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Crystalline Brushes

Some abstract cystalline brushes of varying sizes. Hope you find them useful

As per the others...A :+fav: is appreciated if you download and use them. Also credit me, and please link back so others can find them.

I'd love to see how you used them
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They are going to make amazing spels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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great brushes and great gallery
I am trying these and
I'll credit your brushes, ty
for sharing

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used here [link]
Thank You:)
Beautiful brushes :) Just letting you know, I've used them for a tshirt design and was wondering if I could use them for commercial use, some people have already sent us an order request. We've already credited you for the use of your brushes but we just want to make sure if it's still alright. Thank you! ^^
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I'm so sorry for the slow response. I've been away for a bit.

I'm glad you like the brushes and as long as credit is given I'm ok with that.

Good luck in your venture. :)
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Thank you.
I'm making a collection. :)
I will credit you when I use anything.:)
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I'll look forward to seeing your work! :)
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i have downloaded and :+fav: a lot of your brushes. I really cant wait to try them out. :)
thanks for making these amazing brushes!
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You're welcome, and thank you so much for the fav!! :hug:
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you are very welcome. :D
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These are so awesome!
I'll send you a link when i finish the deviation with them
is that ok?
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Sorry for the slow response. That'll be fine, and I'm glad you like them! :) Thanks very much for the fav!
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Its ok bout the slow response (happens to me all the time XD)
I really enjoyed them
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what version did u uze
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All the brushes in my gallery are made with photoshop 7. I can't afford CS :lol:
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really? Thanks! I was making sure 'cause some people use more than one version, you know?
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I wish I could use more than one version. I hear CS3 is pretty cool. For now PS7 will have to do :D
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