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Darkness by MikuSupercell Darkness :iconmikusupercell:MikuSupercell 74 29 Ciel Turkey-2 by juunana Ciel Turkey-2 :iconjuunana:juunana 608 158 Masked Truth by melanneart Masked Truth :iconmelanneart:melanneart 243 94 Basement Dweller by Black-Ladybug Basement Dweller :iconblack-ladybug:Black-Ladybug 12 2 Ciel Phantomhive cosplay - Waiting by LunaSelenium Ciel Phantomhive cosplay - Waiting :iconlunaselenium:LunaSelenium 13 5 .:Sailor Saturn . Bringer of Ruin:. by AsunaCosplay .:Sailor Saturn . Bringer of Ruin:. :iconasunacosplay:AsunaCosplay 550 79
Wither thou goest...
Wither thou goest
There goest I.
O'er sun, field
'Neath river, sky.
Taketh me to that land
Of the wishes, dreams
Hither to ruby rainbows
Thither to salient seams
Out yonder we'll romp
Through meadows true
Past mountains black
And rabbit burrows blue
I care not for the world
Not I for its banks!
Away with its wars
Its guns and tanks.
If stars be blessings
To each one we'll fly
For wither thou goest....
There goest I.
:iconstarkraving-mad:StarkRaving-Mad 8 7
Pirate of doom by SinaDominoCollins Pirate of doom :iconsinadominocollins:SinaDominoCollins 649 45
Is It So Unfair
is it so wrong
that I want to find a love
like in the movies
the kind you wish for
in day dreams
but in this society
our dreams were torn by reality
how can I believe this
that my love has been restricted
and denied and scorned and battered
and by who?
people who claim to know the ways of the heart
and believe they can create the best world for us
by creating a living hell for us
do they not know
that love isn't about the body
love is
making her smile when she's sad
and hugging her
burying my head in the crease of her shoulder
laughing loudly and holding hands
it's when I can't live with out her
I'd do anything for her
isn't that right?
love isn't bound by holy words
or disdained looks
its a freedom that burns and yearns
for the chance with another
who can see what you see
and help share the burden of this world
it's the love of her
accepting me for who I am
what I am, a woman
so to all those out there
with butchered voices
and broken eyes
who have to quietly hide
don't let society
:iconwinkie77:winkie77 62 24
Little Hot Riding Hood by mrboing66 Little Hot Riding Hood :iconmrboing66:mrboing66 1,703 106
London Bridge is Falling Down
It is one o'clock
And I have been playing Jenga
For two years, eight months
Twenty-three days, four hours
And approximately fifteen
I slide books from their slots
One by one, the teetering tower
Becoming more teetering
And less towering.
All the poetry books are gone,
Stored underneath my bed,
Because I love reading them at
Three thirty in the afternoon,
When everyone is doing something
But me.
One day the wall of books
Will topple to the ground,
Onto my ashen carpet, for yesterday
The apocalypse had taken place
While I was washing dishes.
I guess I missed it, but luckily
The book tower is still standing,
And it will continue to be there
Until I make a mistake and all of it
Erupts into a shower of finality and fire and
:iconirrelephantlovesyou:Irrelephantlovesyou 284 92
Emily The Strange Converse ^^ by deadxletters Emily The Strange Converse ^^ :icondeadxletters:deadxletters 96 11
Kiss Me, Demon
"Ciel…" His voice calls out to me, gently and soothingly, like a lullaby or a slow song one dances to with their loved one. I feel a hand sweep back my bangs as the first traces of light filter through my eyelids, making everything seem like a deep glowing pink. An even sweeter touches graces my lips as I hear the voice chuckle, "My Lord, it is time to awaken you've overslept."
Groaning I force my eyes open to see the face of my butler staring back at me, his sultry eyes slightly crinkled due to the amused smile on his lips. He retracts the hand he had on my forehead as he arises from a sitting position on my bed; addressing the cart he parked by my bed. Sitting upright I stretch my arms, moaning at the feel good pain in my muscles before slumping upright into the down of my pillow, Sebastian handing me a warm cup of Earl Grey, extra sugar.
"Good morning, my Lord, I trust you slept well." He smiles as he unveils a cake that was hiding under a dome tray, "For breakfast is chocolate
:iconretardedjacksparrow:RetardedJackSparrow 460 178



How... strange. How strange that, I look upon and reread all these little letters... all these notes... how strange that I find each and every secret they've hidden once more, and even stranger is the solace I've gained from doing so. In all honesty my last journal update was going to be just that: my last. I didn't think I would have the will nor way to continue living; and so, I simply dwell and be until the hour came when I knew it was right.

I survived. Perhaps not because of my own will but, the will of others'. I've come to see just how much my mind has been lost in the wreckage, and slowly my eyes are being opened to all that I thought was forsaken. Love... on many levels... maybe it does exist. I'm starting to see...

I had not long just woken this morning...- the birds are singing their tunes, except the crows that I most admire. But they don't need a voice, I think. Their beauty can only be seen by those most worthy of doing so...

Perhaps... perhaps this life will continue.

This game of chess isn't over... much to my surprise.

What fun.


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