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So, after I missed the premiere date cause of the wedding, I managed to catch a reairing of both episodes! So, now I've finally managed to watch it, here's my analysis of the new season episodes so far!

The Likes

-Twilight's personality and character traits still remain, despite her change of title to princess. She's still having trouble with her new wings, but that leads up to future character development! Plus, she's still anxious of her 'royal duties', so there's more possible character development for ya!
-The new opening is pretty cool, with the group shot originally of the mane 6 now including other minor characters too! Plus, Luna is there with Celestia now!
-The royal guard ponies actually spoke more than usual now, and they played abit of a bigger role. I like it when minor characters are shown to be more than mindless background fillers. Heck, this is what makes the series one of my favorites. Background characters playing 'bigger parts'
-Pinkie Pie's 4th wall breaking and overall humor is still as great as ever :'P
-Discord's return. Even while he was 'reformed', he's a great character and its nice to see him again! Plus, his chaotic and silly ways are still there.
-The flashback of Luna's banishment. Dude, Nightmare Moon was my favorite villain, and to see her again was awesome :'o
-The flashback of Discord's transformation into stone. Its funny though, I always thought Discord was singing when he was turned to stone...not laughing. :'B
-The references to the first episodes. How the mane 6 met, and so forth. Heck, these episodes even take place in the everfree forest!
-Maid Discord. part of the episode.

The..Not so likes/Meh moments

-It took a...little to long for twilight to notice she was really in the past, huh? Its...somewhat understandable, but come on Twilight, if Nightmare moon was there, and the castle didn't look as it did presently, its not so hard to figure it out. Kinda a dumb thing to be bothered about, but...:iconderpyshrugplz:
-The attempted 'feels' moments. They aren't as strong as the previous season opening two-parts, but some did give abit of feels here and there.
-The Overall plot felt alittle too rushed in my opinion, but it was nice to see alittle origin of the elements.
-The ending. It...could've been better, to be honest. I was kinda disappointed.

Aaaaand, there you have it. While Season 4 isn't starting out as strong as the other seasons, there was a handful of things I liked, and others that....irked me. I, personally, see this season as abit of an 'aftermath mini-series' or so. The series could've ended fine with season 3, but hey, we asked for another season, and we got it.

I just hope everything rolls smoother in future episodes.
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Submitted on
November 25, 2013