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Flying Monkey Windy Whistles
(i didn't use a base for this, i drew this on paper first then put it through ms paint)

so here is what Windy whistles looks like after an army of flying monkeys called the The Ravagers from OZ forced a potion down windy's throat

after she gets out of the hospital, she stays home a lot unless its night 
because she's worried of gossip or someone saying something insulting to her by the way she looks now

after a couple of months later, part of her mane grows back but not her tail as its been replaced by a monkey tail 

windy whistles finds out the potion 
The Ravagers made her drink was irreversible so magic can't fix it meaning she is stuck looking like Part Flying Monkey

even though Midnight Told bow hothoof it'll take more than magic to turn windy back to normal so Midnight gave them False hope because she didn't want to break they're hearts 

soon Windy Whistles started to hang out with Hattie and go to other Equestria's timeline and other realms 
Forsaken By The Rainbow

*Rainbow dash tried desperately to fly over the labyrinth but no luck as every time she flew up she was ending back on the ground even though when she looked up there was darkness and a shattered blood moon lighting up the darkness*

Rainbow: ugh there's got to be away through all this, I wonder how the others are doing

*Rainbow kicked the ground until she heard something beeping like a heart monitor*

Rainbow: why can I hear a heart monitor

*Rainbow dash headed towards the sound until it got louder then a bright light blinded her until she opened her eyes she was in a medical room, her eyes started to water*

Rainbow: dad is that you

Bow hothoof: *cough cough* hello is someone there

Rainbow: yes dad its me your daughter can't you see me

Bow hothoof: oh its you midnight *cough* how long have you been sitting there

*Rainbows eyes shot open as her head turns around to see midnight in a chair waking up with a female hippogriff curled up next to her*

Midnight: I have been here all night, waiting for your daughter to show up to check on you but ....

Bow hothoof: but she hasn't shown up Hm so how long have I been out for

Midnight: you haven't been sleeping long but I need to ask you a question bow who were those mercenaries, what did they want

Bow: oh let me think *bow hothoof starts to think*

Bow: they called themselves The Ravagers, all I can remember midnight was me and windy were having tea outside our house watching the day go by when out of no where The bright sun disappeared as the sky quickly darkened and a low rumbling sound was heard in the humid air, swift rushing of many feathered wings, not by birds, A great chattering and laughing filled the atmosphere and when the hot sun came out again, the light showed a large crowd of wild monkeys, each with a pair of immense and powerful wings on they're shoulders

Me and windy ran into the house as those flying monkeys attacked our home we were so terrified until they broke in and captured us

*Rainbow couldn't believe what she was hearing*

Rainbow: but flying monkeys don't exist there fictional creatures in that book twilight tricked me into reading told me it was a new daring do book, oh what was it called again

*As rainbow was trying to think of the books name the female hippogriff looked she the same age of Silver Stream, woke up as she looked excited plus nervous when her father mentioned flying monkeys*

Hattie: by the old gods and the new are you telling us you met flying monkeys from OZ that is amazing, oh sorry im getting a head of myself

Bow: its alright Hattie, so when we were capture they kept asking us where is the Author, where is the sorcerer and his apprentice but when we didn't know the answer they believed we were lying and forced windy to drink something

the next thing that was happening was windy screaming in pain like a howler monkey as her wings changed, her mane and tail fell off as her coat started to change colour, her whole body was transforming into a flying monkey

But as she was changing a blinding bright light of rainbow flooded the house, I was praying are daughter had showed up to save us but I was surprised it was you midnight and Hattie

*rainbow couldn't believe what she heard, she believed midnight caused the attack on her parent's*

Bow: then next thing I woke up here what was that rainbow midnight

*Hattie took a simple red, heart-shaped locket out of her top hat*

Hattie: inside this heart shape locket is The Rainbow of Light, it is powerful magical artifact I got when I travelled to a realm called ponyland a girl called Megan let me borrow it for saving you and your wife and when it is opened a rainbow streams out of it This Rainbow of Light has defeated Tirek, Catrina, the Smooze along with Hydia, Reeka and Draggle

Midnight: I think we should leave now Hattie rainbow dash might be heading this way soon, I think those rumours has started that we caused this

Bow: wait why would she believe you caused this

Midnight: I'm a villain and ponies believe a villain like me doesn't have a heart and the element of loyalty parents will be seen as midnight sent an attack against you plus your wife windy is critical because as she was changing into a flying monkey when I placed that sleeping curse on her it didn't stop the change as one half is pony, the other half is flying monkey

That potion was extremely powerful it'll take more than magic to turn her back to normal

*Midnight and Hattie were about to head out the door until bow talked once more*

Bow: could you's stay a bit longer, I think my Dashie won't be showing up for long while now

Midnight: are you sure bow

*bow nodded his head to midnight*

Midnight: just wondering bow if Dashie was here now what would you say to her

Bow looked at midnight then turned to the window looking outside*

Bow: I am in awe of the remarkable mare that you are becoming all the things you’ve achieved, and not just as The Element of loyalty, but you, Rainbow dash Your Loyalty, Your heart, You were always a hero and your mum would be just as proud. if she had a say in this, if she thought for one second that you going take revenge would mean losing what makes you so special, she would never want that!

Rainbow dash what I hope for you is to be the greatest Pegasus in equestria, you will know how much we truly love you

*after bow hothoof had finished talking the medical room started to fade away as for rainbow she was crying that, she remembered getting a letter saying her parents were in Ponyville hospital and she left it in on her desk at school when she left to go on a friendship quest thats was three weeks ago, Rainbow started to notice the room fading away when she looked at her father one more time before disappearing, he was smiling at her*

Bow: oh Dashie you came to see me, thank you for listening and don't forget Dashie me and your mother are proud of you

*as bow said that he faded away as well, leaving rainbow where she started the darkness and labyrinth*

Base: :iconmadzbases:


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