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Graffiti 2

Well, since my skills have improved somewhat, I thought I'd do a new sleeker set of graffiti brushes

As per the others...A :+fav: is appreciated if you download and use them. Also credit me, and please link back so others can find them.

I'd love to see how you used them
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You do not have my permission to use this image
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These are awesome, how did you get them in the bright colors like that?  I'm a bit obsessed with bright colors lol
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thank u very much for the graffiti
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These brushes are AWESOME! I used them here [link] Thanks!
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You're welcome! :) I'm so glad you found them useful!
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Very useful, I will definitely use them again as soon as I get permission from another artist on something! :D
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:D I'll look forward to seeing what you come up with!
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la la la la I did it again! [link]
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wow my friend...
lovely brushes....
i'll make new art work with it...

let see my art work:
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Glad you like them, hope you enjoy using them! :)
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no probz....
let's see my art works my friend...
give a comment about it...
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Left you a comment on your main page :D
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nice man...i love it!
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Thanks! Glad you like them! :)
Thanks a ton! I'm a huge graffiti artist! I love the set!
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You're quite welcome! Very pleased you like the set! :)
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awesome set!!!!
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Glad you like em! :)
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:rofl:....I can't believe you have one that says "buy crack here"....that is TOO I have to have these just for that one brush....:lmao:
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:lmao: That one was just too funny to pass up, I just HAD to add it! If you ever need a special brush for a project, don't be afraind to ask. I do take requests, though ususally it's to cook something around here :rofl:
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