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Shim Sham

Well here's a character I haven't drawn before: Sunset Shimmer! The first EQG movie came out like, years ago and I only got to draw her until now? Jeez.

Anyway! She was a lot of fun to draw. I especially liked drawing the little leather jacket for her, I think that it adds a lot to her personality, even in her reformed way. I also tried to go with a "rougher", less clean style for this since a friend of mine suggested I should try it. And well I said why not, won't really lose anything by doing it. Still a ways to go in my opinion, but this was very good practice nonetheless.

Also, this was drawn for Sunset Shimmer day which is today, in celebration of the Autumnal Equinox. Good riddance to summer, I say; let the (probably) best season of the year come through.
Anyways, enjoy! :meow:

Tumblr post!

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XD still the best villan
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Shim Sham horse ftw. :iconsunsethappyplz: 
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Looks awesome man! :D I just love your style and colors!
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Thank you! :meow:
I'm glad that you like it.
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Bacon horse!
And i like the "style", maybe not very matching color to shade(and the jacket looks like in 3D for me, can't focus on it xD), but in general it's gewd :3
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Oh, thanks! Yeah, as I said earlier this was pretty much a learning experience. I'll keep tinkering with it to see what I can achieve. :meow:
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