Aw =<
that sucks....
>.< a comp getting infected with viruses.
it's a good thing you have back up files ^_^
midnightstouch's avatar
It's a very good thing. There are some things that would have been impossible to get back if they'd been only on the main drive. I'm thankful for that much :)
ArticTiger's avatar
I must be doing something right is all what I hear from my Dad & a few other people not a lot of course just a few. I have to reformat too. And WOW... I have a lot on my 11 year old computer. and having External hard drives are a huge ++ I need a 2TB. I have about 642 GB now on both computers. Reformatting and tinkering is never ending!
I can very much relate to what you are going through :huggle:s
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