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Comment and I'll:
1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your DA page for 20 seconds.
2. Tell you a color you remind me of.
3. Tell you what element I believe you belong to (e.g. water, fire, air, etc.).
4. Tell you what animal you remind me of. 
5. Ask you a question, and you must answer. 
6. Tell you something I like about you or your art.
7. Give you a nickname.
8. Tell you what am I watching/listening to right now.
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10. Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already.
alright to let everyone know that the cord for my tablet has broken like the plug in part came out and can't be plug in anymore. so that means i can't draw on my tablet and plus my birthday is coming up may 15 my father is going to buy me a brand new tablet a whole lot better then the one i have. but right now i can't unless something happens either i get the tablet early or a new cord. but over all there not be any new art so i may seem dead even tho i'm not
so i made a poll about who i should make emo and so far i got three picked and they are flutter shy luna and celestia. and i will only do one and which ever one is the mosted pick will be turned emo. so i want you all tell me in the comments.
so i got better the next day but i just found out that i have strep throat. yea so i'm dying in my throat. i already miss a day and half of school and now i have to miss spring pic tomorrow omfg what is wrong with my life.Natsu - I feel sick.. 
and yet i was drawing my old oc that i no longer use in my style.
i'm very sick. i end up getting sick on my boyfriends birthday. which really sucks because i had to go home from school. he says even if it's birthday he will still take care of me even tho it's his big day. as long i'm sick i will not draw while i'm sick. because i'm dying from this like a headache with a burning head are the two worse things together. while my body is sore and my throat and it's swollen. and my body keep switching from hot to cold which drives me up the wall. and when i cry it burns my skin so yea that happens. 

if you read this that means you read this which makes me happy because you care. i need all the happiness right now.
wish me luck and hope i get better.MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Sick Fever Ill 

This is the story of kira

Starting :

In the lands of dragons and ponies dragons and ponys still never got along. Any dragon that comes to the pony land will be sent back or killed. And and any pony that goes to the dragon land will have to watch their back. In ponyville lunar dawn was a teacher for little ponies. And shadow charm is a royal guard. Kira grow up mostly with his mother and his older brother. Because his father was a royal guard. Luna wanted to teach his son to be smart in school to get all A’s in class. But yet shadow wanted him to be strong like a guard he wanted his son to be a guard like him. Kira wanted to be smart and strong so his father trained him and his mother teach him. Then Kira wanted to make a turn. He wants to learn more about the dragons. He can go and study them but his life will be on the line. So he told his mother and his mother was happy but his father didn’t like it that much. But his father wanted the best for him and let him do it. So he left to the dragon lands and went to study them from a safe place. Over time he wanted to do fire magic. It is possible for a unicorn to control fire with the magic but then he wanted to be able to transform into a dragon. That is something he wanted to do so he gets nothing but book about spells trying to transform into a dragon. Has a strong powerful unicorn like him will take a while to do. One day he was doing a transforming spell into a dragon and it worked but yet he was so tired from trying spell after spell. The spell is a very strong spell and it takes a lot of energy out of him to even cast the spell. He needs to use the spell more often. Kira can only transform into a dragon a few times a day and he can’t stay in that form for very long. He is able to transform into other things but a dragon is his fav. One day he woke up so a fang and then he check the book where he got the transforming spell form and it said “as transforming into your first creature you will have one thing from it on your real body”. Kira didn’t mind the fang because it didn’t take him long to get used to it.

How he meet midnight flyer.

One day Kire was in the dragon lands to study dragons he found a small purple dragon laying on a rock. He stayed away to keep it being scared. He study the small purple dragon for a while until the dragon lifted her head up. Then Kire noticed that it was no normal dragon. He sees it had a pony nose and ears but yet dragons fangs horns wings claws and tail. Kire get’s closer to study the pony part dragon creature. Writing everything down until it faces him. Kire stops everything and runs away. The purple dragon says wait i’m not mean. Kira stops and turns around and says your not but all dragons are mean to ponys. The purple dragon said i’m not a full dragon as you can tell. I’m part pony part dragon. The purple dragon explains her past to kira. Kira asks the purple dragon name and she said midnight flyer. And kire had a smile on his face he ask can you tell me more about dragons well what you know. Kire and midnight flyer spent the rest of the day talking about dragons. Then kira went back to his house in the everfree forest. Over time kira and midnight flyer spend more time together and knowing each other more. Then soon midnight flyer was staying with Kira. but midnight flyer couldn’t stay there every day or for so many days because guards come to check Kira’s house for any dragons living with or near him for his own safy. But once they leave midnight goes back. As time together and hanging around with each other they soon fall in love with each other. Kira like midnight flyer’s soft heart and gentleness. While midnight like Kira’s cuteness and he’s smart. Kira also like midnight because she was cute to. Not to many dragons liked her because she was part pony and she wasn’t that cute. Midnight flyer continue to live with Kira and help him learn more about the dragon’s.

Kira’s tattoo not cutie mark.

Kira used strong magic but one day a spell backfired and cause something to him that he couldn’t get his cutie mark even tho he didn’t really cared about his cutie mark. So he just gets a flame tattoo on his flanks. Messing with strong magic can mess up and lot. Pony’s ask house he got it and he just says it’s a tattoo not a cutie mark.

Kira’s fairy tail mark. And midnight flyer to

There is this guild in the pony land you can join it’s filled with powerful wizards and strong pony’s. there called the fairy tail. Only the tough and strongest can join. What they do it fight dragons that are trying to claim the pony land. And do quest as well for money. Kira was known for transforming into a dragon so that let him in. but for midnight flyer is different. She is banned from going back to the pony land. So Kira sneaked her to the guild hall. They didn’t like that fact she was banned from the pony land and she is part dragon. So for to prove them she is strong and willing to join she had to right one of the members. The member wear armor and uses a sword to fight. As the fight was hold in the fighting area midnight flyer was tested her skills. She had some magic but not as strong as kira. But he knows how to fight with her claws. Dodge the swings from the member’s sword to kicking and light beams midnight was getting tired. Due to using magic and fighting. She was able to beat and prove herself. After the master said you are able to join she said yay then passed out. Kira went to pick her up and took her in the guild hall and they gave each of them there marks Kira’s a light red and midnight flyer’s a light purple.

Would you lioe to make a child off of me and my boyfriends oc's. I been looking for making our child but i don't know what to make. Our oc's here…

Have fun with it
do you want me to draw midnight flyer's mother and father or any scenes from midnight flyer's story.
ok so next week is exam's for me. first time for me. now all this week i have been testing non-stop so i'm really tired i need rest but when i wake up i feel like i didn't get any sleep. f*** you teachers for all the tests but i still love you for teaching me stuff. this is the life of high school man. nothing but fulled with drama shit tons of work and the lack of sleep.Jack Nicho-la 

This is the backstory of midnight flyer.

this does not have her cutie mark story 

The land of equestria was in war between the land of dragon’s and the land of pony’s. Pony’s hated the dragons and band all the dragon’s to the dragon’s land. Now any of the dragon’s come over to the long of pony’s that or either sent back to the land of dragon’s or killed depends on what they did or what they are doing. But there was one    dragons that didn’t like the dragon’s. He was a nice dragon and like the pony’s. His name was razer. Razer didn’t like to live with the dragon’s he even when to the princess's and ask to live with the pony’s but they don’t believe him so they sent him back to the dragon’s land. There was a unicorn name annika. She’s a healing unicorn. At this time the zebra clan was joining with the pony’s. The zebra clan helps other get better like healing but they make potions for the sick. Annika was sent to help with the zebra’s to make potions and other things. But the zebra clan lives so far into the everfree forest. She ended up living with them because they live so deep in the forest. Annkia meet’s one type of zebra name zecora. Annkia and zecora where the wonderful friends they help each other make different types of potions and testing them. But the zebra clan was deep in the forest but the forest meet the dragon’s land border. So they were closer to the dragon’s. The zebra clan was with the pony’s but they also like the dragon’s as well. One day razer need something from the zebra clan so he goes there. That’s when he meets annkia. He knew that he like her in first sight but he knows he’s not allowed on the pony’s land. But he like annkia. After razer got what he needed he ask annkia if they can meet again. Over time annkia and razer were seeing each other in the zebra clan. But they can’t say anything about them meeting each other. The only one’s that know are the zebra clan and that one stay between them and the clan. Soon annika got a house farther in the forest closer to the border. So razer can annika can see each more. Over time the war between dragon’s and pony’s never change. One day midnight was born. Annika and razer was so happy with her. They named her midnight because her purple color like the night sky. The dark color body from her father and the like color from her mother. And flyer because her name will mean that she is the flyer of the night sky. They were both happy. Soon annkia knew that midnight had magic but not as strong as her’s. Midnight had to be home school because she was part dragon not because the dragon and she would be band to the dragon land but also be laugh at. So annika teach her magic well to what midnight can do. She can make spells but not hard one’s. When she uses her magic it drains faster than others magic because her horns are not meant for magic. Just picking up thing with her magic makes her drain fast. She only can levitate for like 10 mins but the bigger it is the shorter the time is and the smaller it is the long the time is. Then razer teach her how to fly. But they have to be careful so he took her to the dragons to be on the safe side. Soon midnight what about 10 when annika heard gardes at her door. They came and take all of them to see the princess’s. Princess celestia said that midnight was a wonderful pony but she look more like a dragon so she had to be band to the dragon’s land. For razer he was warned the last time and this is the last time. Razer had to be killed for one not staying in the dragon’s land and two having a foal with a pony. As for annika she was band from ever stepping a foot in the everfree forest ever again. Midnight lost her father and band from ever to see her mother again. Princess luna love midnight flyer not because of her name but for what she is. Over time midnight was living in the dragon’s land that she hated to live there so she lives close to the border. Her mother sent her stuff a lot but mostly drawing book pencils and color pencils. Midnight loved to draw because she really had nothing to do because she didn’t player with the other dragons. She said they are to rude and to ruff to play with. Midnight will send letters to the princess and asking if she could see her mother at least sometimes in the year. She’s only allowed to see her on the holydays. But soon her mother died due to a sickness that couldn’t be cured. So midnight was on her own. Until she meet this one blue pony the was studying the dragon’s.

Until next time you see what happens nest in Kira’s story. and sorry for it being so long it's because i had to explain about the land she lived in. 

as you know i haven't been posting a lot because i pen. i never found the charger and no one would buy me a new one. so i have been drawing on paper but not that much because i have been bored and i don't feel like drawing. if you want to ask me anything go and ask me. right now i'm bored out of my mind. i have been living on youtube and sleeping. so ask me anything.
well damn looks like i'm done drawing. why because my pen died for my tablet and i lost the charger for it so i won't be able to post anything for a while or until i find the damn cord and draw. and i also have been playing a game called skyrimFUS RO DAH so that means i won't be posting. why game man it's a game. it's just a game well thats my game and i get to play it. plus it's my art page i get to do what i want you have no say. sorry got over my self but yea i like playing this game. so yea no drawing until one i find the cord and charge my pen and two if i stop playing this game and do something.
have a great day. 
ok so i know that i'm a 15 year old person that is getting there ear's done. i did have them done before when i was younger but it didn't start off well and it didn't end well. i'll tell you the story.

so i forgot what age i was getting them done but i got this. my mom and dad took me to the mall to get them done for the first time. got to the place and i sat down. they have the gun on which hurt even more. i have thick lobes so it was harder. the gun got stuck in my right lobe and i don't remember how pain it was. so they got the gun to work and they did it again. then the left ear. now i don't remember how painful they were so i can't stay if it hurt or not when i was young. now how it ended the right earing got infected because i wasn't turning them. so i had to go to the doctor to get them remove. they take a piece of string and put it on the earing and just yank and yank it out. yes that part what the most pain i have felt at that age. i'm like damn f*** you guys now. i hate the doctor's because they did that and not the normal way. 

and that time i said i would never get them again. i think for over a year to get them again. and i only wanted for one reason i want dragon earings. but this time i got them done with out the gun but a needle. yes a needle i think it's better because the earring was on one of the needle and the guy put it though my ear then the earing front get's pulled in and stays. all the guy had to do was put the back on. and plus it was faster to i was in and out. 

got anything to ask just ask and i'll answer.
why does going though so much hurt so bad. the way i feel i just want to end it by you know what. i'm only staying alive for one person and he keeps me going but me and him mostly me went though a lot. i heard but ending your life right now will not end your pain it will only cause more. what i have been though it the most and i want it to end. i may seem happy but on inside i'm not. i'm sitting in a corner in the dark crying my eyes out.
MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Cry Sad 
hey if your low on points and you have no money to trade for points then you should check DaHub
like i use it a lot for points. all you have to do it either watch fav or give llama's to people.
I FINELY GOT CORE NOW I'M SO HAPPY. but i'm still looking for points. dang it
it's time to dress up your oc as your fav super hero. but the hero has to be someone that everyone knows. take your time making it and don't rush. na na na na na na na na BATMAN.Batman emote 
i have commissions open and i want to make prices now.

if you want a speedpaint i may charge a few more points depends how i'm feeling. but the points should be around 10Points no more then that. and it also depends on the piece it is.

Background request.
price : 700Points 
flat color
price : 500Points 
now you have to send me a screenshot of your phone or laptop/computer so i can get the right size so it fits
i also will make a computer wallpaper to something you want at the same price.

  Phone Background by MidNightFlyer53

Full color and Full Shade with a background
Price : 800Points
Flat color with background
Price : 700Points  
Forest by MidNightFlyer53

Full Body and shade no background 
Price : 500Points 
Flat color without background
Price : 400Points 

Ripple by MidNightFlyer53

Head shot full shade
price : 300Points 
Flat color head shot
Price : 100Points 

twilight sparkle + SPEEDPAINT by MidNightFlyer53

Cell Shaded 
Full Body : 100Points 
i don't have example but you can get the idea from the head shot one but on a full body
Head Shot : 50Points 
Pink galaxy by MidNightFlyer53

Eye's only
with outline
price : 150Points 
with cell shade +20Points
Price : 200Points 
adding another set of eyes will + 10Points to either one 

Magic Eyes by MidNightFlyer53
i'm going though so much stress that I just want to end my life right here and now. what has happen as hurt me so much that I can't even handle. i'm happy who i'm with but we are going though so much. I'm really happy that the love of my life can handle it. I have been so much pain it's so so so hard to just hold it all on me. should I just end my life to end the pain i'm going though?Lucy-sad