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Redo of an old piece, and possible poster design for conventions! I'm so proud with how this came out, especially Sweetie Belle look at her tiny face
I hope you like it! Who is your favorite Cutie Mark Crusader? (Including Babs!)

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Art © midnightpremiere
FiM © Lauren Faust
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this is really cute!
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oh you silly fillies. 

and my fave is bloom that accent her red hair and a singing voice so sweet you'd swear it was sweetie belle lol. but for me CMC will always be best pony because you get 4 for the vote of 1 ^^
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Definitely! I love them all, such a sweet group of characters!
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Soo Cute! Love their expressions especially Sweetie Belle's. She's my favorite!
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Thank you! They're always fun to draw! :D
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You're welcome! I bet they are!
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Always great to see CMC stuff :D (Sweetie Belle is my favourite)
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There's never too much CMC! (She was my favorite to draw tbh :giggle:)
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That surprised look you gave her is adorable :D
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Thanks so much! >w<
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If Scootaloo's not smiling in a picture, she looks sad.
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It's her signature pouty face! :giggle:
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I know.  She pouted in Twilight Time too.
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Sweetie belle blushing...
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Oh my cuteness!
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Heh, cute~ Gotta love those expressions, especially Scoots' duckface x) Well done!

As for the favorite crusader, that lil' marshmallow unicorn on the left :P What about yours?
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...I can't choose, they're all too precious x3
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